Magazines part 1: Student examples


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Magazines part 1: Student examples

  1. 1. Examples : Professional
  2. 2. Student work: The target audiences for the magazine ‘HELLO!’ are generally women in their late twenties to forties. Probably many are married. Women who are curious in celebrity life-styles and don’t like to commit to reading a book but are looking for a quick read to fill up their limited free time. Many may have kids that they look after so reading a magazine seems appealing when the child is off at school or is taking a nap. They’re ideal holiday is planned for the whole family and not a quick weekend away as they have boundaries and commitments. The masthead ‘Hello!’ is in a large, bold font and the colour contrasts against the background so it stands out. They have placed the date, issue number and price underneath the title as it would be the next thing the consumer will notice and they would be interested in this information. By using the exclamation mark the name seems urgent and as if it holds lethal information. The name is nice and simple. The main focused image is of Victoria Beckham and her daughter Harper.It is a medium close up; having a medium close up is clever because it enables the reader to see not only the celebrities face but also some of what they are wearing.Also she’s wearing sunglasses, which makes her look mysterious as you can’t see her eyes also she looks fashionable and like a trendsetter. The word‘exclusive’ used on the top right hand of the page makes the reader feel as if they are getting the best deal from the magazine and that no other magazines will have the same information; this is used to hook the readers in.Also the reader feels important when they receive the following information. The layout of this magazine is very simple and relaxed, not so gossip packed. This reflects on the older generations social life styles as they like to take things calm and not in your face type of magazines, which use bright colours and crowd the cover with a lot of similar Star Magazine Analysis STAR MAGAZINE
  3. 3. The target audience for the magazine ‘Star’ is teens and young adults. The typical women who’d read this particular magazine are the ones who watch TV Reality shows such as “Only Way is Essex” and don’t miss an episode of X-Factor. This Magazine is biased on celebrities therefore the reader loves gossip, a TV addict and also is curious about what goes on in other lives that are more fortunate than them. They have a working class income. They’re jobs may include being a receptionist or a secretary, in their break or spare time read magazines such as ‘Star.’ Most common phone used by them may be a Blackberry in which case they’d be on both Facebook and BBM all day. They’re dream holiday can include a weekend in party places such as Ibiza with few close friends. The masthead ‘Star’ is bold, clear and stands out. The chosen colour of it is red this is effective as the background white contrasts with the dark shadowy outline of the title. The masthead is located near the middle of the page this is a result of the page having a very busy structure and is very gossip packed. Also the masthead reflects what the magazine’s about. Celebrities are also known as ‘Stars.’ The reason behind this may be that they are ‘above’ the average person or that they’re talents shine. The crowded layout of this magazine conatates the readers busy, action packed lives. The images used consist of glamorous celebrities and their ‘struggle’ or ‘happiness’ in their lives. The people used will all be familiar and well known to the reader. They’re used in order to draw in the reader and make them interested in that one story in order for them to buy it. Colour scheme contains colours such as green, white, red and yellow. Red and yellow are primary colours and green is very vibrant and eye-catching. These work in favor of the magazine as it catches the attention of the public. This magazine has sell lines that appeal to the chosen target audience for example most include something to do with love and its represented in not a very romantic but interesting way. ’I DO STILL LOVE MARK..WE’LL GET MARRIED NEXT YEAR.’ For instance if I was a fan of I’m a celebrity get me out of here this story would interest me I’d read on to perhaps see the response of ‘Mark’ or further interview from the person who said it. At the bottom of the page a small section called ‘Plus!’ catches the eye having an exclamation mark makes it seem urgent and as if you must see what the stories below are about. MAGAZINE COURSEWORK REVEAL: TARGET AUDIENCE: The Target Audience would probably be middle-aged woman who are in the working class and live a very busy life. They probably have a couple of children and juggle they stuff they do on a daily basis. They're income would be between 10,000-15,000 a year.They are most likely to go shopping at the high-street stores for example, H&M, Newlook,Dorethy Perkins, TK-MAXX etc. They probably don't listen to music because they don't have time that much and if they do they listen
  4. 4. to artists such as, Jennifer Hudsen, Adele, Mariah Carey, and maybe more classical artists from the 80's. They are interested in gossip and the latest on celebrities. TV shows they might watch would be reality TV Shows like, Big Brother (because they are always interested in other people's lives), I'm a celebrity get me out of here, and Jeremy Kyle. They dislike the news and the more serious tings such as politics and government etc. MASTHEAD: The Masthead is bold and eye-catching because of it's colour contrast, the text is white and it has a bright red background which is very striking and automatically catches the readers attention. The connotations of the use of red is warm and inviting, however fiery , dramatic and alerting. Scientists have discovered that Red can actually have a physical effect on people such as raising blood pressure and respiration rates, this is used to it's advantage here because the reader will feel engaged already and more drawn to the magazine and have the energy to read it. The font is quite plain and simple, the connotations would be easy to understand, and familiarity. It is in bold so it stand out more. MAIN IMAGE: There is not really a main image as there are a lot of pictures and a lot going on, this is probably to match it's target audience (middle aged women who are BUSY, therefore they try and fit everything in at one time). Denotation of the front cover would be clothes, this is to put across the point of the latest fashions and the connotations of this would probably be to symbolise the hunger for the best, affordable clothes, because clothes are everywhere. There is one picture of a woman who is not a celebrity and this is often put in magazines like this so the readers have something or someone to relate too, or that isn't in that higher class to be celebs, this is a positive thing for the magazine because it could be an unusual interesting story that sticks out from the normal celebrity gossip and this appeals to the reader. LAYOUT & COLOUR SCHEME: The layout is absolutely crazy because there is so much going on and a lot of things trying to be put across to attract the reader. For every picture there is a sell line to go along with it and the pictures are varied in size. The colour scheme is mostly based around bright colours such as red and yellow. Bright colours give connotations of importance because they have to stand out and only something important needs to stand out. The colour scheme also isn't too appealing at the same time because if you think about it red and yellow don't go together that well because they are both primary colours , this also goes towards being eye-catching because it's an unusual match of colours. SELL LINES: There are many sell lines as if to prove that they need a lot to persuade the reader to buy it . The sell lines are very typical and are modified to suit the target audiences needs for example the price stands out a lot"SPECIAL PRICE 60p New Look & new pages" this is to show it's cheap and this is going to be cost-effective (which is ideal for the women who get an income of £10,000-£15,000 a year. One of the sell lines is "Diet winners & sinners" this is exactly something these women look for, celebrities who get it right and wrong and see the difference. This is selling to the audience because these types of stories are interesting and seeing celebrities going wrong and right is entertaining. These sorts of magazines include unusual stories that can be very entertaining and one sell line which incorporates
  5. 5. this into the front cover is " I popped out for cat food and ended up a sex slave " this is as you can see very shocking and adding the element of shock to the magazine makes it more appealing and this makes the content inside seem extraordinary and full of intresting things. MAGAZINE COURSEWORK TEEN VOGUE: TARGET AUDIENCE: The Target Audience for this magazine would be fairly rich teenagers with parents probably in the business industry. Perhaps a 'Daddy's' girl, who's dad is some sort of business man and she gets a lot of pocket money (or just any amount of money whenever she wants). They would listen to pop music and artists such as Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and other typical teen singers. They would shop at the higher end of the high street stores, such as River Island, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, and House of Frazer. They are quite girly and like to go shopping and make sure they are wearing the latest fashion. It's very likely that they want to be a model or some sort of a celebrity. MASTHEAD: The Masthead is placed in front of the main image showing it's the most important thing there. The part where it says 'teen' is more of a normal font yet it still looks sophisticated, it is in italics the connotation, it's quite posh. The part where it says 'Vogue' is the original logo of the actual Vogue Magazine (for women). It’s elegant and refined and the serifs give connotations of high end and sophistication. The colours are quite pale, they are not the actual colours themselves (for example red, green etc), but they are the lighter versions, which could mean it’s connected to the idea of the young audience. The colours are not too over the top, the connotation’s this gives out is sense of maturity. MAIN IMAGE:
  6. 6. The Main Image is a teenager who has recently risen to stardom. This is probably to show the famous and rich celebrities which teens could aspire to be. It's the target audience's peers therefore they can get styles and tips on how to be them. The magazine uses direct modal address as the model is looking straight into the camera. This draws in the reader and puts their focus on them, this is good because automatically there is some sort of interest from the reader and they know what sort of thing they can expect. The denotation is a model dressed very girly but yet formal at the same time and the connotation of this is that every girl should ideally be dressed like that or have that style. LAYOUT & COLOUR SCHEME: The layout is quite simple, it's not too cluttered because it allows the photo and its sell line to do most of the talking. However it still has the feel of a lot of things trying to be put across. It still has the element of a typical teenage magazine. which involves a lot of information and bright colours. Which leads on to the colour scheme, the denotation is pink and the connotation would be it's very feminine because pink is usually mostly associated with women and girls. Another connotation could be it's very lighthearted because it doesn't involve very dark colours , it has a more innocent feel to it. In the background of the main image there is a nature scene (denotation) and connotations this gives out is that it is something fresh, calm and natural. SELL LINES: The sell lines are in bold and are mostly about fashion , the reason they are bold is to grab the reader attention. The colours pink and white are quite striking against each other and this yet again grabs the readers attention. The sort of language that is used is very typical for a girl it's not too formal, "plus the coolest jacket you'll ever own" . The word coolest is used because teenagers these days use those sort of words, also the fact it's about fashion and the best of fashion also is interesting for the reader. This persuades the target audience they should buy it so they can find out what is next on the fashion trend, and what they should be wearing. "gifted! 63 perfect presents" is also very persuasive because this is to give ideas to the reader and inform them. Also celebrity endorsement is being taken to advantage, the sell line 'A STAR IS BORN CHLOE GRACE MORETZ CHARMS HOLLYWOOD' is in capitals , connotations this gives out is that it is important and there's also a high chance of girls aspiring to be famous so they would want to find out how it happened and what she done to rise to fame. This is a positive because the interest of a good story would immediately make the reader read on and buy the magazine