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Mid summative 2 answers


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Mid summative 2 answers

  1. 1. Individuals Raccoon, Egret, Heron, Turtle, Frog, Dragonfly
  2. 2. Populations Blue gill, Mosquito fish, lily, ducks, pickerelweed
  3. 3. CommunityMore than 2 of any of the organisms mentioned
  4. 4. Abiotic Factors • Water • Sky • Clouds • Air • Heat
  5. 5. Community Food webs show the feeding relationships between different organisms
  6. 6. Identify the Problem • Owen and Amy couldn’t go outside until they cleaned up their bedrooms
  7. 7. Develop a Hypothesis • If Owen and Amy work together then they can go outside faster
  8. 8. Design/Perform Experiment •Owen and Amy clean their rooms
  9. 9. Analyze Data •Mom comes in to check on their progress
  10. 10. Modify Experiment • Take clothes from corner of closet to dirty clothes basket
  11. 11. Communicate Results •Owen and Amy get to go bike riding
  12. 12. Algae Dragonfly Snail Fish Frog Heron Consumers Producers Decomposer