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Bio Poem Intro and Directions


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Bio Poem Intro and Directions

  1. 1. Who am I?
  2. 2. Owen Happy, Silly, Kind and imaginative Son of Kendra and Paul, brother of Amy Loves giraffes, bunnies and seals Who feels happy, mad and excited Who needs sleep, Mommy Bunny and Hoo-Hoo Bear Who gives hugs, kisses and smiles Who fears the dark, tents and wild dogs Who would like to see Mt. Rushmore, the ocean and Mickey Mouse Who dislikes taking napes, mean roosters and bad people Who resides on A-Roundy-K (County Road A) in Evansville, WI Larmour
  3. 3. Amy Funny, compassionate, curious, organized Daughter of Paul and Kendra, sister of Owen Lover of her brother, animals and pacifiers Who feels happy, curious and frequently frustrated Who needs hugs, soy milk and somebody fun to play with Who gives smiles, love and shoes Who fears loud noises, not seeing her mom, and the dark Who would like to see the inside of the fridge, how things work and more time spent playing Who dislikes getting her head wet, eggs and being told no Who resides in Evansville Larmour
  4. 4. Who are you? How to write your own BIO poem
  5. 5. Line One Your first name ONLY
  6. 6. Line Two 4 words that describe YOU!
  7. 7. Line Three Is family of . . . List your family members
  8. 8. Line Four Who loves/Lover of . . . List your 3 favorite things
  9. 9. Line Five Who feels . . . 3 ways to describe your feelings
  10. 10. Line Six Who needs . . . 3 things you couldn’t live without
  11. 11. Line Seven Who gives . . . 3 things you often give
  12. 12. Line Eight Who fears . . . 3 of your greatest fears
  13. 13. Line Nine Who would like to see . . . 3 things you’d like to see in your life
  14. 14. Line Ten Who dislikes . . . 3 things (not people) you dislike
  15. 15. Line Eleven Who resides on . . . The name of your street and town
  16. 16. Line Twelve Your last name ONLY
  17. 17. Now what? <ul><li>Now it is time to PUBLISH your poem </li></ul><ul><li>Neatly write or type your poem onto an unlined sheet of paper </li></ul><ul><li>Add photographs/illustrations/clip-art to show who you really are </li></ul><ul><li>Turn final publication into Mrs. Larmour no later than Friday, September 5 </li></ul>