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Wondrous Weather


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Published in: Education
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Wondrous Weather

  1. 1. By Jamison, Ally, Julia and Max Wondrous Weather
  2. 2. Snow can be so cold that it can give you frostbite. Winter is usually the coldest season because of snow. Snow
  3. 3. Each bit of ice clings to a speck of dust. The specks of ice and dust cling to one another that’s how snow forms. How snow forms
  4. 4. › Rain starts out on the ground. Water in oceans and lakes evaporate into air. Evaporate means to turn into vapor. Vapor is tiny drops of water. The water drops are so small they float into the air. Water vapor rises into the sky. The tiny drops get colder and stick to dust. Dust forms puffy clouds. Then rain falls. Rain
  5. 5. › Floods happen when too much rain falls. Floods can drown plants and damage buildings such as houses. Flash floods can move trees, houses and cars. Floods
  6. 6. › Wind’s can be warm or cold. Wind makes the ocean rocky and it makes waves. › Rocks in the desert can be made in to strange shapes by dust storms. Wind
  7. 7. › Hurricanes can happen in many parts of the world but they can only form over an ocean. › Blizzards are very strong winter storms. They form when cold air meets warm air. › Weather is always changing. Some days are warm and sunny and other days are cold and Wet. Severe Weather