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Super Space


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Published in: Education
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Super Space

  1. 1. Super Space By Mark, Alex, Payton & Grace
  2. 2. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn ▪ Since 1965,more then 40 people have been discovering Mars. ▪ There have been lots of rovers sent to Mars but in 2003 the Mars Explorer was sent. ▪ Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun. The great red spot was formed by a storm that went so fast it could blow you away. ▪ Saturn’s rings are made of big and small pieces of ice.
  3. 3. The moon and the Sun ▪ The moon is made of rock from volcanoes and in 1969 the first humans landed on the moon. ▪ The sun is a big star. It is like a huge snow ball but bigger.
  4. 4. Earth, Uranus, and Mercury ▪ Earth, our planet, is the only planet that has flowing liquid ,water and living things on it . ▪ Uranus has faint , fast moving clouds . ▪ Mercury is the closest planet to the sun but it is not the hottest.
  5. 5. Venus, Neptune, Pluto Venus is one of the inner planets . Neptune is mostly made of ice and gas . Pluto is very different from the other planets because it is frozen, dark and made of rock and ice . ▪ Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet.