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Photography in the Civil War


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By Emily and Neve

Published in: Education
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Photography in the Civil War

  2. 2. CIVIL WAR PHOTOGRAPHY CHANGED THE WAR IN MANY WAYS • It was the first war to come to life and show the realities behind what the public was unaware of • This war was the start to an enhancement in photography and the business of photographers • It enhanced the image of political figures such as President Lincoln
  3. 3. ABRAHAM LINCOLN • This photo taken by Mathew Brady just before the presidential election. It is thought to have gave Lincoln an edge in the election. • Helped show Lincoln for who he is and gave him a "rugged dignity"
  4. 4. HOW THESE PHOTOS CHANGED THE VIEW OF THE PUBLIC • The public up until The Civil War viewed war as romantic and didn’t understand the severity of the war or what was actually taking place. • Once the photos of the lives taken and the battle fields were exposed to the public, they had finally gotten to see the realities of what war was like.
  5. 5. THE PURPOSE BEHIND THE PHOTOGRAPHS • kept the stories of the war honest. • photography helped to rule out just using wealthy white men's stories and opinions. the photographs were relied on as sources from the Civil War on. • the photography in the war also kept track of the solders, "adding more faces to the historical record"
  6. 6. FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE CIVIL WAR • The most famous American Civil War photographer was Mathew Brady. • Brady had his own studio which employed many other photographers at this time including Alexander and Timothy O'Sullivan • Although Brady is the most known photographer, he didn’t take much photos
  7. 7. OTHER FACTS ABOUT CIVIL WAR PHOTOGRAPHY • During the war some photographers were accused of changing the positions of the passed soldiers to draw more attention from the public and to make them look more gruesome. • The photos didn’t just show brutality but gave loved ones a keepsake. • There is only one action shot from the war because the cameras during this period didn’t react fast enough.
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