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Life During the Civil War - Pictures


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By Ashley & Amber

Published in: Education
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Life During the Civil War - Pictures

  1. 1. Life During the Civil War Photos
  2. 2. Women caring for wounded soldiers
  3. 3. Jobs filled by women
  4. 4. Occupations Harriet Beecher Stowe Mark Twain Walt Whitman WRITERS SCIENTISTS
  5. 5. Fashion of the 1860s
  6. 6. Children During the Civil War
  7. 7. Education
  8. 8. On the border of war
  9. 9. Sanitary Fairs
  10. 10. AhXq7YMKHeoOBj8QjhwIBQ& war%2F&psig=AOvVaw3B3UGurm42pywakfBTwvtS&ust=1510177396561983 Women and Children on the Border (full story) | Crossroads of War ENpt2Yg_QHU/T2lILt_qjqI/AAAAAAAAGIo/7G_eKNjSzZI/s1600/Girl+Guides+play+a+game+with+soldiers'+children+in+a +garden+in+the+United+Kingdom+during+the+First+World+War..jpg
  11. 11. Sources _NARA_-_523065.jpg&psig=AOvVaw3foV-n_YAXn0TpF-mBMWJQ&ust=1510233927149887