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Open House


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Open House slideshow

Published in: Education, Technology
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Open House

  1. 1. Mrs. Kane 281-6396
  2. 2. Classroom ManagementClips. Students all begin the day on “Ready to Learn” and move up or down according to their behavior. Slow Down=warning Teacher’s choice- lose 2 minutes of recess or walk for all of recess Parent Contact- generally you will receive the call from your child
  3. 3. Classroom Rules 1. Be Safe 2. Be Respectful to All 3. Be Kind to All 4. Focus on Learning
  4. 4. Daily Schedule 8:15-8:30-Opening Warm-up 8:30-10:00-Reading 10:00-10:15- Recess 10:15-10:25- Snack 10:30-11:10-Writing/Language 11:10-11:45-Lunch 11:45-12:45- Math 12:45- 1:00- Read Aloud 1:00-1:15- Recess 1:15-2:00- Science, Social Studies, Art, Computers Specialists: Tuesday- Library at 12:30 Thursday- P.E. at 10:30 Friday- Music at 1:00
  5. 5. Language Arts Curriculum Lead 21 • Curriculum based on the common core standards • Increased exposure to non-fiction • Continued support in fiction with comprehension strategies • Writing, Language, Spelling • Increased practice in projects, research, and critical thinking
  6. 6. Math Curriculum Common core based instruction Teach, Reteach, Practice, Play! Skills and standards based assessments/grading (Letter about 3,2,1) For more information visit: standards/mathematics
  7. 7. Social Studies Continents, countries, states, etc. Currently studying continents, hemispheres, and moving towards country, states, and regions of the United States Connects to our reading curriculum- communities, heritage, etc.
  8. 8. Science Text: Discover Works Science Themes: Life Cycle, Water cycle, Solar System Experiments/Investigations Science journals practicing observations Field Trip in spring to learn hands on
  9. 9. Homework • Develop responsibility • Support curriculum • Read together!!! (20 minute goal) • Spelling Words- pretest will come home on Monday or Tuesday, Spellingcity username: mrskane1 password: spelling Tuesday homework is due the next day (Wednesday!)
  10. 10. Birthday Celebration Please send napkins, plates or any other utensils needed to serve your treat We have 22 students in the class Birthday treats will be served after recess at 10:15 or at the end of the day depending on the day’s plans
  11. 11. Odds and Ends Water bottles welcome on desks Book orders online only- check the blog  Tuesday Folders Send daily snack Follow on Remind 101-QR code Check my blog at:
  12. 12. Things we could use: Books for our classroom library- used or new Technology- donate to PTA or to classroom We have volunteers signed up from Mission Ridge to support our Reading/Math students! Wahoo!!!
  13. 13. Important Dates Saturday Live – September 28th Parent/Teacher Conferences – end of October