Tama's cyberspace pick a path


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Example of digital tool used to motivate a writer.

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Tama's cyberspace pick a path

  1. 1. Cyber space Journey By Tama Whata
  2. 2. You are playing video games when suddenly lightning hits your console, you get sucked into your TV and end up in a blank world, and you know its cyberspace. You see two doors, one on the left and one on the right. You don’t have anywhere else to go so you might as well choose one. Left door? Right door?
  3. 3. You go through the left door and end up in a clash between the UNSC and the covenant. You join with humans (of course! Unless your alien) and get an assault rifle. By the time you kill three Brutes you see Justin Bieber on the enemy side. Do you kill the traitor, or thin the ranks of the aliens? Kill? Murder? Kill Justin Bieber? Fight the war?
  4. 4. You go through right door and find 3000 swordsmen with Cao Pi as their commander, and Zhao Yun about to fight the men. Do you choose to fight along side Zhao Yun or Cao Pi’s forces? WAIT! Before you choose, here's a gift from me the maker of this thingy ma do da. You acquired a long sword( just so you don’t get wasted out there) Now hurry up and choose! Zhao Yun Cao Pi Cao Pi? Zhao Yun?
  5. 5. GAME OVER You kill the traitor in less than 10 bullets, you lose yourself in the happiness of your victory, than fall to the ground after being shot by a jackal with a beam rifle. If you hadn't been so over confident you may have actually survived. But at least you killed Justin Bieber! The good thing about being dead is that you can beat up JB in in heaven! One point to the Covenant, zero to the Humans.
  6. 6. You choose to kill some more covenant, you start with the grunts, then step onto the brutes, all falling to the ground in seconds. But there's to many, you think its over for you but, just as you think you lost, you see the master chief and the arbiter join the battle, mowing their way through the aliens. The war is won, you thank the chief and arbiter and continue your journey, there are two more doors, so choose!
  7. 7. You choose to fight with the guy with all the soldiers, Cao Pi. You prepare to fight, Zhao Yun dashes at you. You charge with all your might, but he just drives his spear through your heart. You shouldn't always go with the large numbers. Anyway the good thing is you the best death in the battle! GAME OVER!