3rd Grade Florida Festival 2013


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Trinity Catholic School's 3rd grade researched and presented facts about Florida at the Florida Festival luncheon.

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3rd Grade Florida Festival 2013

  1. 1. Exploring FloridaThe Florida Festival
  2. 2. Mrs. Saxon’s ClassPresents…..
  3. 3. Five Great FloridaFive Great FloridaWildlife AreasWildlife AreasBy: GabbyBy: Gabby
  4. 4. EvergladesEverglades The Everglades is the only place in theThe Everglades is the only place in theworld where American alligators andworld where American alligators andAmerican crocodiles live together in theAmerican crocodiles live together in thewild.wild.
  5. 5. St. Marks NationalSt. Marks NationalWildlife RefugeWildlife Refuge• St. Marks is a unique area ofSt. Marks is a unique area ofFlorida’s Gulf coast that has uplandFlorida’s Gulf coast that has uplandforest, swamps, fresh waterforest, swamps, fresh watermarshes, and salt water estuaries.marshes, and salt water estuaries.
  6. 6. Ocala National ForestOcala National Forest The Ocala National Forest is theThe Ocala National Forest is theoldest national forest east of theoldest national forest east of theMississippi River and is located inMississippi River and is located inCentral Florida.Central Florida.
  7. 7. Wakulla Wildlife ManagementWakulla Wildlife ManagementAreaArea The Wakulla WMA is 6 miles south ofThe Wakulla WMA is 6 miles south ofTallahassee and has one of the largestTallahassee and has one of the largestfresh water springs in the world.fresh water springs in the world.
  8. 8. Joe Budd Wildlife ManagementJoe Budd Wildlife ManagementAreaArea At the Joe Budd WMA there areAt the Joe Budd WMA there areaquatic education programs,aquatic education programs,hunting, hiking, biking, andhunting, hiking, biking, andhorseback riding activities tohorseback riding activities toenjoy.enjoy.
  9. 9. NFL FloridaNFL FloridaFootball PlayersFootball PlayersBy: BellamyBy: Bellamy
  10. 10. Brad JohnsonBrad JohnsonHe played college football andHe played college football andbasketball for FSU.basketball for FSU.He won the Super Bowl with theHe won the Super Bowl with theTampa Bay Buccaneers.Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  11. 11. Tim TebowTim TebowHe played college football and won theHe played college football and won theHeisman with the Florida Gators.Heisman with the Florida Gators.He played for the New York Jets.He played for the New York Jets.
  12. 12. Deion SandersDeion Sanders He played football and baseball for FSU.He played football and baseball for FSU. He won the Super Bowl with the DallasHe won the Super Bowl with the DallasCowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.
  13. 13. Vinny TestaverdeVinny Testaverde He played football for the Miami HurricanesHe played football for the Miami Hurricanesand also played in the NFL for the Tampa Bayand also played in the NFL for the Tampa BayBuccaneers.Buccaneers. He also won the Heisman.He also won the Heisman.
  14. 14. Fred Biletinkoff He played for FSU and then in the NFL forthe Oakland Raiders.
  15. 15. Five Florida ParksFive Florida ParksMade by NicholasMade by Nicholas
  16. 16. Tom Brown ParkTom Brown Park Tom Brown Park is located inTom Brown Park is located inTallahassee.Tallahassee.
  17. 17. Anastasia State ParkAnastasia State Park Blocks of coquina where taken from this siteBlocks of coquina where taken from this siteto build Castillo de Marcos in Saintto build Castillo de Marcos in SaintAugustine.Augustine.
  18. 18. Florida Caverns StateFlorida Caverns StateParkPark You can view rocks that have formedYou can view rocks that have formedstalactites and stalagmites.stalactites and stalagmites.
  19. 19. Marjorie K. RawlingsMarjorie K. RawlingsHistoric State ParkHistoric State ParkMarjorie K. Rawlings was aMarjorie K. Rawlings was afamous author who wrotefamous author who wrote TheTheYearlingYearling here.here.
  20. 20. Everglades National ParkEverglades National Park There are many different species ofThere are many different species ofwild life.wild life.
  21. 21. Five National Parks InFive National Parks InFloridaFloridaBy: DianaBy: Diana
  22. 22. Everglades NationalEverglades NationalParkPark The Everglades was once a state parkThe Everglades was once a state park..
  23. 23. Biscayne National ParkBiscayne National Park Biscayne National Park is located inBiscayne National Park is located insouthern Florida, south of Miamisouthern Florida, south of Miami..
  24. 24. Cape Canaveral NationalCape Canaveral NationalSea ShoreSea Shore• Since ancient times, this barrierSince ancient times, this barrierisland has provided sanctuary toisland has provided sanctuary toboth people and wildlife.both people and wildlife.
  25. 25. Big Cypress National Preserve The fresh waters of Big CypressSwamp are essential to thehealth of the neighboringEverglades.
  26. 26. Dry Tortugas National ParkDry Tortugas National Park Fort Jefferson is one of the park’s mainFort Jefferson is one of the park’s mainattractions.attractions.
  27. 27. The Five Basilicas of FloridaThe Five Basilicas of FloridaBy: Sharon-ClareBy: Sharon-Clare
  28. 28. The Basilica of Saint MaryThe Basilica of Saint MaryStar of the SeaStar of the Sea This basilica is in Key West and wasThis basilica is in Key West and wasfounded by Father Kirby.founded by Father Kirby.
  29. 29. The Basilica of the National Shrine of MaryThe Basilica of the National Shrine of MaryQueen of the UniverseQueen of the Universe This basilica is in Orlando and can seatThis basilica is in Orlando and can seat2,000 people.2,000 people.
  30. 30. The Basilica of St. Michael theThe Basilica of St. Michael theArchangelArchangel This basilica is in Pensacola and wasThis basilica is in Pensacola and wasmade a Basilica Last year in 2012.made a Basilica Last year in 2012.
  31. 31. The Basilica of Saint PaulThe Basilica of Saint Paul This basilica is in Daytona Beach and theThis basilica is in Daytona Beach and thefirst basilica named a basilica by Popefirst basilica named a basilica by PopeBendict XVI in the U.S.Bendict XVI in the U.S.
  32. 32. The Cathedral Basilica ofThe Cathedral Basilica of St. AugustineSt. Augustine This basilica is in St. Augustine and itsThis basilica is in St. Augustine and itscornerstone was layed in 1793.cornerstone was layed in 1793.
  33. 33. Famous Athletes Who Live InFamous Athletes Who Live InFloridaFloridaMade by: JaydasiannMade by: Jaydasiann
  34. 34. Fred Funk• Fred Funk lives in Florida with his wifeand three children. He is a famousgolfer.
  35. 35. Mark McCumberMark McCumber Mark McCumber lives in Florida and wasMark McCumber lives in Florida and wasborn in Florida. He is a famous golfer.born in Florida. He is a famous golfer.
  36. 36. Vijay SinghVijay Singh Vijay Singh lives in Florida. He was number one inVijay Singh lives in Florida. He was number one inofficial world golf rankings in 2004 and 2005. He is aofficial world golf rankings in 2004 and 2005. He is afamous golfer.famous golfer.
  37. 37. Amer DelicAmer Delic•Amer Delic is the 2003 NCAA men’s tennisAmer Delic is the 2003 NCAA men’s tennischampion and lives in Jacksonville.champion and lives in Jacksonville.
  38. 38. Bubba DickersonBubba DickersonHe lives in Florida and was born in Jacksonville. He is aHe lives in Florida and was born in Jacksonville. He is afamous golfer.famous golfer.
  39. 39. 5 Florida Native American5 Florida Native AmericanTribesTribesMade by: TaylorMade by: Taylor
  40. 40. ApalacheeApalachee Hernando de Soto seized the ApalacheeHernando de Soto seized the Apalacheetown of Anhaica.town of Anhaica.
  41. 41. CalusaCalusa The Calusa Indians were the largest andThe Calusa Indians were the largest andmost powerful group.most powerful group.
  42. 42. MiccosukeeMiccosukee Its name means “Chief of the Hog Clan.”Its name means “Chief of the Hog Clan.”
  43. 43. SeminolesSeminoles The word Seminole is a Spanish term forThe word Seminole is a Spanish term for“runaway” or “wild one”.“runaway” or “wild one”.
  44. 44. TimucuaTimucua The Timucua Indians lived in North FloridaThe Timucua Indians lived in North Floridaand Southeast Georgia.and Southeast Georgia.
  45. 45. Five Florida Wildlife CentersFive Florida Wildlife CentersMade by : ChristopherMade by : Christopher
  46. 46. The TallahasseeThe Tallahassee MuseumMuseumIt has special guest animals likeIt has special guest animals liketigerstigers and emusand emus from otherfrom other..places,places, as well as historicalas well as historicalhouses.houses.
  47. 47. Jacksonville ZooJacksonville Zoo• It has more than 2,000 rare and exoticanimals and 1,000 varieties of plants.
  48. 48. Lion Country SafariIt was founded in 1967 by SouthAfrican and British men.
  49. 49. Butterfly WorldButterfly World It opened in 1988 and is the largestIt opened in 1988 and is the largestbutterfly park in thebutterfly park in the worldworld..
  50. 50. Sea WorldSea World• It has dolphin shows and you get toIt has dolphin shows and you get topetpet other dolphins and manta raysother dolphins and manta rays ..
  51. 51. Five Florida explorersMade by: Jake
  52. 52. Juan Ponce De LeonJuan Ponce De Leon Juan PonceJuan PonceDe LeonDe LeonnamednamedFlorida.Florida. He died of hisHe died of hiswounds.wounds.
  53. 53. Panfilo NarvaezPanfilo NarvaezPanfiloPanfiloNavaezNavaezexploredexploredTampa Bay.Tampa Bay.
  54. 54. Hernando De SotoHernando De Sotowas buried in theMississipi River.
  55. 55. Jean RibaultJean RibaultHe builtHe builtFrenchFrenchcolonies incolonies inFlorida.Florida.
  56. 56. Pedro MenendezPedro MenendezPedroPedroMenendezMenendezcapturedcapturedFortFortCarolineCarolineandandfounded St.founded St.Augustine.Augustine.
  57. 57. Five Great FloridaFive Great FloridaBeachesBeachesBy MelissaBy Melissa
  58. 58. Miami BeachMiami Beach Miami Beach is in southern Florida on theMiami Beach is in southern Florida on theAtlantic coast.Atlantic coast.
  59. 59. ClearwaterClearwater Clearwater Beach is a place where theClearwater Beach is a place where thebeach has white sand and the water isbeach has white sand and the water iscrystal clear.crystal clear.
  60. 60. Sanibel IslandSanibel Island Sanibel Beaches are the most beautiful inSanibel Beaches are the most beautiful inthe world with great shelling, fishing,the world with great shelling, fishing,beachcombing and sunbathing.beachcombing and sunbathing.
  61. 61. Siesta KeySiesta Key Siesta Key Beach is famous for jewelSiesta Key Beach is famous for jewelgreen water, quartz crystal white sands,green water, quartz crystal white sands,light waves, and amazing wildlife.light waves, and amazing wildlife.
  62. 62. Key WestKey West The third largest coral reef in the world offThe third largest coral reef in the world offthe coast of Key West Beach.the coast of Key West Beach.
  63. 63. Five Florida RiversFive Florida RiversBy: ChristopherBy: Christopher
  64. 64. Suwannee RiverSuwannee RiverThe Suwannee River is a major river ofThe Suwannee River is a major river ofSouthern Georgia and Northern Florida.Southern Georgia and Northern Florida.
  65. 65. St. Johns RiverSt. Johns RiverThe St. Johns River is the longest river inThe St. Johns River is the longest river inFlorida.Florida.
  66. 66. St. Lucie RiverSt. Lucie RiverThe St. Lucie River is a seven mile longThe St. Lucie River is a seven mile longestuary in St. Lucie and Martin countiesestuary in St. Lucie and Martin countiesin Florida.in Florida.
  67. 67. Apalachicola RiverApalachicola RiverThe Apalachicola River is 112 miles longThe Apalachicola River is 112 miles longand links the Gulf Coast with theand links the Gulf Coast with theAppalachian Mountains.Appalachian Mountains.
  68. 68. St. Marks RiverSt. Marks RiverThe St. Marks River is in the Big BendThe St. Marks River is in the Big Bendregion of Florida and it is protectedregion of Florida and it is protectedbecause of its natural attributes.because of its natural attributes.
  69. 69. Five Fun Places To VisitFive Fun Places To VisitIn FloridaIn Floridaby Zachby Zach
  70. 70. Sea WorldSea World Shamu, the killer whale, makes his homeShamu, the killer whale, makes his homeat Sea World.at Sea World.
  71. 71. Jacksonville ZooJacksonville Zoo The zoo has the only walking safari inThe zoo has the only walking safari inNorth Florida.North Florida.
  72. 72. Busch GardensBusch Gardens There are six huge roller coasters atThere are six huge roller coasters atBusch Gardens.Busch Gardens.
  73. 73. St. AugustineSt. Augustine The oldest wooden school house, stillThe oldest wooden school house, stillstanding, is located in St. Augustine.standing, is located in St. Augustine.
  74. 74. Key WestKey West Earnest Hemmingway’s home is located inEarnest Hemmingway’s home is located inKey West.Key West.
  76. 76. Tim TebowTim Tebow He was number 15 for the Florida Gators.He was number 15 for the Florida Gators.
  77. 77. Ponce De LeonPonce De Leon• He named La Florida in 1513He named La Florida in 1513..
  78. 78. Emmitt SmithEmmitt Smith• He was number 22 on theHe was number 22 on theFlorida Gator team.Florida Gator team.
  79. 79. Harriet Beecher StoweHarriet Beecher Stowe• She disliked slavery and lived for a time nearShe disliked slavery and lived for a time nearOrange Park, FL.Orange Park, FL.
  80. 80. Chief OsceolaChief Osceola• He led the Seminole tribe.He led the Seminole tribe.
  81. 81. Five Florida FortsMade by:Damian
  82. 82. • It can be found at Mission San Luis.Fort San Luis
  83. 83. Fort Caroline• This fort near Jacksonville isthe place where Florida Indianshad their first contact withEuropeans.
  84. 84. Fort Mose• The people of this fort in St.Augustine moved to Cuba.
  85. 85. Fort Jefferson• This fort off the southern coastof Florida was named afterPresident Jefferson.
  86. 86. Fort Christmas• This fort, which is east ofOrlando, got its name becauseconstruction began onChristmas day.
  87. 87. Five CitiesFive CitiesOn theOn theDixieDixiehighway inhighway inFlOriDa!FlOriDa!MaDe by: KnOxMaDe by: KnOx
  88. 88. BARTOW,FLBARTOW,FL Bartow is not far from Arcadia.Bartow is not far from Arcadia.
  89. 89. MIAMI,FLMIAMI,FL Miami is the last city on the Dixie Highway!Miami is the last city on the Dixie Highway!
  90. 90. ARCADIA,FLARCADIA,FL Arcadia is in south central Florida.Arcadia is in south central Florida.
  91. 91. ST.AUGUSTINE,FLST.AUGUSTINE,FLSaint Augustine is the oldest city in theSaint Augustine is the oldest city in theUnited States of America!United States of America!
  92. 92. HOWEY-IN-THE-HOWEY-IN-THE-HILLS,FLHILLS,FL Howey-In-The-Hills was found by WilliamHowey-In-The-Hills was found by WilliamJohn Howey and home of the first citrusJohn Howey and home of the first citrusplant!plant!
  93. 93. 5 Haunted Places In5 Haunted Places InFloridaFloridaBy: AveryBy: Avery
  94. 94. Gibson Inn In ApalachicolaGibson Inn In Apalachicola It is haunted by a man who diedIt is haunted by a man who diedthere in 1922.there in 1922.
  95. 95. St. Augustine LighthouseSt. Augustine Lighthouse The St. Augustine Lighthouse isThe St. Augustine Lighthouse ishaunted by many differenthaunted by many differentghosts.ghosts.
  96. 96. Sunland Hospital In TallahasseeSunland Hospital In Tallahassee Sunland Hospital is closed, butSunland Hospital is closed, butpeople say the patients stillpeople say the patients stillhaunt the area.haunt the area.
  97. 97. Spook HillSpook HillIf you drive to SpookIf you drive to Spook HillHillin Lake Walesin Lake Wales your caryour carwill roll uphill.will roll uphill.
  98. 98. Bellamy BridgeBellamy Bridge Bellamy Bridge in Marianna isBellamy Bridge in Marianna ishaunted by the ghost of Elizabethhaunted by the ghost of ElizabethJane Bellamy, who died whenJane Bellamy, who died whenshe caught on fire.she caught on fire.
  99. 99. 5 Famous Floridians5 Famous FloridiansBy: MichaelBy: Michael
  100. 100. Tim TebowTim Tebow• He played football for the Jets andHe played football for the Jets andUF.UF.
  101. 101. Walt DisneyWalt Disney• He created cartoon films andHe created cartoon films andDisney World.Disney World.
  102. 102. Jeb BushJeb Bush• He was the Governor of FloridaHe was the Governor of Floridafrom 1998 to 2007.from 1998 to 2007.
  103. 103. Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson• He is a pro wrestler, stars in lots ofHe is a pro wrestler, stars in lots ofmovies, and lives in Miami.movies, and lives in Miami.
  104. 104. Randolph CaldecottRandolph Caldecott• The Caldecott Medal was in hisThe Caldecott Medal was in hishonor, and he is buried in St.honor, and he is buried in St.Augustine.Augustine.
  105. 105. Five GreatFlorida GolfCoursesMade By: Ty
  106. 106. Capitol City GolfCourse• In 1908, the initiation fee was $1.00. The dueswere $1.00 per year, and it is in Tallahassee,Florida.
  107. 107. Seminole Golf Course• The Seminole Golf Club was designed in 1929by Donald Ross, and it has 18 holes inTallahassee, Florida.
  108. 108. Pablo Creek Golf Club• Pablo Creek Golf Club was created by TomFazio in 1996, and it is in Jacksonville,Florida.
  109. 109. The Concession GolfCourse• Its course rating is 77.6, and it has a sloperating of 155.• It is in Bradenton, Florida.
  110. 110. TPC Sawgrass GolfCourseIt is an 18 hole course with a total par of 72, andIt is an 18 hole course with a total par of 72, andit is in PonteVedra Beach,it is in PonteVedra Beach,Florida.Florida.
  111. 111. 5 Florida Explorers5 Florida Explorers
  112. 112. Ponce de LeonPonce de Leon Ponce de Leon founded and namedPonce de Leon founded and namedFlorida.Florida.
  113. 113. Cabeza de VacaCabeza de Vaca Cabeza de Vaca was one of four survivorsCabeza de Vaca was one of four survivorsfrom the Narvaez expedition.from the Narvaez expedition.
  114. 114. Hernando de SotoHernando de Soto Hernando de Soto was very cruel to the NativeHernando de Soto was very cruel to the NativeAmericans.Americans.
  115. 115. Rene LaudonniereRene Laudonniere Rene Laudonniere founded Fort Caroline.Rene Laudonniere founded Fort Caroline.
  116. 116. Pedro Menendez dePedro Menendez deAvilesAviles Pedro Menendez de Aviles defeated the French atPedro Menendez de Aviles defeated the French atFort Caroline.Fort Caroline.
  117. 117. Five Florida Amusement ParksBy: Elizabeth
  118. 118. Disney World• Walt Disney World, also know as MagicKingdom, is dedicated to the Disneyfairy tales and is the most visitedtheme park in the world.
  119. 119. Busch Gardens In Tampa Bay• This is an African themed animal parkwith animal exhibits and thrill rides.
  120. 120. Universal Studios• This is a theme park that is focused onthe entertainment industry with ridesthemed around the movies andtelevision.
  121. 121. Disney Animal Kingdom• This is the first Disney theme parkthemed entirely around animalconservation and is the fourth mostvisited amusement park in the U.S.
  122. 122. Sea World• This is a marine mammal park whosemain attraction is its killer whales andthree roller coasters.
  123. 123. Five Fun Places To VisitFive Fun Places To VisitIn FloridaIn FloridaMade by : MeganMade by : Megan
  124. 124. DestinDestin Destin is known for its whiteDestin is known for its whitebeaches and emerald greenbeaches and emerald greenoceans.oceans.
  125. 125. Panama CityPanama CityBeachBeachPanama City Beach wasPanama City Beach wasfounded by Pedro Ariasfounded by Pedro AriasDavila.Davila.
  126. 126. OrlandoOrlando Orlando is nicknamed, “The CityOrlando is nicknamed, “The CityBeautiful’’.Beautiful’’.
  127. 127. JacksonvilleJacksonville Jacksonville is Florida’s largestJacksonville is Florida’s largestcitycity..
  128. 128. St. George IslandSt. George Island St. George Island was firstSt. George Island was firstinhabited byinhabited by the Creek Indiansthe Creek Indians ..
  129. 129. Five Florida MuseumsFive Florida MuseumsBy :SavannahBy :Savannah
  130. 130. Tallahassee MuseumThey have exhibits about animalsand nature places.
  131. 131. Ah-tah–tai-kiAh-tah–tai-ki• This museum is next to a Seminole tribeThis museum is next to a Seminole tribe ..
  132. 132. Morikami MuseumMorikami Museum You can learn about JapaneseYou can learn about Japanesegardens at this museum in centralgardens at this museum in centralFlorida.Florida.
  133. 133. Lemoyne CenterLemoyne CenterThere are many art exhibits atThere are many art exhibits atLemoyne Center in Tallahassee.Lemoyne Center in Tallahassee.
  134. 134. Florida History MuseumFlorida History Museum You can learn everything aboutYou can learn everything aboutFlorida History at this museum inFlorida History at this museum inTallahassee.Tallahassee.
  135. 135. Five Top Florida CitiesFive Top Florida CitiesMade By: AndrewMade By: Andrew
  136. 136. TallahasseeTallahassee• Tallahassee is known for its canopy roadsTallahassee is known for its canopy roads..• Tallahassee is the capitol of FloridaTallahassee is the capitol of Florida..
  137. 137. Winter ParksWinter Parks• Winter Park’s property crime levels areWinter Park’s property crime levels arelower than Floridas average levels. It haslower than Floridas average levels. It hasa beautiful park.a beautiful park.
  138. 138. St.AugustineSt.AugustineSt. Augustine was the first permanentSt. Augustine was the first permanentEuropean settlement in The United States.European settlement in The United States.
  139. 139. NaplesNaplesNaples’ local beach is considered to be oneNaples’ local beach is considered to be oneof the top beaches.of the top beaches.
  140. 140. Baca RatonBaca Raton• Baca Raton is known for its affluent socialBaca Raton is known for its affluent socialcommunity.community.
  141. 141. Mrs. Outland’s ClassPresents…..
  142. 142. Five Best Places To BikeBy; Seth B.
  143. 143. Santos• It has 82,000 acres of off road riding and, offers beginnerto advanced places to ride.
  144. 144. Withlacoochee State Trail• It is the longest paved trail in Florida.
  145. 145. Sugar Loaf Mountain Trail• It’s the highest point in peninsular Florida at 312 feet abovesea level!
  146. 146. Cadillac• It has 7 exciting miles of biking. It’s fun for single trackriders.
  147. 147. San Felasco• It’s the best cross country trail in Florida.
  148. 148. 5 Military BasesBy: Brad
  149. 149. Jacksonville Naval AirStation• It is the 2nd largest Naval base inthe Southeast Region. Some ofthe best pilots train here.
  150. 150. Naval Air station Pensacola• It is located on the Gulf Coast ofFlorida. The Blue Angels are fromthis base.
  151. 151. Eglin AFB• It has 130,000 miles of ocean tofly over.
  152. 152. Air station Miami• It has active and retired troopsand aircraft.
  153. 153. MacDill AFB• It was established in 1938 inTampa. Following Pearl Harbor, itbecame a major staging area.
  154. 154. 5 Florida Sport Stadiumsby Jack
  155. 155. Doak Campbell Stadium• The war chant began at an Auburn vs FSUgame.
  156. 156. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium• Its home record since 1990 is 113 winsand 13 loses.
  157. 157. Raymond James Stadium• It hosted two Super Bowls.
  158. 158. EverBank Field• It is the host of the Gator bowl.
  159. 159. Amway Center• It holds 3 teams in one stadium.
  160. 160. Five Great Places to Visit inSt. AugustineBy: Presley
  161. 161. Castillo de San Marcos• It is the oldest masonry fort in theContinental United States.
  162. 162. The Fountain of Youth• The Fountain of Youth is a spring thatrestores the youth of anyone who drinks orbathes in it’s water.
  163. 163. Old St. John’s County Jail• The jail was built by Henry Flagler in 1891.
  164. 164. The Great Cross• Elevated to commemorate the 400thanniversary of the founding of St.Augustine.
  165. 165. Robert Ripley’s Believe or Not!• Ripley brought the world the Ripley’sBelieve it or Not Museums. One of thesebuildings is located in downtown St.Augustine.
  166. 166. 5 Great Places to Camp5 Great Places to CampBy: SophiaBy: Sophia
  167. 167. Florida CavernsFlorida Caverns• Florida Caverns is a great place withcolorful caves.
  168. 168. Fort WildernessFort Wilderness• Fort Wilderness is a Disneycampground close to Disney’sMagic Kingdom.
  169. 169. Edward Ball Wakulla SpringsEdward Ball Wakulla Springs• It is a great place to enjoy wildlifeon jungle boat rides.
  170. 170. Anastasia State ParkAnastasia State Park• Here you can camp, swim, fish, and domuch more.
  171. 171. Grayton BeachGrayton BeachIt has a wonderful beach and great wildlifetoo.
  172. 172. Five Great Florida FortsBy Jacques
  173. 173. Fort Jefferson• This fort was built out of 16,000,000bricks. It is located in the Dry Tortugas.
  174. 174. Castillo deSan Marcos• This fort is the oldest in the U.S.A. It is located inSt. Augustine, FL.
  175. 175. Fort de Soto• This fort is located near St. Petersburg,FL.
  176. 176. Fort Foster• This fort was in central Florida. It was exploded bygun powder on the reported approach of SeminoleIndians.
  177. 177. Fort San Luis• This fort had cannons that shot 6 poundcannonballs. It is located in Tallahassee, FL.
  178. 178. 5 Great Water Parksby: Sara Ann
  179. 179. Disney’s Blizzard BeachThis beach opened on April 1,1995. Theyadopted the mascot from an alligator witha red scarf and a gold innertube.
  180. 180. Adventure Island• The island opened on June 7,1980.Adventure Island has 10 rides and 6attractions.
  181. 181. Wet ‘n WildThis park opened on March 13,1977. Wet ‘nWild has 17 attractions and water rides.
  182. 182. Big Kahuna’s Lost Paradise• They opened in 1986. This water park has11 water park rides and 11ponds andrivers.
  183. 183. Shipwreck Island• This park opened in the summer of 1983.Shipwreck Island has 23 new pictures onthe website.
  184. 184. 5 Great Florida Wildlife Areasby: Evan
  185. 185. St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge• The refuge provides habitat for winteringwaterfowl, including ducks, geese, andwhooping cranes.
  186. 186. Crystal River National WildlifeRefuge• The refuge provides a winter habitat forabout 300 manatees.
  187. 187. Everglades National Park• This park is over 1.5 million acres in size.The Everglades is home to rareendangered species, including manatees,crocodiles, and panthers.
  188. 188. Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary• This sanctuary is home to rare plants,such as, old-growth bald cypress, treeferns, orchids, and a variety of animals.
  189. 189. St. Joseph Peninsula State Park• This beautiful park along the Gulf ofMexico is a great place to see hawks,heron, ducks, dolphins, turtles, and deer.
  190. 190. 5 Great Places to Visit inOrlandoBY: JHONATHAN
  191. 191. Wet ’n Wild• Wet ‘n Wild wasopened on March13,1977.
  192. 192. Sea World• Sea World opened onDecember 15,1973.• Sea World is a waterpark with animalssuch as sharks,whales, and more.
  193. 193. Universal Studios• Universal Studiosopened on June 7,1990.
  194. 194. Nickelodeon Hotel• Kids under the age of18 can go there forfree.• Nickelodeon Hotel isa hotel ofNickelodeon.
  195. 195. Kennedy Space Center• Kennedy SpaceCenter opened onJuly 1,1962.• Kennedy SpaceCenter is where thefirst man waslaunched to themoon.
  196. 196. 5 Native Animals5 Native Animalsby: Annetteby: Annette
  197. 197. Florida PantherFlorida Panther• The Florida Panther is an endangeredsubspecies. You can see one at theFlorida Museum.
  198. 198. Florida ManateeFlorida Manatee• A Manatee gets scars from speed boats. Ithas a cousin which is an elephant.
  199. 199. Florida AlligatorFlorida Alligator• The Florida Alligators are found in thesoutheast United States.
  200. 200. Wild TurkeyWild Turkey• Male wild turkeys puff up their feathers toattract the girls .
  201. 201. Florida Black bearFlorida Black bear• The Florida Black bear is the only bearfound in Florida.
  202. 202. Five Best Places To GoFishingBy: Nicholas
  203. 203. Boca Grande Pass• Boca Grande Pass is rated as one of thebest fishing spots by numerousmagazines.• You can catch Snook, Red fish, Sea trout,Whiting, Pompano, Mangrove snapper,Sheephead, shark, and more.
  204. 204. Ponce De Leon Inlet• Ponce De Leon Inlet is located just south ofDaytona.• You can catch Red Fish, Sea Trout, Whiting,Sheephead, mangrove snapper, squid, shinersand fiddler crabs.
  205. 205. Chassahowitzka River Mouth•It is located south of Homosasa Springs.•You can catch Sheephead, Sea trout, Whiting,Red fish, Mangrove snapper and in the hottermonths cobia.
  206. 206. Anclote River Mouth• The small greek city of Tarpon Springs issituated on this river in west centralFlorida’s gulf coast.• You can catch Red Fish, Flounder andmore.
  207. 207. St. Augustine• It is located in northeast Florida.• You can catch Red Fish, Trout, Snook,Tarpon and Flounder.
  208. 208. 5 Best Historic Sites in FloridaBY WIDNEY
  209. 209. Kennedy Space Center• Space ships are launched at KennedySpace Center.
  210. 210. Freedom Tower• The FreedomTower is inMiami.
  211. 211. Ernest Hemingway House• Ernest hemingway lived in this house for 8years.
  212. 212. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings House is locatedin Cross Creek, Florida.
  213. 213. Florida Capitol• The old state Capitol was built in 1845.
  214. 214. Five Best Cities You CouldVisit in FloridaMade by: Ryan
  215. 215. Jacksonville• It is the biggest land area in Florida.• You can watch fireworks every Fourth ofJuly and New Year’s Eve.
  216. 216. Miami• The city of Miami is one of the mostpopular vacation spots.• It is the smallest land area in Florida.
  217. 217. St. Augustine• It is the oldest city in Florida.• It has a canyon called Castillo de SanMarcos.
  218. 218. Orlando• It has many theme parks.• Space Kennedy Center is located inOrlando.
  219. 219. Tampa• It has an aquarium.• It has Lego Land.
  220. 220. 5 State Symbols5 State Symbolsby :Keeleyby :Keeley
  221. 221. Motto – ’’In God We Trust”Motto – ’’In God We Trust”• This motto was adopted by the FloridaLegislature.
  222. 222. Butterfly-Zebra LongwingButterfly-Zebra Longwing• This butterfly was designated in 1996.
  223. 223. Wildflower-CoreopsisWildflower-Coreopsis• The wildflower was designated in 1901.
  224. 224. State ShellState Shell• The State Shell is the Horse Conch.
  225. 225. State MammalState Mammal• The State Mammal is the manatee.
  226. 226. 5 Best Zoos In Florida5 Best Zoos In FloridaMade By: JoshuaMade By: Joshua
  227. 227. Tampa Lowry Park ZooTampa Lowry Park Zoo• In 2004, Lowry Park Zoo was voted #1 by ChildrensMagazine.
  228. 228. Jacksonville Zoo GardensJacksonville Zoo Gardens• Jacksonville Zoo Gardens sits at the mouth of the Trout River.
  229. 229. Miami ZooMiami Zoo• The Miami Zoo is the largest and oldest zoological garden inFlorida.
  230. 230. Brevard ZooBrevard Zoo• The Brevard Zoo was built in 1986.
  231. 231. Sea WorldSea World• Sea World is located in Orlando.
  232. 232. 5 Best Beaches in FLBy: Marcos R.
  233. 233. Pensacola Beach• The sand dunes are decorated with delicatesea oats.
  234. 234. Miami Beach• Miami Beach is a strip of miles of finegolden sand with emerald waters.
  235. 235. Jacksonville Beach• Jacksonville has twenty miles long wide,beautiful beaches along the AtlanticOcean.
  236. 236. Panama City Beach• The beaches are twenty miles long and are made of finesugar-white sand.
  237. 237. St. Petersburg Beach• This is beach of fine white St. PetersburgBeach is a seven mile sand.
  238. 238. 5 Great Beaches In5 Great Beaches InFloridaFloridaMade by: CaitlinMade by: Caitlin
  239. 239. St. George IslandSt. George Island• The island is known for being quiet andpeaceful due to it’s small size. St. GeorgeIsland is located in Apalachicola, FL.
  240. 240. DestinDestin• The city was named after a fishermannamed Captain Leonard Destin whomoved to this region from New London,Connecticut.
  241. 241. Panama City BeachPanama City Beach• Panama City Beach has an average of320 days of sunshine per year.
  242. 242. Perdido KeyPerdido Key• Perdido Key shares a border withAlabama.
  243. 243. Captiva IslandCaptiva Island• In Captiva, some residents are Alligators,Bobcats, Bottlenose Dolphins, Turtles,Sea Otters, Manatees, and Pelicans.
  244. 244. 5 Florida Amusement ParksMade By: Justin
  245. 245. Universal Studios• On the Hulk Roller Coaster, located inUniversal Studios ,you are able to shoot 0-40 mph. out of the ”Gamma RayBoosters’’.
  246. 246. Walt Disney World• Covering 47 square miles, Disney World isas big as Greater Manchester (England).
  247. 247. LEGOLAND• It takes 34 pieces of Lego to make oneLego man.
  248. 248. Sea World• Shamu, the killer whale, is their famousmascot.
  249. 249. Epcot• This spaceship weighs 16 million pounds,equivalent to 158 million golf balls.
  250. 250. Five Florida Museumsby Charlie
  251. 251. Miami Museum of Science andPlanetarium• This Museum is one of the best places forkid’s education. It is located in Miami.
  252. 252. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum• The Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum ishoused in one of St. Augustine’s mostunique buildings…an 1880’s pouredconcrete castle.
  253. 253. Salvador Dali Museum• The Salvador Dali Museum was namedafter Salvador Dali. Dali was born in Spainin1904 and died in 1989. It is located in St.Petersburg, FL.
  254. 254. Ernest Hemingway Home andMuseum• He lived in the same house and wrote in itfor 10 years. It is located in Key West, FL.
  255. 255. The National Museum of NavalAviation• The National Museum of Naval Aviation isthe largest Naval Aviation museum in theworld. It is located in Pensacola, FL.
  256. 256. 5 Great Wildlife AreasBy: Abigail
  257. 257. Merritt Island National WildlifeRefuge• 500 species of wildlife including Americanalligators, bald eagles, roseate spoonbills,and manatees are found here.• Merritt Island is located 4 miles east inTitusville ,Florida.
  258. 258. Everglades National Park• This Park covers 2,500 square miles.Most of it is swampy and buggy.• Everglades National Park is located onState Highway 9336 in Homestead,Florida.
  259. 259. Archie Carr National WildlifeRefuge• It is located on Florida’s east cost, justsouth of Melbourne Beach and holdssignificant environmental importance.
  260. 260. Gatorland• Hundreds of alligators dwell on the Park’s110 tropical acres.• It is located in Orange Blossom Trail inOrlando, Florida.
  261. 261. Manatee Springs States Park• The waters are 72 degrees year round.• Manatee Springs is located in Chiefland,Florida.
  262. 262. 5 National Parks In FloridaBy: Karina
  263. 263. Wakulla Springs• Is located 14 miles south of Tallahassee,Florida.
  264. 264. Florida Caverns• One of the original state parks created bythe civilian convention corps in the 1930s.
  265. 265. Everglades• The park provides important habitat fornumerous, rare, and endangered specieslike the manatee and crocodiles.
  266. 266. Ponce De Leon State Park• This beautiful spring is named for JuanPonce de Leon.
  267. 267. Blue Spring• Vital habitat for endangered manatees.
  268. 268. 5 Great Rivers inFloridaBy: Lucas
  269. 269. St. john riverSthe LongeSt river inFLorida at 301miLeS
  270. 270. Peace river• Drains into Charlotte-Harbor
  271. 271. Wacissa River• thiS river iS SPring Fed and Locatedin jeFFerSon county.
  272. 272. St. Marys River• It is named after the Irish St.Mary.
  273. 273. 5 Hiking TrailsBy: Ansley
  274. 274. Falling Creek Falls• This trail is a 0.6 miles loop.
  275. 275. Bahia Honda State ParkThe trail is 0.6 miles.
  276. 276. Eglin• This trail is 100.5 miles.
  277. 277. Deer Lake State Park• The trail here is 0.3 miles.