The montgomery tigers


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The montgomery tigers

  1. 1.  The main target market will be men between the ages of 20- 50 including their families. No specific income. Low middle class to high class. Men is our main target market. Children will be our second target market because they can get their parents and other friends interested. This will benefit the families because it will give them quality time with each other and benefit the community by giving it more tourists.
  2. 2.  Weather Patterns: •2nd largest city in Alabama September: average high 87 Montgomery’s population is 206,156. & average low 64 • Males take up 46.92% of the October: average high 79 & average low 53 population November: average high 69 •Females takes up 53.08% of the & average low 44 population. December: average high 60 •Average income 40,000-50,000 dollars. & average low 38 January: average 58 & average low 36 •Primary Professions: plant Precipitation (Rain & Snow): September: 4.22inches engineering, electrician, productive October: 2.58inches service specialist, sales specialist November: 4.53inches •Industries: Maxwell Gunter Air Force December: 4.97inches Base, Government, Montgomery Public January: 5.04inches Schools, ALFA Insurance Companies
  3. 3. Local Media: Crime Statistics: Newspapers: •Violent- 230 in Montgomery, Al.Montgomery Advertiser •Violent- 222.7 in USA as a (Montgomery total news/community) •Violent 36.2 Magazines: •Theft 45.9Montgomery Living Magazine •Arson 26.9 (lifestyles & business) •The ratio of number of Radio Stations: residents in Montgomery to the number of sex offenders is 92.3 FM Country (Cumulus 659 to 1. Licensing LLC) •Safest Locations in Local Channels: Montgomery are ABC Davenport, Pike Road, & CBS Madison
  4. 4. Attractions: •Alabama Shakespeare FestivalSports: •Civil Rights Memorial Sabers(Basketball) •Martin Luther King home Mobile Bay •Rosa Parks Library and Museum Hurricanes(Basketball) •Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church Barons(Baseball) •Civil Rights Memorial Center Huntsville Stars(Baseball) •Montgomery Museum of Fine Mobile BayBears(Baseball) Arts Montgomery •White House of the Biscuits(Baseball) Confederacy Rocket City United(Soccer) •Alabama State Capitol
  5. 5. Possible Corporate Sponsors: Wal-Mart Sears Sam’s Club McDonalds Boost Mobile
  6. 6.  I choose this area because there aren’t many professional athletic teams It raises the excitement of the citizens. The main target market is men between the ages of 20-60 however women & children is the secondary target market that’s where families come in. From September thru January the temperatures range from High 80’s to low 30’s with very little rain or snow Montgomery Tigers will impact Alabama’s economy extremely! This professional team will bring more tourists into the city possibly boosting the population and companies will flourish
  7. 7. Eli Manning Reggie Bush Position- Quarterback •Position- Running Back Team- New York Giants •Team- Miami Dolphins Regular season- Rate •Regular season- Yards 96, Yards 1579, Touchdowns 417, Touchdowns 3 10 •Career- Yards Career- Rate- 82.8, Yards 3593, Touchdowns 26 29158, Touchdowns 195 •Salary- $4.5 million Salary- $1.75 million
  8. 8. DeSean Jackson Owen Daniels Position- Wide Receiver •Position- Tight End Team- Philadelphia Eagles •Team- Houston Texans Regular season- Receive •Regular Season- Receives 24, Yards 391, Touchdowns 1 23, Yards, Touchdown 3 Career- Receives 253, Yards •Career- Receives 322, Yards 4476, Touchdowns 22 3960, Touchdowns 23 •Salary- $6.5 Million Salary- $750,000
  9. 9. New York Giants Dan Bailey Position- Kicker •Position- Defense Team- Dallas Cowboys •Team- New York Giants •Regular season (2012) - Regular Season- Field Goals Tackles 246, Sacks 5, Yards 5, Touchdowns 0 8.0, Interceptions 30, Fumbles Salary- $465,000 6 •Last Season (2011) - Tackles 861, Sacks 48.0, Interceptions 84, Fumbles 16 •Salary- $113 million
  10. 10. Franchise Name: Our Franchise Name is the “Montgomery Tigers” I chose this name because it rolls off your tongue making it easy to pronounce. Also it is translatable into a successful logo. promotes the city of Montgomery.Team Colors: The colors are Dark Purple, Solid Black, and Gerber silver. I chose these colors because they show superiority, intimidation, and strength.
  11. 11.  The logo is Tiger which is also the team’s mascot. The structure of the image and that it’s in black and white shows intimidation. It’s simple, strong, and unique. The name of the mascot is Marley the Tiger. Marley will attend every home game and charity event held by the Montgomery Tigers. Marley will be on the sidelines entertaining the fans, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Marley will also be performing with the cheerleaders during halftime.
  12. 12.  Practice uniforms: Home Uniforms: Away Uniforms:
  13. 13. Home (warm games &cooler games) Away (warmer & cooler games)
  14. 14. THE MONGOMERY TIGERS3689 Rawr Rd.Montgomery, AL 7826Jamal BrownVice President CorporateSalesEmail: JamalB_21@aol.comPhone: 1(323)-896-0002
  15. 15. Name of Stadium is Dome of Dixie The name comes from the states nickname “Heart of Dixie”Location: The fans will look at Dome of Dixie as home because it Located in Eastmont 10 represents their state in reference that they are the heart of minutes away from the south. The name also shows that not naming the stadium something similar to the team name explains it’s downtown Montgomery not all about the Montgomery Tigers because the target it the state and the fans. TIGERS
  16. 16.  McDonalds is the top fast food restaurant in the world. Partnering with will bring a lot of money to the stadium and satisfy a lot of fans. Auntie Anne’s is tasty snack families enjoy and will be a good franchise to partner with. Coca Cola top beverage in the world and also partner with McDonalds. Coca Cola will be provided in every concession in the stadium.
  17. 17.  1 Unique concession to the stadium: “Heart of Dixie” will be a diner theme concession that will give a sense of warmth. This concession will provide sub- sandwiches. Sandwiches will cost between $3.50-$6.50 and combos will be between $8.50-$10.00. If a customer will like to purchase just fries they will cost 1.50-3.50 depending on the size (small, medium, or large). Beverage license will be given to Coca Cola and the sales tax rate will be Alabama’s normal tax rate which is 4%.
  18. 18.  Product Line Hats, Hoodies, T-shirts, Jerseys, Sweatpants, Tank tops, key chains, bobble heads, toy footballs, team posters, individual posters, team logo posters, flags, jackets, jewelry, etc.
  19. 19.  Forms of payment that will be accepted will be Credit card and cash. Credit card will only be able to be accepted though computer or telephone. If a customer comes to the ticket booth on game day will a credit card will get turned away. Cash will be accepted on game day at the ticket booths. Will not expect checks Tickets will be sold on mainly through internet. For example . Provided better deals buying online Can purchase a ticket at the ticket booth
  20. 20.  All seats in the 400’s will cost $60 per seat. In the 300’s-200’s seats will range between $80-$150 per seat. Seats provided in the 100’s will be $200 and higher. Box seats and suites will be $300-$400. Prices will remain the same for home fans and out of state fans because we believe that our stadium is home to all our fans. Pre-season passes will be available for $350 and season passes will be for $400.
  22. 22. PLAYER: Reggie BushReggie Bush TEAM: Montgomery Tigers NUMBER: 22 POSITION: Running Back HEIGHT: 6’0 WEIGHT: 203 COLLEGE: University of Southern California AGE: 27 EXPERIENCE: 7TH Season PLAYER: DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson TEAM: Montgomery Tigers NUMBER: 40 POSITION: Wide Receiver HEIGHT: 5’10 WEIGHT: 175 COLLEGE: University of California, Berkeley AGE: 25 EXPERIENCE: 5TH Season
  23. 23. Outdoor- Posters of the individual players Magazine Ad- This will give the team with signatures, entire teams, and team more exposure and possibly more mascots will be available to the fans fans. Price will be about $800 a year. through local department stores. This will cost $20,000 to get copies nationwide. COME SUPPORT YOUR TIGERS! Newspaper Ad: This will MONTGOMERY TIGERS TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!! appear in Montgomery TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED Weekly and Alabama Daily for AT THE TEAMS WEBSITE (WWW.MTIGERS.AL) OR OTHER 6months with a rate $20 each. TICKET WEBSITES DON’T MISS IT!
  24. 24.  BroadcastTALK SHOW: {Tyra Banks Show}Tyra: Please welcome you know him you love him star wide receiver DeSean Jackson!!!!****Crowd Cheers*****Tyra and Jackson hugs*Jackson: Thank You for having meTyra: No problem! You do your thing on that field mama did goodJackson: (laughs) she my motivation couldn’t do it without her***crowd goes “awwwwwe”***Tyra: That’s right. So are you ready for the big game against the Giants Sunday night?Jackson: You know I’m ready question is they ready (Laughs)Tyra: Well can’t wait for the game I know you’ll performJackson: You know itTyra: Well Thank you for joining us everybody tune in to see the Montgomery Tigers against the Giants Sunday night. DeSean Jackson everybody (holds up her hands towards him)***crowds cheers and claps***
  25. 25. Montgomery Tigers This will appear on side bars of websites and can be seen through any device. It will appear for 6months and will be $1 per click. Which will go to ESPN and/or yahoo Come Experience the best game of the season! Buy Your Tickets NOW!
  26. 26.  The Montgomery Tigers chose Adidas to be one of our sponsors because they can help provide our team ADIDAS SPONSORS 365 KIDS ON SEPTEMBER 21, 2012 uniforms, cleats, warm-up suits The Montgomery Tigers decided that Adidas will be our co-sponsor in the fundraiser 365 KIDS. The and team shirts. Montgomery Montgomery Tigers are giving baskets full of goodies Adidas gear will also be for sale and prizes. Adidas will provide and promote their in our stores inside the stadium. company by using Adidas shirts and Adidas socks. We will help promote Adidas by hanging signs in the Stadium
  27. 27.  Print Advertisement for Adidas The Montgomery Tigers 365 KIDS FUNDRASIER Saturday September 21st, 2012 Winners will be awarded with a basket full of prizes Presented by Adidas with a “Just Fit” certificate