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Gracie Razo Final Fantasy Project

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  1. 1. By : Gracie Razo Jake Cyran
  2. 2. Market Research-City Target Market: The target market is going to be ages 20 and up. Our target market is mainly males and anybody in the area. Our income is going to range from 40,000 – 90,000. Our geographic location is mainly regional. We want the whole family to come and cheer on their team and win the championship. The stadium will bring more jobs as well as opportunities to be a “big fan”. The purposes of the events are to make it a fun experience for both kids and elders. All beliefs and religions are targeted, no discriminations. Bringing in this NFL team would benefit the area greatly. The events and services we offer bring in more money, people, and entertainment. Our secondary market would be women and children. Women don‟t usually choose football as their first choice of entertainment; but if their husbands or boyfriends went, they would most likely tag along. It will not just benefit us, but it will also benefit the customers as well. This will also be a great opportunity for the fathers to bring their kids.
  3. 3. Market Research-City Albuquerque: City Population: 552,804(Males: 48.71%, Females: 51.29%)
  4. 4. Market Research-City Average Income: Median for all workers: 24,783; Median for all full-time men: 39,530; Median for all full-time females: 30,500 Average Age: 30-35 years Primary Professions: management occupations, sales workers, construction workers, electrical mechanics, and computer specialists.
  5. 5. Market Research-City Primary Professions: management occupations, sales workers, construction workers, electrical mechanics, and computer specialists. Primary Industries: Construction, professional, scientific, and technical services, accommodation and food services, public administration, and health care.
  6. 6. Market Research-City Local Media: AM Radio: KKIM (1000 AM; 10 kW; ALBUQUERQUE, NM; Owner: AGM-NEVADA, LLC) FM Radio: KLYT (88.3 FM; ALBUQUERQUE, NM; Owner: CONNECTION COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION, INC.) Television: KTFQ (Channel 14; ALBUQUERQUE, NM; Owner: TELEFUTURA TELEVISION GROUP, INC.)
  7. 7. Market Research-City Crime Statistics: (per 100,000) Murder: 7.7 Rape: 62.0 Robberies: 172.4 Assaults: 544.7 Burglaries: 1002.0 Thefts: 3325.0 Auto Thefts: 508.4
  8. 8. Market Research-City Historical sites: Old Town Albuquerque, Trinity Site, Petroglyph National Monument. Amusement Parks: Hinkle Family Fun Center, Cliff‟s Amusement Park, iT‟Z Albuquerque. Arenas: Isotopes Park, „The Pit‟ University Arena, University Stadium, Tingley Coliseum. Parks: Monroe Green Park, McDuffie Park, San Gabriel State Park, Bataan Park, Ross Park, Inez Park, Bear Canyon Open Space, Hermosa Green, Rio Grande Park. Museums: Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, National Hispanic Cultural Center, La Fonda Del Bosque, Explora. Annual Events: Founders Day Fiesta, Fall Fiesta of Flowers, Freedom Fourth, Cosmic Carnival, River of Lights, Twinkle Light Parade. Hotels: Comfort Inn Midtown, Econo Lodge Midtown, Hilton Albuquerque, Albuquerque Marriott Hotel, Clarion Hotel. Restaurants: Los Cuates, Sandia Resort and Casino, Tucanos Brazillian Grill, The Artichoke Café.
  9. 9. Market Research-City Corporations: Sponsors: Target, Blue Portal, Larry‟s Barber Shop, La Posada. Isotopes Sponsors: American Airlines, Angel Fire Resort, Super Cuts, Cricket New Mexico Mustangs: Santa Ana Star Casino, Santa Ana Star Center
  10. 10. Market Research-City Rationale for City Choice:
  11. 11. Marketing Research-Players Aaron Rodgers: Position- Quarterback Team- Green Bay Packers Salary- 8 million Years of Contract-6 years
  12. 12.  Chris Johnson Position- Running Back Team- Tennessee Titans Salary- 8 million Years of Contract-4 years
  13. 13.  Victor Cruz Position- WR Team- New York Giants Salary- 490,000 Years of Contract- 3 years
  14. 14.  Antonio Gates Position- Tight end Team- San Diego Chargers Salary- 4 million Years of Contract- 5 years
  15. 15.  Trent Richardson Position- RB Team- Cleveland brown Salary-390,000 Years of Contract- 4 years
  16. 16.  Pierre Garcon Position- WR Team-Washington Redskins Salary-2.1 million Years of Contract- 5 years
  17. 17.  Jay Cutler Position- QB Team-Chicago Bears Salary-7.7 million Years of Contract- 5 years
  18. 18.  Santonio Holmes Position- WR Team-NY Jets Salary-7.75 million Years of Contract- 5 year
  19. 19.  Matt Bryant Position- Team- Salary- Years of Contract-
  20. 20.  Kenny Britt Position- WR Team-Tennessee Titans Salary-707,800 Years of Contract- 5 years
  21. 21.  Dustin Keller Position- TE Team-NY Jets Salary-3.052 miollion Years of Contract- 5 years
  22. 22.  Isaac Redman Position- RB Team-Pittsburgh Steelers Salary-540,000 Years of Contract- 1 year
  23. 23. Product Planning-Branding Franchise Name:a) Our franchise name would be the Albuquerque Armadillos.b) We chose this franchise because the alliteration and originality of the animal is very easy to remember. Armadillos are also common in Albuquerque. Throughout the whole NFL, there is no other team with the same mascot. The mascot and logo is simple and would be proudly worn. There would be no embarrassment in the logo, but it wouldn‟t be too intimidating.
  24. 24.  Team Colors: We chose these colors because they arevery appealing to everyone. These colorsare going to represent the AlbuquerqueArmadillos. These colors are not just goingto be appealing we want the players to benoticeable.
  25. 25.  Logo:
  26. 26.  Our logo is the armadillo since our team name is the Albuquerque Armadillos. The gray color of the armadillo catches the attention of viewers because it is the only grey to be found on the players that are in uniform. It is also simple, not too complex at all. Mascot: Our Mascot‟s name would be “Alvin the Armadillo.” Our mascot‟s name is very easy to remember because of itssimplicity. The name also uses alliteration; therefore, making it verycatchy and memorable. Alvin would attend all of our games. Hewould represent our team very well due to the fact that he has ourcolors on him. The armadillo doesn‟t set off an intimidating vibe,instead it sets off a good vibe. Our mascot would be put on all of oursportswear which would help bring in money.
  27. 27.  Team Uniforms: We picked theseuniforms and color because they are reallynoticeable and appealing. The numbersare displayed on the front, side, and on theback.
  28. 28.  Helmet: We picked this helmet because it symbolizes out team and has our team colors.
  29. 29. We picked this flag because it hasour team name on it.
  30. 30. Business card:
  31. 31.  Product Planning & Financing –Chattanooga Cavaliers 1. Stadium a. Stadium Design: The stadium designwould resemble what the Superdome inNew Orleans looks like. It would be multi-purpose because it is such a big arena & itwould attract more tourists.
  32. 32.  1. Capacity of stadium: 69,703 people. 2. Location of amenities: a. Restrooms: 50 men‟s & women‟s restrooms, 6 family restrooms.They are located throughout the stadium. b. Security Offices: They have an in-house security service that isopen 24 hours per day. c. Concessions: Located by entrances to the stands/seats in thearena. d. Exits & Entries: They vary by event. 3. Environmental Impact & Zoning: To build the stadium a block ofthe city would be chosen where no trees are, this way even though pollutionwill be temporarily increased, we will not get rid of trees.
  33. 33.  4. The stadium would be almost identical to the New OrleansSuperdome, other than the fact that “Cavaliers” would be placed onthe outside and the team colors would replace the Saints colors.We chose the Superdome for our inspiration because it not onlyholds a lot of people, but it can also accommodate a concert,charity dinners, motocross, etc. iii. Upkeep of stadium: The stadium would be kept clean andin good condition with the help of cleaning crews that would behired after the stadium is completed. We would also hire companiesthat could repaint the lines when necessary. 1. Placement of concessions: The concessions are locatednear the entries to the seats in the stadium because it is practicalfor all of the people and it prevents them from missing anything inthe event they‟re attending.
  34. 34.  iv. Location: the location is going to be in Isotopes Park because it has enough room to put a super dome and it will attract more people.
  35. 35. 1. Cost: a.Around $140 Million b.Financed: i. Private Investment Money: 20% ii.Owners: 20% iii.City: 60%i. Name of Stadium: Armadillos Dome 1. The stadium is located near the Isotopes park in Albuquerque, and it is a recognizable landmark so it would be easily noticed.
  36. 36. 1. Security: a. There would be metal detectors so that no weapons or harmful objects would be brought into the stadium. It would be a safer environment for fans. b. Concerts, Charity Events, Motocross, Car Shows, and retail shows. c. Indoor security would include ticket checks, metal detectors, and security offices. The outdoor security would include metal detectors and bag checks. d. Business Plan: i. Employees: At football games the number of employees working could range from 1,500-2,000 people, per game, this would cost around $10 an hour for each employee; or up to $100,000.00 per game. ii. Evacuation plans for disasters: 1. The stadium was made to withstand a lot, since it is modeled after the Superdome, which withstood Hurricane Katrina it will be able to provide protection. In case of a fire, all exits would light up, and the people would file out of the stadium. iii. We will hire around 30 security guards (10 would be placed in parking lots) that would get paid around $20/hour. Or, $3000 per game (20 games in the whole season) and around $60,000.00 for the whole NFL season. iv. Depending on the specific employees job in the stadium their pay could be above or below the average pay. And promotions would be very rare since stadiums have no “career growth” room.
  37. 37. i. stadiums have no “career growth” room.1. Concessions: a. Food and Beverages: i. McDonalds, Subway, Chili‟s, Hard Rock Café and Coca Cola. Coca-Cola would be the provider of all beverages within the stadium; wechose this because it has a wide variety of choices. Hard Rock Café would be a sit down restaurant inside the stadium; this waschosen because it gives the fans more interactive experiences. Chilis would be the “to-go” version of the restaurant, with all the same menuitems. It adds variety to the choices. Subway would be a healthier alternative to the fans. McDonalds is a very well-known and liked franchise that many people enjoyeating at.   1. 2.
  38. 38. 1. All of our concessions would sponsor our stadium because we will keep the loyalty to these 5 companies.i. Consider Vendor Relationships.ii. 2 Unique Concessions: 1. Albuquerque Armadillos would be the stadium‟s vendor of team memorabilia. Drinking Dome would be the stadium‟s bar where they would have a window view onto the field. Both would have average pricing.iii. Stadium employees would operate all concession. Part of the profits from the sponsored vendors would be given to that specific vendor.iv. Since none of the vendors are owned by the state there would be no fees from them. Beverage licenses would be given to Coca-Cola and all taxes would be Tennessee‟s normal percentage of 7%.
  39. 39. i. would be 7%.1. Product Licensing: a. Product Line: Team Jerseys, mini mascots, key chains,and hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, flags,tailgating items, team posters & licenseplates
  40. 40.  Licensing Partner: Our partner would beNike for the players‟ and cheerleaders‟uniforms & equipment. We would display thebrand name and logo around the stadium toshow our appreciation for their loyalty. b. Retail Store/Gift Shop: i. Visual Representation: The store would have the team name on it, and it would have an open front so that people could see what is inside before they go in.
  41. 41.  The store interior would be decorated with the team colors, and the merchandise would be arranged around the store in an organized way so that the products are easy to find.
  42. 42.  The interior would resemble this, except the colors would be red and blackAnd In the backthe jerseys willbe held. Theracks aresimple sonothing istaken awayfrom the
  43. 43.  Distribution-ticket sales 1. There will be no refunds on your tickets. 2. If there is inclement weather or anything happens we will allow you toredeem that ticket for another ticket but we will not give you your money back. 3. If there is a complaint we will take it to the manager of the stadium and dowhat he thinks we should do about it. If a customer is dissatisfied we will listenpatiently, then we will give them a copy of our policy and explain that there isnothing we can do about it. If they have a valid complaint, then we will give them aparking pass or a concessions coupon for their next visit. 4. We will accept cash and all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCardand American Express. 5. We our going to sell our tickets on major websites like Ticketmasterand we will also sell the tickets at the gate.
  44. 44.  Advance ticket sales: 1. Since the season starts in September we aregoing to sell the tickets in April so that we give the fansplenty of time to see which games they can go to. 2. There will be 15$ off for early purchase in themonth of April and May. 3. Season ticket holders will be the first ones to buytheir tickets and choose their seats
  45. 45.  Sales Strategies: 1. If large school groups/clubs are interested in coming to a game, we will offer 10% offthe total ticket price. 2. In order to for us to get corporations to buy suites and tickets, we will give them 20free tickets for regular seats to give to their employees for each game that they purchase a$15,000 per game suite. The suite includes 24 great seats, unlimited free food, and freedrinks. We will give corporations who are interested in purchasing over 30 tickets to a gamea 5% discount off the total ticket price. 3. By purchasing a season ticket, you would be saving about 20% more than if you justbought tickets to every game. Also, fans can show their season pass and get 10% off of allconcessions, memorabilia, and team apparel. 4. Our tickets will be for sale starting in April and all pre-season tickets will be 25% offthe normal price.  5. We will have 2 luxury boxes on the 50 yard line. These will have 24 seats and free unlimited food and drinks like the suites, but they will also be able to order off a menu that offers gourmet meals cooked by a professional chef. Each box will also have a hot tub where you can see the game. For priority seating,
  46. 46.  Ticket Pricing: Here is the seating arrangement with the general ticket prices for different sections of Armadillo Stadium. Ticket prices will vary a little for specific sections but it will be around the general ticket price of that part of the stadium. They will vary on view of the field and how close they are to the field. The target market will be able to buy these tickets to at least half the games during the season. Dads will want to take their sons to the games and will be able to afford to as right now these are not the most expensive in the league. These prices will change as the years go on and the team becomes more popular in Albuquerque.
  47. 47.  Print Media: Newspaper- Our advertisements will appear in the Albuquerque Newspaper. The newspaper is looked at by numerous people; therefore, many people would see our advertisements and become familiar with our team. The paper is also handed out and viewed daily, so our ads would be looked at frequently. We will run our ads Mondays and Wednesdays. We chose Monday because it gives our customers time to decide whether they want to purchase a ticket or not; and we chose Saturday because it‟s a day before the games and gives our customers the opportunity to purchase tickets last minute. The cost of a full page ad would cost 15,000; therefore, we‟d only purchase full page ads for our more important games. All the other games would be featured in smaller ads. Outdoor- As an outdoor ad, we chose a billboard. The billboard would be seen by a wide range of people. It could also attract new customers/fans. The billboard would cost 1,500 per month and we would only keep it up during the season. Magazine- We would advertise the armadillos in magazines. We would pick the top 3 looked at magazines to advertise in. The cost of advertising in a magazine would be around 2,000 dollars.
  48. 48.  Online: We would place our online ad on our website and on the websites of all of our sponsors. Our advertisements on the websites of our sponsors would only be 350 dollars since they are supporters of our team.
  49. 49. Albuquerque@Tennessee- Oct. 25th The first 100 people that purchase tickets to the game will receive free spirit wear. Enough spirit wear will be given to provide to a family of 4. We have hopes that people will line up outside to be able to be the first 100. We will have our cheerleaders and famous armadillo walking around available for pictures.
  50. 50. Indiana@Albuquerque- Nov. 4th This is our first home game for the month of November, so we‟ll have fireworks and a cookout. The fireworks will be after the game and the cookout will be after the game. We hope that this‟ll draw in many fans and it‟ll be a good time for all.
  51. 51. Albuquerque@Washington- Nov. 11th For this game, we‟ll have sales on all of our concessions for kids. The drinks will be served in our special Armadillo cup. The food will be served on a platter with our team colors.
  52. 52. New York@Albuquerque- Nov. 18th After the game, all fans will be allowed to walk on the field. Special activities such as races will be held on the field for the kids.
  53. 53. Albuquerque@Chicago- Nov. 25th For this game, we‟ll have a special half- time show to show our fans how much we appreciate them. The half-time show will include our armadillo, band, cheerleaders, and color guard dancers.
  54. 54.  Endorsements: Pizza Hut State Farm