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  1. 1. FINAL FANTASY PROJECT By: Andrew Steel, Ryan Phagan
  2. 2. MARKETING RESEARCH Target Market: The target market for our new professional football team is just about anybody who is a fan of football. The state we are planning to target is very hungry for a new football team. They have a college team, butno pro teams at really any sport. We plan to give them their first pro sport and I think the city will be very happy and attend many games. The income level we plan to target is middle to high class. The age group we plan to target isanywhere from about four to anyone. The gender we plan to target is mainly males, with a good bit of females also. The secondary target market here would be females. So we will try our best to appeal to males mainly and then females next.
  3. 3. MARKETING RESEARCH Psychographic statement: The people from the city we plan to pick really donot have a lot of sports teams. Actually they only have two and they are bothcollege teams. They’re fan base is the best for their football teams. So we feel like if we can get a pro team to a city that has never had one we can get a lot of fans because they are definitely good football fans. The values of the citywe plan to use are things like riding horses, hunting and many other things out in the country.
  4. 4. Product benefit: It benefits the customer because they get their first pro football team. This not only has a great morale impact on the city it can alsogreatly improve the economy. The team can finally have a team to support and win games for them. We feel like this city has needed a pro football team for awhile and they have a great fan base for college and it will translate to pro. Market research-city:
  5. 5. MARKET RESEARCH Helena Montana weather climates, September: 55.4 degrees, October: 45.1 degrees, November: 31.6 degrees, December: 21.2 degrees, January: 19.6 degrees. These are the average weather climates for each year at this time which is freezing.Population: eighteen and under 23.1%, sixty-five and older 13.8%, nineteen to sixty-four 63.1%. The male to female percentage is 50-50. The actual population is 944,642 people.Average income: $44,222 is the average income yearly for a Montana resident. This state is quite poor compared to other states. This means we will have to have cheaper tickets and possibly more deals. Average age: The average age of a Montana resident is usually twenty-five or forty-two years old. This state is much younger than most other states.
  6. 6. MARKET RESEARCH Primary Professions: Mining, agriculture, livestock, tourism, and oil. Chamber of commerce info: 225 Cruse Ave. Suite A, Helena, MT 59601 Phone: (406) 442-4120 Fax: (406) 447-1532 email: info@helenachamber.com Local media: The Helena independent newspaper, and the statewide Montana magazines, lively times statewide magazine, and Yellowstone net newspaper which is also statewide. Crime statistics: Helena is safer than 16% of the other cities in the United States. Per1,000 residents 4.15% of crimes are violent, 34.55% are property crimes, and 38.70% is thetotal crime rate. There are 1,091 annual crimes in Helena. Compared to other cities Helena is really not that safe. Professional and amateur sports: Billings Bulls amateur hockey team, Billings Mustangs amateur baseball team, Bozeman Ice Dogs amateur hockey team, Butte Copper Kings amateur baseball teams, Great Falls Americans Hockey team, Missoula Osprey amateur baseball team, and the Helena Brewers amateur baseball team.Professional teams being located here: I think some people have given Montana a shot andit has definitely been successful. None of the organizations here have failed they are still inbusiness. Most teams are amateur leagues and they have had decent success and we feel like we can really get things going.
  7. 7. MARKET RESEARCHMarketing Research-Players and Coach: Coach: Jim Harbaugh Drew Brees Position-Quarterback Team-New Orleans Saints Statistic- 2012 Regular Season- 1,720 yds Current Salary - $3 million USD (2012)
  8. 8. MARKET RESEARCH Matt Forte Position-Running back Team-Chicago BearsStatistic- 2012 Regular Season- 270 ydsCurrent Salary – $800,000 USD (2012) Jimmy Graham Position-Tight end Team-New Orleans SaintsStatistic- 2012 Regular Season- 252 ydsCurrent Salary – $540,000 USD (2012)
  9. 9. MARKET RESEARCH Stevan Ridley Position-Running back Team-New England PatriotsStatistic- 2012 Regular Season- 490 ydsCurrent Salary – $509,200 USD (2012) Steven Jackson Position-Running back Team-St. Louis RamsStatistic- 2012 Regular Season- 271 ydsCurrent Salary – $7 million USD (2012)
  10. 10. MARKET RESEARCH Billy Cundiff Position-Kicker Team-No longer playing Statistic- 2012 Regular Season- 38 pts Current Salary – $0 USD (2012) Mike Wallace Position-Wide reciver Team-Pittsburgh Steelers Statistic- 2012 Regular Season- 345 ydsCurrent Salary – $2.724 million USD (2012
  11. 11. MARKET RESEARCH Brandon Lloyd Position-Wide receiver Team-New England Patriots Statistic- 2012 Regular Season- 321 yds Current Salary – $900,000 USD (2012) Vincent Jackson Position-Wide receiver Team-Tampa Bay Buccaneers Statistic- 2012 Regular Season- 304 yds.Current Salary – $11 million USD (2012)
  12. 12. MARKET RESEARCH Kyle Rudolph Position-Tight end Team-Minnesota VikingsStatistic- 2012 Regular Season- 169 yds Current Salary – $585,400 USD (2012) Ben Roethlisberger Position-Quarterback Team-Pittsburgh SteelersStatistic- 2012 Regular Season- 1,487 yds Current Salary – $900,000 USD (2012)
  14. 14. MARKET RESEARCH Other forms of entertainment: There are many hotels, art museums, and theater. Skiing is also very popular in Helena and there are annual racing events each year here. You can go out on the Missouri river and have a greattime with your family. Helena is very well known for its theater, and music so come check it out. Corporations in Helena: A corporation that will definitely help us start our company is ACU Sport Corporation. It is a well known sports company in Montana that will help us progress. Montana river guides is one of the most popular rafting companies in Montana they can definitely help us progress. Aces clothing store should be a big help to us they make quality sportsclothing that can attract fans. Face book would also be a great sponsor for us to really get the message to our fans. We could possibly get some big name hotels to sponsor us also.
  15. 15. MARKET RESEACH Summary: Our target market decision panned out to be a good one. The male to female’s ratio is 50-50 so it seems our target market will be good. The age group is very nice for us because it’s dominantly people that can drive so they will go to our games and buy tickets. The tickets, merchandise, concessions, will all help bring revenue to the state. The stadium will also bring the statetogether and they will all have something in common. Also due to the fact that there is not any pro football teams there. The state would enjoy the new form of entertainment and has a team of their own to cheer for.
  16. 16. PRODUCT PLANNING Franchise Name: The Helena, WolvesWe used the name Helena wolves because Helena is a very mountainous, andcold area and it has a lot of wild life in the area so it felt very appropriate touse the wolf as our team name, logo, and mascot! Also the wolf represents power, strength, cunning, and courage.
  17. 17. PRODUCT PLANNING Team Colors: White, and Dark Maroon We chose the colors white and dark maroon because white representssnow, which in Montana it does a lot and snow is what wolvers are commonly found it. Then maroon represents courage, bravery, heroism, and strength. Here are some swatches of our colors!
  18. 18. PRODUCT PLANNING Team Logo: The Wolf Our logo is of our team mascot, and the team name it shows apicture of the wolf standing high saying they are the best, the wolf is thecolor of dark maroon because it shows strength, courage, and heroism wepicked this logo because it represents our team the best. Here is our logo!
  19. 19. PRODUCT PLANNING Team Mascot: The Wolf We chose the wolf as our mascot because it is the basis of our team.We feel like this mascot will appeal to the audience very well because it is cute and cartoony. Picture of mascot is drawn.
  20. 20. PRODUCT PLANNING Team Uniforms: Home:
  21. 21. PRODUCT PLANNING Away:
  22. 22. PRODUCT PLANNING Practice:
  23. 23. PRODUCT PLANNING Cheerleaders:
  24. 24. PRODUCT PLANNING Helmet:
  25. 25. PRODUCT PLANNING Pennant:
  26. 26. PRODUCT PLANNING Business Cards:
  28. 28. MARKETING RESEARCH AND FINANCING Financing The Stadium: The use of the stadium will be for one team only. It will be for the helena wolves football team.The stadium will be open air stadium, because we feel like helena natives areused to the very cold weather and our team could have a unique home field advantage. Due to the fact they are used to the cold. The stadium will cost around 100-200 million dollars. It is much cheaper compared to other stadiums due to the fact it is open air.The team owners Ryan and Andrew will pay for the price because they own many other succesful businesses and have billions of dollars.The stadium will hold at a maximmum of 80,000 people. The state itself is not very populated so we do not need a huge amount of seats.
  29. 29. MARKETING RESEARCH AND FINANCING Name of Stadium:The Helena Field will be the name of our open air field. This is obviously thecity the field is in so we feel like it fits best. Due to it being open air it is very odd to have sponsors for a open air stadium.
  31. 31. MARKETING RESEARCH AND FINANCING Affect on the Environment:The stadium will add a lot of traffic especially on game day. It is basically at the heart of the city and it is already crowded, so now it will be packed.
  32. 32. MARKETING RESEARCH AND FINANCING Security: We will hire 50 security guards for our stadium. Each security guard will average a salary of 50,000 dollars yearly and 3,125 dollars per game. An event that will pull in more revenue for us will be to allow little kids that sign up and got selected play football on the field. They will be matched up against another team and they will play a couple of snaps and have a good time.In order to plan for this we will need to make sure security is on high alert and more guards places on the field to make sure the kids are secure. During the game we will have 12 guards stationed at each corner of the stadium, and four of the group will each be on different levels.
  33. 33. MARKETING RESEARCH AND FINANCING Risk Management: Risks: People running on to the field, people trying to smuggle illegal items into the stadium, people falling of upper levels, theft, fights, alcoholic consumption, referee and player protection, and bad publicity. Frequency starting with most frequent: Alcoholic consumption, fighting, bad publicity, referee and player protection, people running onto the field, theft, smuggling, and people falling. Risk Counters: To prevents these things from happening we have our security strategically placed to avoid these consequences. To avoid alcoholic consumption there is a limit of 2 drinks per person. To counter bad publicity we will try our best to make our organization filled with talent and smart players. To protect the refs and players we will have security on the field also to make sure fans do notbreach the field. To prevent falling we will have rails. To prevent smuggling we willhave security at the front to search every person that enters. Lastly to protect from streakers we will have security on field.
  34. 34. MARKETING RESEARCH AND FINANCING Human Relations Risks: To prevent these risks we will have security cameras all over the stadium. Also we will make sure we hire the right people for the job, with very good backgroudns. Medical emergency plans: If someone is injured during the game we willimmediatley get them to the first aid room and patch them up. If it is serious 911 will be called immediatley.Emergency Evacuation Plan: If there is a natural disaster people will have to leave through the emergency exits in orderly fashion ushered by the security.If a riot breaks out we will make sure all important people are evacuated and everyone is safe.
  35. 35. MARKETING RESEARCH AND FINANCING Concessions: Food And Beverages: Our main sponser is coke so we will sale mostly coke drinks. For our food we have four resturants in our stadium, which areMcDonalds, papa johns, chick-fil-a, and our grill and bar which is bufallo wild wings grill and bar. McDonalds: we picked McDonalds because they are quick easy and cheap. Chick-fil-a: we pick chick-fil-a because they are a very good company and make very good food. We think that they would be very successful. Buffallo Wild Wings Grill and Bar: we picked Buffallo Wild Wings becausewe felt that we needed a sports bar for people to be able to escape the croud and go and sit down eat and still watch the game. Papa Johns: we picked Papa Johns because pizza is a very commonly liked food and is usually served in most stadiums
  36. 36. MARKETING RESEARCH AND FINANCING Unique Conssession: The Howling Hotdog: Our unique conssession is The Howling Hotdog, thisbeast of a dog is a foot long wiener roasted between two hot and steamy bunstopped off with steamy chilly and melted stringy cheese in between those two steamy buns only for five dollars per howler.Legal: We would need a beverage liscence in order to be able to sale alcoholic beverages to the public above the age of 21. We would pay our taxes
  37. 37. MARKETING RESEARCH AND FINANCING Product Liscencing:Products: Jerseys, hats, shirts, footballs, jackets, key chains, necklaces, cups/ mugs, lanyards, stuffed willy the wolves. Prototypes: stuffed willy. Team color necklace.
  38. 38. MARKETING RESEARCH AND FINANCING Gift Shop:on the left youll see a wall that is highly reflective and used so that you can see what you look like in some of our attire such as our hats, jerseys, shoes, and jackets. Which on the right you will see are al together and easy to find.
  39. 39. MARKETING RESEARCH AND FINANCING Birds Eye: This is roughly what our retail store will look like all of our merchandise will be on the wall to the left of the entrance and then small things in the cudicholes in the front and back of the store. There are tables for our customers tosit down relax for a bit and watch the game and everything behind the counter is employee space.
  41. 41. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECT Advertisements: Newspaper: We have chosen to advertise our team in the Helena Montananewspaper called the independent record. It is a very popular magazine in the Montana region. It comes every Sunday, and every ad we place costs around 10,000 dollars and due to low funds we must only place the ad on Sundays before and after game for whoever didn’t get to go or wants to know information about the game and or tickets.
  42. 42. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECT Outdoor ad: We have chosen to use a billboard for another way to get theword out about our team. These billboards come pretty pricey at around 2,000 dollars per month but it’s worth it as we get the word out about our teams outstanding achievements
  43. 43. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECTMagazine: we will put an ad in the local ESPN magazines we will have a newad each time there is a new magazine out to buy. The magazine ad prices are between 1000-2000 dollars
  44. 44. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECT Radio Advertisement Mike: hello everybody it’s the mike and John show coming to you with all your sport’s needs. John: that’s right mike let’s get started on the Helena Wolves.Mike: yes that’s right they are off to a very hot start and are playing at a very high level. Fans you should buy your tickets as soon as possible this team is very exciting!John: that’s right Mike they started out with an undefeated preseason with all of their stars seemingly playing at a very high level. Mike: I think they may have a legitimate chance at going to the super bowl only in its first year as a NFL franchise.John: Not only that Mike but if you order your tickets three weeks in advance to the game you will get a free chick-fil-a$ 10 coupon and a Helena wolves T-Shirt. Mike: what a great deal John I know I will be pouncing on that fantastic offer to go see the best team in the NFL. John: definitely agree with you there mike I plan to attend the season opener against the falcons should be a great game.Mike: sure will be thanks for listening folks, also the first 10 callers starting at 6:00 A.M. tomorrow will receive free tickets to the game!
  45. 45. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECT Online Advertisement We plan to use our homepage website called www.helenawolves.com to advertise our team and get more customers. We feel like technology isadvancing and more people are using computers and phones, so this will makeit much easier for people to get access to our tickets and merchandise. We will also have exclusive deals that are only available online to draw more customers, and fans to use this because online is also the easiest for us to set up. Promotional Plan:Game 1: on game one we will have a special day for kids where they can comeonto the field and meet the players and willy wolf! The location will be on thefield the parents of the kids will have to purchase a special ticket for the kids. We will start the event at 1:00 p.m. and it will end at 2:00 p.m.
  46. 46. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECT Game 2: On game two we will the team will be hosting a meeting with thementally disabled kids and adults. These lucky people will be able to meet and have lunch Drew Brees, Stevan Ridley, and Jimmy Graham. This event will start at 12:00 and end at 1:00 p.m.
  47. 47. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECT Game 3: On game three beer and soda will be 50% off along with box seats will be 10% off. The event will be all day. This offer will be valid to peoplewith a party of three or more who rented a box room while it was ten percent off.
  48. 48. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECT Game 4: On game four our fans will be able to meet the head coach Jim Harbaugh. He will be giving out autographs and free signed hats. He will be doing this from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and one lucky fan gets to sit with thecoach during the game. The fan is chosen by random with their ticket number
  49. 49. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECTGame 5: On game five if you wear a wolves jersey you will get 5% off all merchandise this event will last all day.
  50. 50. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECT Press Kit: Drew Brees: Number-9 Position-QB Yards-3674 CMP%-62 TD-31 INT-16 QBR-92.1
  51. 51. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECT Accolades:6 Pro Bowl Appearances 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, and2011. 2004 NFL comeback player of the year 2006 All Pro Team 2006 Fed-Ex Air Player of the Year 2006 NFC Offensive Player of the Year 2006 Alumni Quarterback of the Year 2008 Offensive Player of the Year 2008 Fed-Ex Air Player of the Year 2008 NFC Offensive Player of the Year 2009 Alumni Quarterback of the Year 2009 NFC Offensive Player of the Year 2009 Fed-Ex Air Player of the Year 2009 Maxwell Award Winner 2009 Super Bowl Champion 2009 NFC Championship Winner
  52. 52. FFL DISTRIBUTION PROJECT Endorsements and Media:Drew Brees is in many Television commercials the most recent being the Pepsi Commercial. He is Also in State Farm commercials. Brees has been the cover athlete of many ESPN magazines also. Cover of New York Times Magazine on multiple occasions. Signed endorsement deal with Nike Brees also signed endorsement deals with Visa, and Sprint.
  53. 53. TICKETS Tickets: Refunds: We would offer refunds on certain items such as certain souvenoirs, and tickets. With tickets the refunds will only be availabe if you return the tickets 1 week prior to the event. As for souvenoirs if they are still new and in good shape they can be returned. Incliment Weather: If there is a game going on during high dangerous weather then the event will be postponed until further notice. Meaning that the game will eventually be played at some time during that day.Customer Satisfaction: If the complaint is valid we will consider fulfilling the complaint. If it is very unreasonable we will not help the customer. The procedure to handle the complaint we will first of all figure out what the problem is and address it. Then we will refund or help the customer come back.What forms of payment will be accepted: Credit card, Cash, and debit card. These are the most popular and reliable sources of payment. We feel like this will be very easy to complete.
  54. 54. TICKETS How We will sell tickets: We will advertise our product using radio,TV, magazines, and billboards. We will use an online shop to purcahse tickets or directly at the game. When We will put our tickets on sale: We plan to put tickets on sale atleast 2 months prior to the event. Very well known and famous people will have the opportunity to buy tickets first. Also partnerships will have opportunitys to get tickets first. We will offer discounts if you buy more expensive tickets assoon as they are available. We will do this to make more money and get people to buy tickets faster.
  55. 55. TICKETS Sales Strategies: Group Sales: we would do things like offer students cheaper tickets some nights and have the local schools do things like DECA day with the wolves. We will also get schools or highschools specifically to buy tickets in bulk for any club interested in the sports marketing program.Corperate Sales: Show them that we have good players and a very nice stadium and they will really enjoy our stadium and our games. Season Tickets: There will be a significant saving, there will be a 15% merchandise discount, ticket holders will have their own reserved seat and priority parking.Pre-Season: yes we will do pre-season ticket discounts because our pre-season isnt exciting as the actual season and we don’t expect to get a huge profit off of the pre-season.
  56. 56. TICKETSLuxury Seating: Our luxury seating will only be available to our season passholders and no one else due to the fact that they are the best seating in the statium.
  57. 57. TICKETS Ticket Pricing: Strategy: To match our target market price it will be around $80 a ticket for adecent seat. For higher class it is going to be about double the price. For lower class the price it will be 2x less than a normal price. Season passes will cost around $700 for a decent seat. This price is for oneyear round season ticket. Weekly cost will be around $80 if you choose to pay like this. Preseason tickets will cost around $30 per ticket because the games will not be very crowded and their will be many discounts at this time. Outer ring of seats: 40$ Middle ring of seats: 80$ Inner ring of seats: 160$
  58. 58. TICKETS
  59. 59. TICKETSTicket Example:
  60. 60. PROMOTION PROJECT Development of the Idea:The event we will be planning for is meet the players on September 9 th against the Falcons. The target market for this event will mainly be kids from age 5-18. Wefeel like kids are more passionate about sports and our players in our community.We feel like this can have a positive impact on the community by meeting our veryfriendly and great football players. Also we feel like this can bring the community closer together with the team and make our fan base the best!We chose this event because we want the fans to know we are running a high class organization, with great people on and off the field. We also feel like if the fans know the players on a personal level they will want to come to more games and see their favorite players. We also chose this because the kids can have a hugeimpact on who comes to the game, if a minor likes the team that means someone has to accompany them so that means more fans.
  61. 61. PROMOTION PROJECT Planning the Event:Organizational process: first we will set up security guards in many stations for the player protection and for the spectator’s protection as well, then we will get the players onto the field and get them set up at long tables ready to sign lots of autographs, then we will open the stadium at 1:00 p.m. for thespectators to come onto the field and meet the players till 2:00 p.m., then the spectators will be treated to a complimentary lunch before the game, then in order for the field to be cleared off for the game we will have everybody guided out by a few security guards.
  62. 62. PROMOTION PROJECTSecurity Guards They protect the players and spectators from harm and keep everything in order.Concessions Provide everyone with a complimentary lunch pre game.Players They sign autographs and greet all their fans and take the occasional picture.Management Make sure that everything goes as planned and nothing goes out of order.
  63. 63. PROMOTION PROJECT Execution and Evaluation of the event: To implement this plan we will start by getting around fifteen security guards to supervise the event. The concessions will provide each fan attending this event with a nice lunch before they meet the players. We will make sure the concessions have enough food and drinks to provide to the attendee’s.We will make sure the players know everything that is going on we will tell them what time they need to be at each place. We will make sure everything goes smoothly and everyone knows the plan. Thesecurity guards will arrive at the stadium to plan for the event at 9:00 A.M. this should give them plentyof time to prepare for the event at 1:00. The Concessions will arrive at the stadium at 11:00 to preparethe food and make sure everything is where it needs to be. The players will arrive at 12:00 and they willimmediately be transported to the place where the event starts. The duties for the securities guards will be to protect the attendee’s and the players. They will escort them wherever they need to go. The concessions duty will be simple; all they have to do is provide food to the players and attendee’s.Management’s duty for this event will be too plan it all out and sit back and relax. The affect this event could have on the community is very positive. Not a whole lot can go wrong with 15 security guardsescorting everyone around. There are possible failures because the planning could be postponed due to weather and crazy people. For the most part this event will have a good impact on the community and increase the teams support. We feel like all the activities of the event should be retained they are very safe and a lot of fun for the fans. We do feel like we can build off of this, we could possibly allow the fans to meet management, head coaches, or even referees. These activities would continue to build the fan base and help improve our team.
  64. 64. PROMOTION PROJECT Sponsor:We have chosen Nike as the sponsor of our fantasy team. We feel like this is the best optionbecause they are a well-known and well liked organization. This organization can definitelyhelp our team become one of the most well-liked and well-known organizations out there.This will more than likely give us a fan increase and an income increase. Also Nike provides very stylish gear that our team will be able to wear. We want our players to look great and very stylish when they are on the field, so we picked Nike to accomplish this. Don’t forget Nike in Greek means victory and that is what our team is all about. Nike can provide shoes, uniforms, undershirts, undershorts, wristbands, and other stylish apparel. We want the best team in the league to represent the best company out there. Event: We will be holding an event to help get our team some fans and helpNike. This event will be during the game. This will be a team milestone event if the offense compiles over 300 yards each fan attending the game will receive a free 25 dollar Nike giftcard. This will increase attendance, and purchasing of Nike clothing tremendously. We feellike if the best team is wearing the gear and being transported by the best company, people will feel like they need the product themselves. This is a win-win for the team itself and Nike as an organization.
  65. 65. PROMOTION PROJECTPrint Advertisement: Come out and see the Helena Wolves play against the Atlanta Falcons on September 9 th. We will be holding a special event tonight sponsored by Nike. If the teamcompiles over three-hundred yards on offense everyone in the stadium will receive a twenty-five dollar gift card! What’s not to like, you get to see the best team in the NFL, wearing the moststylish merchandise, and you also get a free gift card to access the most stylish merchandise outon the market! Come out and support your wolves against the Falcons on September 9 th, we will see you there! Player Endorsements: We have decided that Drew Brees of the Helena Wolves will beendorsing the new Nike drink! We feel like Drew is the best player on this team with the mostcredentials to gain many fans, and money. Drew has starred in many other commercials and he was a huge hit causing those certain companies to experience loads of success. Example: (Drew): Drink the new Nike thirst quenching juice. It contains all of the dailyvitamins you need, and not only that it’s delicious! Hey if I drink it every day, you should too ithelps me get prepared for a brutal game. It gives me all the energy I need and more, if you arenot drinking this, start now! This is Drew Brees of the Helena Wolves telling you to drink Nike Juice.