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Las vegas scorpions_final_project


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Las vegas scorpions_final_project

  1. 1. By: Patrick Little & Jake Schneible3rd Period
  2. 2.  Our main target market is for men ages 21 and up. The income level for customers is affordable for all people that make at least $45,000 to $100,000 dollars per year. People that are in the middle income level usually can afford the tickets. Our focus on genders is males because they are mainly the ones that watch the game. The people in the football atmosphere are crazy about the game. The people value the sport of football and have a good time watching it. The team is going to be located in a mild climate so that fans will be comfortable watching the game. The secondary target market is for families. There are family fun events at the game. The main reason for families to be at the game is because the father of the family is more likely to bring the rest of the family, which draws in more money. Our geographical location is in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is in the western region of the U.S. The team is in the United States. Las Vegas is in the North American continent.
  3. 3.  Population- 593,000 Average income- $35,000 Average age- 34 Primary professions- Sales and office occupations, 26%. Service occupations, 25%. and Management, professional, and related occupations, 23%. Primary industries-20% are gaming related Local media- TV, Radio Stations, Newspaper, Internet. Crime statistics- The crime index is 18 out of 100 (100 is the best)
  4. 4.  Circus Circus indoor amusement park is one of Las Vegas’ biggest attractions. There is also river rafting, Bars, Casinos, Clubs, Sporting events. Another attraction that draws many people in, is UNLV. It has about 30,000 students that attend that school. It has great views and is known for its great athletic teams and awesome academics.
  5. 5.  Sponsors: Coke and subway Corporations- Hard rock café is based out of Las Vegas Nevada Power Harrah’s Entertainment Allegiant Air Carroll Shelby International
  6. 6. Cam Newton Julio JonesQb WRPanthers Falcons11.06 million 5.11 million5 years 8 years
  7. 7. Andre JohnsonFrank Gore WRRB Texans49ers 2.04 million3.08 million 6 years10 years
  8. 8. Fred Davis Shonn GreeneTE RBRedskins Jets1.23 million 2.2 million4 years 7 years
  9. 9. Miles Austin Ryan TannehillWR QBCowboys Dophins3.23 million $697,43613 years 5 years
  10. 10. Green Bay Packers
  11. 11.  Logo We chose this as our logo because we thought it would attract more fansColors We chose these colors because they are the colors of a scorpion.
  12. 12.  MascotWe chose this as our mascotBecause he a scorpion. HisName is striker. home away practiceUniforms
  13. 13.  Helmet Design
  14. 14. Home Away
  15. 15.  The Las Vegas Scorpions and Nike are the official sponsors for “Game-On”. We both know it is a great opportunity to provide student-athletes with a fun night of playing with top athletes around the state. The Scorpions chose Nike because their name exemplifies excellence in the sporting world. They can help us with providing uniforms. Also, they can help with the costs of running the event. Some of these costs include accommodations, security, transportation, food, and printing. In return, we will advertise Nike on everything involved with Game-On. Some examples would include their name NIKE on banners around the stadium, on news releases, on trophies, on game tickets and parking passes, team t-shirts, and on programs. Other examples would include Scoreboard and PA exposure. They can also advertise their Nike products around the stadium.
  16. 16.  The forms of payments that we will accept are Cash, and Credit. We will not be accepting Checks.
  17. 17.  You can purchase Las Vegas Scorpion Tickets online, or at the entrance of the stadium. These are the Scorpion Tickets
  18. 18.  Financing Our stadium is going to be a multi use stadium. The stadium will be retractable. The stadium is about $455,000,000. The state government will pay for the stadium. Capacity of the stadium is 63,400 persons.
  19. 19.  Name: Las Vegas Complex We chose this name, because the scorpions are not the only team that will be playing in it. It is a neutral name to all teams in the stadium.
  20. 20.  Concessions Restaurants: Subway(official restaurant of the LVS) ▪ Subway is an experience for visitors to have as a meal to watch the game. ▪ It is an easy meal to bring with you to your seat and watch the game. ▪ Subway and Coca Cola are partners in the business world.
  21. 21.  Concession name: Scorpion Snacks ▪ Menu Items: Hotdogs- $2.00 Cheeseburgers-$3.00 Fries-$1.50 Pretzels-$1.00 Popcorn-$1.50 Drinks Water-$1.00 Coke-$1.50 (only Coke products sold) Powerade-$2.00 Alcohol beverages: must show identification Taxes: the average state tax
  22. 22.  Product Line will include: Shirts Sweatshirts Shorts Hats Socks Custom shoes Gloves Sweatpants Sunglasses Jerseys
  23. 23.  Refunds- we will not be offering refunds under any circumstances. If there is an inclement weather problem, we will close the retractable dome so we may continue the sporting event. Payment: Cash Debit Credit Selling tickets: Online Directly through people By the stadium Date for tickets to be sold: We will put out all pre-season/regular season tickets to be bought about a month before pre-season games begin. First come, first serve for the tickets to be purchased.
  24. 24. 10-10 Corner end zone 20-goaline End zone seatsLevel 1: $90.00 Level 1: $70.00 Level 1: $65.00 Level 1: $60.00Level 2:$ 75.00 Level 2: $55.00 Level 2: $50.00 Level 2: $40.00Level 3: $60.00 Level 3: $40.00 Level 3: $30.00 Level 3: $25.00 •Level 1: Most expensive seats. •Level 2: Less expensive seats. •Level 3: cheapest seats in the stadium.
  25. 25.  is great for reaching those that use the internet to check the latest scores and news for team and player information. This website is updated frequently and where many people watch games. The costs are approximately $300 / month.
  26. 26.  Radio is a great way to advertise game times and location. Radio spots on radio stations that reach the male adult and young audience. Advertising on Sports, rock, country, top 40 radio stations are usually the best way to reach our target market. Cost is typically $200 per 30 second spot. Script: Person 1: Hey man, are you watching the game Sunday!? Person 2: What game? Person 1: Dude, are you serious?! The Scorpion Game! Person 2: No dude, I totally forgot! Person 1: You should totally watch it! It’s going to be sick! Live concerts, awesome halftime events, and good football! It’s going to be on this Sunday, 7:30 P.M, on ESPN! You won’t want to miss this!
  27. 27. Print Media is another way to reach your sports enthusiast. See the below examples ofOutdoor billboards, Aerial - banners flown behind airplanes, and newspapers. Estimatedcosts include: Billboard: $1,500/mo. Aerial: $250/ flight. Newspapers: Free to $300/ad.