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  1. 1. Los Angeles Caimans Kwasheek Davis 3rd Period
  2. 2. Target Market• Our target market is from the ages of 5-50 years old.• We want to attract everyone in the community who wants to enjoy our team play. We want our team to play in a warm environment and we think the perfect place would be Los Angeles.• We want anyone who can afford a ticket to come to our stadium. We want to attract the people of Los Angeles and Long Beach to come to the cities newest venue Caimans Stadium.• Los Angeles is a place where people come to relax and enjoy the city. The weather is perfect for playing football and the location is great for our team.
  3. 3. DemographicsPopulation• 3,819,702Average Income• The average household income is $76,557; The average family income is $83,965.Average Age• 25-34 Years Old
  4. 4. DemographicsPrimary Professions• Financing, Law Firms, Truck driving, Railroads, Air, Entertainment, Music.Primary IndustriesGovernment, Ports, Steel fabrication, Furniture Manufacturing.Local MediaNews Papers• LA Times• La Daily News
  5. 5. Local Media-News Papers• LA Times• La Daily News• The Daily Breeze-Radio• KCRW- Local News• KCBS- Adult Hits• KLOS- Classic Rock-Television• KTTV- Fox• KNBC- NBC• KCBS- CBS
  6. 6. Crime Stats• Los Angeles has the lowest crime rate among the big U.S. cities.• Los Angeles was just shy of 9,000 crimes midyear of 2012 there was a 9% drop compared to last year.
  7. 7. Other Forms of EntertainmentAmusement Parks• Universal Studios• Los Angeles Zoo• Magic MountainMuseums• MOCA Grand Avenue• Wells Fargo History Museum• The Grammy Museum at L.A. liveBeaches• Beach California• LA Dept of beaches and harbors• Los Angeles County beaches
  8. 8. Corporations in Los Angeles• Fox Sports• TrenMedia• AT&T• Farmers Insurance• DHR International
  9. 9. Rationale for city• I choose Los Angeles because it doesn’t have a sports team and there the city has been trying to reach an agreement with one for the past 30 years. I think that Los Angeles is a perfect place to have a sports team because there is an airport 20 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles and there are plenty of beaches around the area. We want to attract people who are flying in from the airport, people who are coming from the beach, people who live in the area, tourists, and fans. We want the building of the stadium to be talked about around the whole city. The new stadium will help the economy and the city’s reputation the new stadium will bring money because it’s just not a football stadium it can be used for any purpose that needs fans to sit and watch something.
  10. 10. Marketing Research-PlayersRobert Griffin III• Position- Quarterback• Team: Redskins• Career Record- Ran a 76 yard touchdown• Salary- $390,000 USDAndrew Luck• Position- Quarterback• Team- Colts• Career Record- Runs a 4.67 In 40 yard dash• Salary- $390,000 USD
  11. 11. Marketing Research-PlayersRandy Moss• Position- WR• Team- 49ers• Career records- 954 passes for 14858 yards and 153 touchdowns• Salary- $1.75 Million USDPercy Harvin• Position- WR• Team- Vikings• Career Records- Longest kickoff return for 104 yards• Salary- $915,000 USD
  12. 12. Marketing Research-PlayersJustin Blackmon• Position- WR• Team- Jaguars• Career Records- None• Salary- $390,00 USDSteve Smith• Position- WR• Team- Panthers• Career Records- has over 10,000 Receiving yards• Salary- 1 Million USD
  13. 13. Marketing Research-PlayersAaron Hernandez• Position- TE• Team- Patriots• Career Records- has over 1600 receiving yards• Salary- $540,000 USDBrent Celek• Position- TE• Team- Eagles• Career Records- Has over 3,000 Receiving yards• Salary- 1.91 Million USD
  14. 14. Marketing Research-PlayersMJD• Position- RB• Team- Jaguars• Career Records- has over 72,000 rushing yards• Salary- 4.45 Million USDDiangelo Williams• Position- RB• Team- Panthers• Career records- has over 52,000 rushing yards• Salary- 5.25 Million USD
  15. 15. Marketing Research-PlayersReshard Mendenhall• Position- RB• Team- Steelers• Career Records- has over 34,000 rushing yards• Salary- $650,000 USDSebastian Janikowski• Position- K• Team- Raiders• Career Records- Longest field goal is 63 yards• Salary- 1.7 Million USD
  16. 16. Marketing Research-Players• Defense: Baltimore Ravens
  17. 17. Product Planning-Branding• Franchise Name: The name of my franchise is the “Los Angeles Caimans”• I choose the name because its uses Los Angeles and the caiman that is the most feared reptile that lives in waters. Los Angeles has desert geography. The caimans are the most feared reptile that lives in water and the Los Angeles Caimans will be the most feared football team. There is not a team in Los Angeles with the name and I think that having a team with the most feared reptile it will give us an advantage when the other team hears our name.
  18. 18. Product Planning-Branding• Team Colors:• The colors we have chosen are Black, White and Grey these colors represent the Caimans and Los Angeles. The colors will blend in with the stadium and will not be that abstract to the eye.
  19. 19. Product Planning-Branding• Team Logo:• Our logo shows the image of a Caiman. The Caiman is our mascot and it shows the ferocity of being a caiman. The logo is very intimidating and if you get close to it on the field you will suddenly get goose bumps during the game.
  20. 20. Product Planning-Branding• Team Mascot:Our Mascot name is “BRUCE The MIGHTY CAIMAN”• Bruce will be present at all home and away games. He will be there to support our team. Bruce is a Mascot that will intimidate the opposing crowd coaches and players. Bruce will be wearing the team colors which are Black, White and Grey. He will also give away replicas of the shirts that he will be wearing he will also give the fans something to be amused from.
  21. 21. Product Planning-Branding• Team Uniforms:• Our Football uniforms display the team colors which are black, white and grey. The uniforms are custom made from Nike and are intimidating to the opposing team. All of our uniforms are easy to the eye and has the theme of the caimans and Los Angeles.Away: Home: Practice:
  22. 22. Product Planning-Branding• Helmet Design:
  23. 23. Marketing Research & Financing• Location:• The Location of the stadium will be on the western side of the convention center adjacent to the Staples Center.
  24. 24. Marketing Research & Financing• Name of stadium and Reasoning:• The name of the Stadium will be “Caimans Field”. The stadium will be named after the Caimans and the caimans will have full rights to the stadium. The field will have the Caimans name presented on the outside of the stadium and will be visible to all who pass by the stadium.
  25. 25. Marketing Research & Financing• Exterior Design:
  26. 26. Marketing Research & Financing• Interior Design:
  27. 27. Marketing Research & Financing• Interior Design:
  28. 28. Marketing Research & Financing• Concessions:
  29. 29. Marketing Research & Financing• Product Licensing:List of products that the team would sell at the kiosksi. Glovesii. Jerseysiii. Cupsiv. Fingersv. Shirtsvi. Shoesvii. Bagsviii. Jacketsix. Hatsx. Figurines
  30. 30. Marketing Research & Financing• Prototypes of the Products• Jacket: Hat:
  31. 31. Distribution-Ticket SalesTicketsi. Refunds: All tickets will be refundable seven days prior to the event. All tickets that are refunded after seven days will not be refunded unless there is a major cause for your absence or unwanted ticket reasons. Tickets will be refunded if there is an airline problem major, health concern or death. Airline problems consist of flight being delayed, cancelled flight; missed flights will not be refunded, Plane crash, Hijacking of plane, and airline flight disruptions. Tickets will be refunded if there is a major health problem that will cause you to be hospitalized for a long period of time.ii. Inclement weather: All ticket sales are finalized if there is weather delay the ticket will not be refunded. Delayed games will resume just not at the projected time for the game start. If there is a cancelation of the game for any reason luxury and mid field seats will only be refunded. If your ticket was purchased moments before the game start your ticket will not be refunded because ticket was not purchased in head of time.
  32. 32. Distribution-Ticket Salesi. Customer Dissatisfaction: If there is any reason the customer is dissatisfied the customer can alert our customer service which is always operating during operating hours of the stadium. The customer will be automatically directed to a service associate to resolve the customer’s problem. If there is a problem with the customer’s seat the associate will locate an open seat that is in the same price range of the current seat to resolve the customer’s problem.
  33. 33. Distribution-Ticket Sales• Forms of Payment: The types of payments that will be accepted will be cash at the ticket window outside the stadium; Credit/Debit cards at the ticket window outside the stadium and online. No checks will be accepted due to fraud.
  34. 34. Distribution-Ticket Sales• Ticket Prices:• Zone seating ticket prices: $139-$319• Luxury Suites ticket prices: $33,500• Standing Room ticket prices: $25-$195• Tailgating ticket prices: $27-$50• Parking prices: $33-$198• Upper Level ticket prices: $62-$464• Lower level Ticket prices: $56-$552• Zone seat ticket prices: $134-$275
  35. 35. Distribution-Ticket Sales• Ticket Design:
  36. 36. Promotion• Trading Cards:• Aaron Hernandez
  37. 37. Promotion• Trading Cards:• Robert Griffin III:
  38. 38. Promotion• Print Ads:Print Media:• News Paper: The Caiman foundation will put our ads into the Los Angeles Times because the newspaper is a world known paper and is talked about all the time. The Los Angeles Times is read by millions daily and with the Caimans ad in the ad will be on the front cover of the paper and online. The newspaper will be trending all around the world because of their new football team.• TV Ad: The Caimans foundation will purchase a series of TV slots to promote the new franchise in the Los Angeles area. The ad will be broadcasted for 30 minutes to promote the new team and there will be a series of new commercials to promote the franchise.• Online Ads: We will purchase spaces on the most popular online sites to promote the new franchise in the Los Angeles area. Most of today’s population goes online for at least an hour and they see many of ads on the internet. We will also email people who sign up for our mailing list to get special promotions for tickets and fan gear.
  39. 39. PromotionBroadcast:• The Caiman foundation has created an advertisement to be broadcasted on the TV. The ad will tell the viewers about the new franchise in Los Angeles and will give the viewers the financial status of the team and how the stadium will look during production.TV Advertisement:• Announcer: Come and see Los Angeles newest venue Caimans Stadium. It is located where the old conventional center was and is right next to the staples center. The stadium will host Los Angeles newest team the Los Angeles Caimans. The Caimans have over $25 million of cap room that can add that player that will make the Caimans a better team. The caiman’s stadium will host the caimans and it will also be used for concerts, Soccer games, recreational use, and many more events that will be needed to use the stadium. With the new stadium the Los Angeles area will encounter more visitors and more visitors means a stronger economy. The Caiman foundation has paid over 45% of the stadium cost so that the city of Los Angeles doesn’t have to tax the people of Los Angeles. So come out to the new Los Angeles venue Caimans Stadium and Support your new Los Angeles Caimans to the road to victory.
  40. 40. Promotion• Online Ad: Los Angeles Caimans b
  41. 41. Promotion• Sponsorship Explanation:• The Los Angeles Caimans choose Nike to be one of our sponsors. Nike will be able to provide us with their uniforms, Helmet, Cleats, Gloves and other equipment that will benefit us during play and off the field. The Nike brand will be promoted throughout the whole game and will also be worn by the players on and off the field.
  42. 42. Promotion• Endorsement Explanation:• The player that will be endorsing our product will be Robert Griffin III. Robert is a person that is well known around the world and around the football teams. He is a rookie quarterback that has the poise of a veteran and the leadership of a great veteran.• The product he will be marketing is our team jerseys. Our jerseys or sponsored by Nike and they are costumed to the exact specifications of the Los Angeles Caimans.• The home jerseys are the Los Angeles Caimans colors which consist of Grey, White and Black and our practice jerseys are black and white.
  43. 43. Los Angeles Caimans