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Charleston warriors


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Published in: Sports, Business
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Charleston warriors

  1. 1. Charleston WarriorsBlake Kelley and Blake Kelley Final project 3rd period
  2. 2. Target Market• People from the ages of 18 to 80• People in the geographic region of south east states• People that like to have fun and enjoy sports• People that have a middle to high income level• Any religion and of any country• Our secondary market is minors and women• People who are Warriors fans
  3. 3. DemographicsPopulation The overall population of Charleston is 120,083, which is the second largest city in South Carolina Males make up 47.3% of the population and females make up 52.7% of the population. There are 56,741 males Charleston and there are 63,342 females in the city of Charleston. More than 75% of people who live in Charleston are between the age of 30 and 60 years oldAverage Income Average income per household is 47,942 dollarsAverage Age The average age in Charleston in 32.5 years old
  4. 4. DemographicsPrimary Professions/Industries Professions= Doctors, Psychiatrists, health care suppliers, Educational jobs Industries= Textiles, tourism, healthcare, Manufacturing, forestryChamber of Commerce 4500 Leeds Avenue #100 North Charleston, SC 29405 Statistics Crime Index The Crime index is at 15(when the safest is 100) Charleston Annual Crimes Total of 4,720 crimes a year Crime Rate per Square Mile There are 17 crimes per square mile in Charleston
  5. 5. Other AttractionsOther Sport Teams Clemson Tigers- College Football South Carolina Gamecocks- College Football Greenville Braves- Minor League Baseball (AA)Amusement Park Blackbeard’s Cove Family Fun Park (Theme Park)Arenas/Stadiums Joseph P Riley Jr. park (Baseball)Museums/Aquariums/Zoos South Carolina AquariumHistorical Sites Dock Street Theater Old Jail
  6. 6. Corporations BMW First Choice Real Estate Caterpillar Construction Equipment Verizon Wireless Piggly Wiggly JK And Harris Company The Choice for this city was I does not have a team in the state and this seems like a verynice place. The economy is great here. It is a verywealthy city.
  7. 7. PlayersPeyton Manning Position- Quarterback Team- Denver Broncos Current Salary- 18,000,000 dollars Peyton Manning has 1,808 passing yards this seasonJamaal Charles Position- Running Back Team- Kansas City Chiefs Current Salary- 3,250,000 dollars Jamaal Charles has 559 yards rushing this season
  8. 8. Players Calvin Johnson Position- Wide Receiver Team- Detroit Lions Current Salary- 150,000,000 for 8 years Calvin Johnson has 558 yards receptions this seasonVernon Davis Position- tight End Team- San Francisco 49ers Current Salary- 6,000,000 a year Vernon Davis has 340 yards rec this year
  9. 9. PlayersMatt Prater Position- Kicker Team- Denver Broncos Current Salary- 3,000,000 a year Matt prater has made 7 out of 7 field goals this seasonJoe Flacco Position- Quarterback Team- Baltimore Ravens Current Salary- 8,000,000 a year Joe Flacco has passed for 9 touchdowns this season
  10. 10. PlayersDoug Martin Position- Running Back Team- Tampa Bay Buccaneers Current Salary- 390,000 Doug Martin has rushed for 408 yards this seasonDez Bryant Position- Wide Receiver Team- Dallas Cowboys Current salary- 1.4 million this year Dez Bryant has 378 yards receiving
  11. 11. PlayersPhilip Rivers Position- Quarterback Team- San Diego Chargers Current Salary- 10.2 million this year Philip Rivers has thrown 10 touchdowns this seasonDarren Sproles Position- Running Back Team- New Orleans Saints Current Salary- 2.3 million this year Darren Sproles has 118 yards rushing this year
  12. 12. PlayersEric Decker Position- Wide Receiver Team- Denver Broncos Current Salary- 490,000 dollars this year Eric Decker has 441 yards receiving this yearJordy Nelson Position- Wide Receiver Team- Green Bay Packers Current Salary- 3.5 million this year Jordy Nelson has 532 yards receiving this year Chicago Bears Position- Defense Team- Chicago Bears Current Salary- 126,000,000 dollars The Chicago Bears had a total of 266 tackles and 18 sacks
  13. 13. Why The Name?Franchise name- Charleston WarriorsReason-We picked our name because we believe it is easy to memorize, easy to say, and it sounds catchy. There is no other team by the name of the Warriors in the NFL, so our name is original. Our name portrays a sense of strength and strategy which helps with intimidation factor.
  14. 14. Why The Color• Colors- Auburn and Dark Tan• Reason- The colors we chose for our team are Auburn and Gold. There are no other teams in the NFL with these colors, so it is an original color scheme. It works well with the franchise name and the colors look good together, making a nice uniform.
  15. 15. Why The Logo• The logo is because we are the warriors and we are always in the fighting and winning mentality. We are strong and fierce.
  16. 16. Why the Mascot• Name- Willis the Warrior Reason-Willis will be attending all our games, home and away. He will be standing on the sidelines and assist in pumping up the crowd for our games and keeping them entertained during time-outs and other breaks. Our mascot will be easy to remember due to the alliteration used in the name. Wade will be wearing our team colors and supporting us at every game! He looks strong and determined which gives off an intimidation factor. We will also be selling merchandise with a picture of Wade on them to help bring in income.
  17. 17. UniformsHome Away Practice
  18. 18. Helmet
  19. 19. Cheerleaders
  20. 20. Business cards
  21. 21. Marketing Research Location- Charleston, South Carolina Stadium- First Choice stadium Because they are one of our largest sponsors
  22. 22. Exterior Design
  23. 23. Interior Design
  24. 24. Concessions• Warrior’s Concession stands – Warrior eats – Fighting Foods
  25. 25. ProductsBanners Bobble headsJerseys key chainsT-shirts BlanketsHats SweatpantsFootballs Sweatshirts
  26. 26. Sales Policies Sales PoliciesWe will not provide a refund if not able to make game for any reasons.If due to a rain delay or cancellation of game then we will not refund but give tickets to another home game.If the customer makes a complaint, we will listen and take in to consideration what they are saying. Try to find the best way to handle the problemIf then the reason is valid, we will try to give them a free food voucher or a discount to the shops for their problems. Then we will address the problem.We will accept payments of cash or the following credit cards (Credit Union, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We will not accept checks.
  27. 27. Advanced Ticket Sales We will put tickets on sale two monthsbefore the game is. We will provide packages for early ticket purchases. The past season ticket holders will have first chance, and then everyone else will have the chance.
  28. 28. Tickets
  29. 29. Trading Cards
  30. 30. Prints Ads
  31. 31. Broadcast Ad• Radio Advertisement• Mia Kologranic and Blake Kelley• Interviewer: Hello Charleston, you are listening to the Football Fan Zone on 109.7 the game. Your place for all the top news in sports! I’m Mia Kologranic and today we have Calvin Johnson, the wide receiver of the Charleston Warriors, here with us. Hi Calvin, how you doing today?• Calvin: Hello Mia, I’m doing good today, glad to be on your show!• Interviewer: Thanks for being here! So, the home opener for the Charleston Warriors is this weekend, are you as pumped as we are?• Calvin: Absolutely! It’s going to be a great game! We are going to have many activities going on for pre-game, post-game, and even halftime! It’s going to be a very fun filled time! So everyone, if you’re in the Charleston area this Sunday night, come on out and support your Charleston Warriors!• Interviewer: There you have ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking for some quality football, good food, and fun events, come out to the Charleston Warriors home opener this Sunday at 7:30! Go warriors!
  32. 32. Online Ad
  33. 33. Sponsorships
  34. 34. Player Endorsements