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Picture Books for All Ages - Scholastic Reading Summit 2017


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Picture Books for All Ages - Scholastic Reading Summit - June 21, 2017 #classroombookaday

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Picture Books for All Ages - Scholastic Reading Summit 2017

  1. 1. Picture Books for All Ages Scholastic Reading Summit ● June 2017 ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  2. 2. Why picture books? ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  3. 3. ● We learn about ourselves, our world, & each other ● Shorter text = less intimidating ● A complete story, more quickly ● 5-10 minute time commitment The value of picture books… for ANY age ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  4. 4. “It is their [left brain (verbal and linear) & right brain (visual and spatial)] complimentary functioning that gives the mind its power and flexibility…Together, words and images communicate more clearly than either could alone.” (Williams, Teaching for the Two-Sided Mind, 1983) “The ‘pleasure’ connection is essential in creating lifetime readers and of paramount importance during the difficult teen- age years, when the greatest reading attrition is likely to take place.” (Trelease, 1993) ©Jillian Heise, NBCT What does the research say?
  5. 5. Simple Idea with Big Impact ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  6. 6. The #classroombookaday Origin Story & Inspiration ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  7. 7. The Inspiration ©Jillian Heise, NBCT “The Eighth Annual #bookaday Challenge | Donalyn Miller |
  8. 8. How It Began: A goal, a display, & a pile of picture books ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  9. 9. Joy of Reading Shared Stories My Goal ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  10. 10. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT “Hearing stories results in more knowledge of the world….Also, hearing stories helps children develop an interest in reading.” (Stephen Krashen, 2015)
  11. 11. The Value of Read Aloud & Benefit of Picture Books ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  12. 12. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT Reading aloud is “a practice that should continue throughout the grades.” (Becoming a Nation of Readers: The Report of the Commission on Reading, 1985, 51)
  13. 13. Picture books allow us to share stories. And kids need to hear stories. And when you share stories together, you have more to talk about. And then you can get into the “work” related to reading that you want to do. …it’s fun to lay down and have her read to us and feel like a little kid again before we do all the 7th grade stuff. (Malik) …older kids may still want a piece of their childhood with them and being read to is one way to bring back childhood. Because I never get read to anymore, so it’s nice to sit and relax while hearing a story. (Skyy) ©Jillian Heise, NBCT What do the kids say?
  14. 14. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  15. 15. Benefits of #classroombookaday Read Alouds Builds Community Develops Empathy Exposure to Diverse Stories Critical Reading & Analysis of Books Better Understanding and Identification of Theme Opportunities to Discuss Complete (& Complex) Texts Time to Enjoy Class / Be Reminded of Love of Picture Books Numerous Chances to Use Text Evidence/Support Claims Appreciation for & Thoughtfulness about Art Creates Joy for the Reading Experience Many Common Texts to Reference Enhances Listening Skills Addresses Standards Models
  16. 16. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  17. 17. “Picture books can present complex ideas in a concrete manner, so they can serve as a great way to introduce some of these complex ideas.” (Glaister, 2009) Pam Allyn’s 5 Life-Lessons Your Child Gets from Stories Empathy Patience Importance of Imagination Curiosity Community (Psychology Today, 2010) ©Jillian Heise, NBCT What does the research say?
  18. 18. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  19. 19. Sharing picture books can help us accomplish this. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT “Students enter schools that are test-driven, data-focused and Lexile-leveled, and learn that reading is too often simply the task of remembering information. We hope that they will encounter teachers who show them the power of reading to change their minds, change their thinking, and thus change themselves.” (Beers & Probst, Disrupting Thinking, 2017)
  20. 20. #classroombookaday Routine ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  21. 21. Our Daily Routine ○ After independent reading ○ Come to floor / get comfy (close enough to see illustrations) ○ Ready to listen & look ○ Two questions for reflection ● Same time every day for consistency ● Yes, even when there is a sub, or we’re on a field trip!
  22. 22. Let’s Do a Read Aloud ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  23. 23. When might you have a 5-10 minute slot in your day or class period to share a picture book read aloud? My Two Questions Every Day ➔What did you think? ◆Enjoyment ➔What was it about? What was it really about? ◆Thoughtfulness & Related to Theme
  24. 24. Visual Record | Accountability | Community ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  25. 25. What if I don’t have a classroom? Adopt one! Librarians, Coaches, Reading Ts, Administrators ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  26. 26. Who says picture books can’t be complex? ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  27. 27. Complexity is also what you DO with a text - it’s not just about level! Theme is ALWAYS complex for kids! Use author’s notes & back matter as paired texts
  28. 28. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT Yearly Student Favorites
  29. 29. The Power of Shared Stories to Build Community ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  30. 30. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT “When a teacher reads to a class...when everyone reads the same story, we are taken out of our aloneness.” (John Schumacher, @mrschureads, this morning)
  31. 31. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT The Power of Shared Stories Over 170 complete texts as a common experience to reference “I think these shared stories also put them all on an even playing field. No matter where they lived, their backgrounds, their academic strengths/ weaknesses, etc, they were enjoying the same stories.” -Shelly Henderson @shender503
  32. 32. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT The Power of Shared Stories “#classroombookaday has created a close knit community in my classroom. Students feel safe and accepted through books in which they see themselves. Their minds and hearts are opened as they experience books that show them how others think and feel.” -Jill Bless @jillbless “These books bind us. We became a family through our shared experiences with them. We have discussed courage, justice, kindness, gratitude, empathy, and all kinds of social issues. Our classroom identity has been built around these shared books. - Kristen Picone @kpteach5
  33. 33. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT The Power of Shared Stories “#classroombookaday has stoked the reading fire within my students, and I could not be more thankful for the experience we have all shared. Picture books have brought such joy and opportunity to my students this year.” -Miss Terbrock @Miss_T_Reads “Doing #classroombookaday each day brought me back to why I decided to become a teacher: my love of books. It was truly the favorite time of my day. It sparked discussions on empathy and kindness, two things every classroom needs. It was definitely the best thing I’ve done in awhile.” -Katie Reilley @kreilley5
  34. 34. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT The Power of Shared Stories “#classroombookaday has altered my classroom and teaching. I begin my 6th grade class with #classroombookaday and it is the perfect start to class. Reading picture books daily has led to some of the deepest discussions in my classroom and I see those discussions transfer to writing & reflecting in all texts that we use. It is one routine that I will definitely be using again. It was magical.” -Mrs. Hull @mrshull6
  35. 35. Read Aloud: Building Empathy What is is really about? ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  36. 36. Choosing Picture Books ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  37. 37. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT Oh, the endless possibilities...
  38. 38. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT Good Read Aloud Potential Topic Favorite Author/Illustrator Mentor Texts School Culture Mirrors & Windows Choosing Titles: Considerations & Criteria READ A LOT & consider DIVERSITY!!! New Books Student Requests Theme Enjoyment & Entertainment Current Events Lesson Connections
  39. 39. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT Can you choose all 180 at the start? NO... Important to be responsive to what’s happening in class/school community & the world around your students. Choosing Titles: Thoughts
  40. 40. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT Carrie Gelson chooses books by theme for the week & kids determine the thematic connection Choosing Titles: Other Methods
  41. 41. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT Some Favorites from Recent Years
  42. 42. Some of My Favorites This Year ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  43. 43. First Day of School Possibilities Theme & Message Sets Tone for Year ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  44. 44. Join the #classroombookaday Community! ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  45. 45. ©Jillian Heise, NBCT Make the commitment (tell people!) Build it into your lesson plans. Create a display & start choosing books! #classroombookaday
  46. 46. RESOURCES FOR BOOK SELECTION ➔Blogs ◆Pernille Ripp ◆Aly Beecher-Kid Lit Frenzy ➔Twitter ◆@mrschureads ◆@100scopenotes ◆@ProfessorNana ➔State Lists ◆Wisconsin Picture This #classroombookaday ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  47. 47. A little time for some BOOK TALKS ©Jillian Heise, NBCT
  48. 48. Any questions or picture book recommendations? Please fill out the session survey for Scholastic. (after July 11th) @heisereads ©Jillian Heise, NBCT