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Australia Questions Powerpoint


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Australia Questions Powerpoint

  1. 2. Australia’s rainfall is considered low.
  2. 3. Sydney….Australia’s oldest and largest city.
  3. 4. The vast dry interior is the outback.
  4. 5. Trees that are unique to Australia are the gum trees (Eucalyptus).
  5. 6. Australia contains the world’s longest and straightest….. <ul><li>Railroad. </li></ul>
  6. 7. Eighty-five percent of Australia’s population lives on the east coast.
  7. 8. Marsupials are pouched animals.
  8. 9. Australia’s principal river is the Murray River.
  9. 10. The most numerous of the large marsupials is the kangaroo.
  10. 11. The world’s most extensive reef is the Great Barrier Reef.
  11. 12. Perth is Australia’s largest western city.
  12. 13. Rocks and soil are red because of rust from pure iron ore.
  13. 14. Mining is one of the largest industries in Australia.
  14. 15. Crocodiles are widespread throughout northern Australia.
  15. 16. Even Ayers Rock will erode in the coming century.