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Effective Team Building Through Understanding SharePoint 2010 Roles #spstcdc


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Effective Team Building Through Understanding SharePoint 2010 Roles #spstcdc

  1. 1. Roundtable Topic:Effective Team Building Through Understanding SharePoint 2010 RolesFacilitator:Shadeed Eleazer, MCTSRoundtable Overview:Defining SharePoint roles and responsibilities has long been a gray area and subsequent pain point fordecision makers and recruiters when staffing quality SharePoint professionals. The release of SharePoint2010 only complicates this dilemma with the introduction of new features, methodologies, and userinterface.In this session, attendees will receive an in-depth education on the specific ways that 2010 will transformroles and responsibilities and equip professionals with the tools to navigate through their particular marketleveraging proven strategies delivered by Mr.Shadeed Eleazer, MCTS.This session will illustrate how SharePoint 2010 impacts the SharePoint Administrator, Developer, andProject Manager roles and how these changes are projected to manifest within SharePoint deliverablestoday and tomorrow.Learning Objectives:In-depth discussion will be delivered on the following topics: ● Strategies for established SharePoint Practices/Business Units to effectively staff SharePoint professionals with SharePoint 2007 experience ● Will 2010 new feature sets and services breed new roles and titles within the SharePoint market? ● Redefining the relationship between Recruiter and technical professional ● Deliver strategies for recruiters to understand 2010 terminology in order to effectively staff the right candidate. ● Define the transferrable skills that will add value to any SharePoint 2010 business unit/practiceView Full Presentation Slideshow Here: