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Website redesign


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Published in: Education
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Website redesign

  1. 1. Website Redesign<br />Sample<br />Websites<br />
  2. 2.<br />Very clean.  Like the blocks on the right featuring different things/events about the library.  Looks what happens when you click on the icons<br />
  3. 3.<br />Topeka and Shawnee – scrolls down too much but do like but like the colors and the larger block on the right of the page that rotates.  Isn’t it cool how it does that???<br />
  4. 4.<br />Has numbers at bottom of rotating part of the page<br />
  5. 5.<br />A little more graphic than most.  <br />I like graphics.  <br />
  6. 6.<br />Very clean and on one screen<br />
  7. 7.<br />Look at the “Welcome to the Lexington Public Library”.  See how those icons open up?  Different<br />
  8. 8.<br />I  like the boxes down the right side.  Quick info is good<br />
  9. 9.<br />Like the Meebo down the right side to chat with a librarian<br />
  10. 10.<br />Clean and loads fast.  I like the rotating pictures at the top.  Doesn’t change info about services.  We could put pictures of staff and patrons there<br />
  11. 11.<br />Like the rotating part just below the banner.  Not so much about different services but different sound bites about the library.  Like that a lot.  <br />
  12. 12.<br />Like the catalog search box.  Banner too big though.  <br />
  13. 13.<br />Look at center where the icons change.  Note that you can click on stop<br />
  14. 14.<br />Possibility for organizing reference links?<br />
  15. 15.<br />Like how the topics are listed in the blocks.  <br />
  16. 16.<br />This is their new website but not yet finished.  Like banner<br />
  17. 17.<br />Like the browse collections feature<br />
  18. 18.<br />While the areas are too large, I like the idea of the features such as the picture of the boy using the self check.<br />
  19. 19.<br />Scrolls a little too much but I like the overall look.  I like the color<br />