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Early japanese society


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Early japanese society

  1. 1. • What was the structure of early Japanese society? • What role did Prince Shotoku play in Japanese history?
  2. 2. • In early Japan land was valuable • = power • = influence • = wealth • Divided into clans – each ruling clan controlled portions of the islands. • Clans often fought for land
  3. 3. • Emperor – Figure head – Not much power over Japan • Organized around powerful clans led by a few powerful nobles • Nobles owned land • Known by family name and individual name • Most Japanese were commoners • Lived in villages, fished, made some crafts • Slaves • Cooked, cleaned, or took care of nobles
  4. 4. • In the 400’s a powerful clan of central Japan established itself as the most powerful clan • Emperors were said to be descended from this clan • Said to be descendants from the sun goddess • Seen as divine or godlike • Had very little power – Powerful clan leaders
  5. 5. • 593-622 – Prince Shotoku ruled Japan in the place of a child emperor – a position called a regent • HUGE FAN OF CHINA! • Sent scholars to Japan to study Chinese society • Welcomed skilled Chinese workers into Japan • Had an embassy built in China • Used Confucian principles for government • Wrote the 17 Article Constitution • Promoted belief in Buddhism
  6. 6. • Who held real power in early Japanese society? • What was the most last effect of Shotoku’s reign?