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Fall DC Parent Meeting - Nov. 8th


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Notes from November 8th's DC Parent Meeting.

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Fall DC Parent Meeting - Nov. 8th

  1. 1. DC Parent Meeting Why go to DC?
  2. 2. Why DC?
  3. 3. Why go?• A fun, rewarding, and memorable trip• World class tour company which provides security, doctors on call, and an itinerary which will educate and entertain• IT’S AWESOME!!
  4. 4. Tentative Itinerary
  5. 5. The Cost• $745 Which Includes: – Three nights in a hotel – Meals – Bus Ride – Admission to the The Cherry Blossom Cruise, Spy Museum, Newseum, and The Alexandria Ghost Tour – World Strides Staff – Hotel “hosts”, Guides, Doctors on Call, and World Stride Tour Director
  6. 6. How to Register:• Visit the World Strides website: – – Use the trip ID to register: 83036• Mail the registration form your child received in school• Call World Strides: 800-468-5899
  7. 7. Frequently Asked Questions• Will my kid be safe? – YES! • Hotel security hired by World Strides = OUTSTANDING • Yankee Bus Lines – Bus drivers are extremely professional • One of the safest cities in the world • 1/10 ratio of chaperone to student• Will their be fundraising? Scholarships? – YES! • Hebert’s Candy – Starts tonight • Gift of Education Sponsored by World Strides • FLAG Scholarships – Income based/ first come first served
  8. 8. More Frequently Asked Questions…• Can my kid bring and use their cell phone? – Yup. Within reason.• Will there be scholarships? – Maybe. And if we do kids will need to apply. – World Strides also has a scholarship program• Where will they stay? – World Strides is still working on that…we will update the parents as soon as possible
  9. 9. Even More Frequently Asked Questions…• Will my kid be able to room with her/ his friends? – Rooms have four kids per room (girls with girls and boys with boys) – Team only – The kids are allowed to pick their own roommates..BUT DON’T PICK THEM YET!
  10. 10. DC Website and Twitter Page• Follow Us on Twitter @MMSDCTrip• Find our blog on the school website –