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Poets of the Harlem Renaissance


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Poets of the Harlem Renaissance

  1. 1.  Either born in New York, Baltimore or Kentucky Abandoned by his mother Did well in poetry contests during school Attended NYU and Harvard Many of his poems deal with a racist society
  2. 2.  Born on campus of Howard University Grew up on a farm Father was a former slave Taught at Lincoln and Fisk University Published first book, “Southern Road” speaking highly of poor black folks
  3. 3.  Born and raised in Detroit Researched black history and culture in the Federal Writers Project, a New Deal program Focused on poetic form Became Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in Washington DC
  4. 4.  Born in Kansas, moved to Chicago as a kid Dealt with racial prejudice from a young age Poetry ranged in all styles Taught creative writing at several colleges and universities
  5. 5.  Born in Lawrence, Kansas Parents were separated Elected class poet in school because „Negroes have rhythm‟ Discovered his love of books while writing for the school newspaper Had a very poor relationship with his father Some believed he was homosexual
  6. 6.  “Mother to Son”, “Theme for English B”, and “Harlem” by Langston Hughes “Common Dust” and “The Heart of a Woman” by Georgia Douglas Johnson “From the Dark Tower” and “To Certain Critics” by Countee Cullen