Tying it all together: Connecting your Social Media Websites (Cherie Dargan, CWW 2013)


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This brief presentation explains how to maximize your social media activity, by connecting social media websites so that a post on Twitter or Tumblr then shows up in your Facebook timeline. It was part of the program for the Social Media Pre-Conference on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at CWW 2013.

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Tying it all together: Connecting your Social Media Websites (Cherie Dargan, CWW 2013)

  1. 1. Tying it all TogetherConnecting Social Media SitesCherie Dargan, CWW 2013
  2. 2. OverviewYou can change the settings in your various social mediaaccounts so that when you post in one, your post will alsoappear in another one,The two accounts most frequently linked would probably beFacebook and Twitter. Another two frequently linkedwould be Facebook and Pinterest (or Twitter andPinterest).Reminder: you need to have already set up accounts in bothsocial media websites before you do this!
  3. 3. Example: Facebook and Twitter
  4. 4. How did I do that?I setup my Twitter account to connect toFacebook, so when I post to Twitter, it appearson Facebook, and includes the phrase "viaTwitter."To do this, find the icon for settings on Twitter.It is towards the upper right: it looks like agear. Click on it and go down to settings.Then select your profile: there is a place toconnect to your Facebook account.
  5. 5. Find the settings icon
  6. 6. Next, go to your profile
  7. 7. Twitters Help pagehttps://support.twitter.com/articles/31113-how-to-use-twitter-with-facebookTo connect your Twitter account and your Facebook profile:1.Log in to the Twitter account you want to associate with your Facebook profile.2.Go to your Settings menus Profile tab.3.Scroll to the bottom and click Sign in to Facebook and connect your accounts.4.When prompted, select the privacy settings for who will see your Tweets posted to yourFacebook wall. It is set to public by default.5.Click Log in with Facebook and enter your Facebook login credentials.6.Click Allow to accept permissions.7.Your Tweets will now post to your profile Facebook wall and your username will be displayedthere as well. @Replies will not be posted.
  8. 8. You can also select other apps
  9. 9. To connect Facebook & Twitter,First, go to the URL https://www.facebook.com/twitter/You will see my accounts are linked, and there is a checklistof what items are included, along with a reminder that onlypublic posts on your Facebook page will be posted onTwitter. So you may need to tweak your privacy settings aswell.If you make changes, be sure to save them.
  10. 10. Facebook.com/twitter
  11. 11. To connect Facebook with other appsGo to the Icon for settings (it looks like a gear)Click on account settings.Select Apps to view a list of the apps you mayhave already connected to Facebook: forexample, many people use their Facebook logincredentials to use Pinterest.Click on each App title to view the details.Save if you make any changes.
  12. 12. Tumblr & Facebook or TwitterClick on the gear icon to get account settings.Find the name of your page and click on it: thisbrings up a long form. About halfway down,you will see that my Tumblr feeds bothFacebook and Twitter.However, if a post is longer than 140characters, only the first chunk will appear onTwitter.
  13. 13. Tumblr print screen
  14. 14. Pinterest -- find settings
  15. 15. Pinterest
  16. 16. PinterestUnder account settings, there is a list ofcircumstances to select to get an email.Then there is a section for Social Medianetworks: you can use either Facebook orTwitter credentials to log into Pinterest.Items you post will appear in your Facebooktimeline.
  17. 17. Pinterest settings
  18. 18. LinkedInThere are ways to search your email accounts to see if yourcontacts are on LinkedIn.However, there are no account settings that make it easy tolink to social media. There were instructions in the usergroup forum for connecting to Facebook.I would hesitate, however, since I cannot completelycontrol what gets posted on my Facebook wall.You can add links to your blogs, Twitter feed, companywebsite, etc. in your contact information, which is part ofyour profile.
  19. 19. Can link to websites
  20. 20. ConclusionLinking social media websites makes a lot of sense: you canpost one time and have it appear on two websites.To link accounts, find the settings icon and look for socialmedia.Most of these sites have developed "Help" pages withinstructions.
  21. 21. Need help?Please ask me for assistance: if I cant help, Iwill help figure out who to ask!Cherie Dargancheriedargan@gmail.comcherie.dargan@hawkeyecollege.edu