Final Linkedin presentation Cherie Dargan, CWW 2013


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Here is my presentation about using LinkedIn more effectively, incorporating a series of infographics with research on the value of using the site and suggestions for improving your profile.

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Final Linkedin presentation Cherie Dargan, CWW 2013

  1. 1. Linked withLinkedInTips for using it More EffectivelyCherie Dargan, CWW 2013
  2. 2. Overview-- We willLook at a series of infographics to discuss the value ofusing LinkedIn, compare it to other popular social mediasites, and then give some tips for using it more effectively.Discover how people use the site beyond looking for jobs,and how to use it to connect with others who share yourinterests.
  3. 3. First, where does LinkedIn fit?I found a great infographic that uses cats toexplain each one of the major social mediawebsites Media Explained by cute catsAdded by Matt Siltala
  4. 4. How Linkedin Fits into Social Media
  5. 5. How does use of LinkedIn compare?The next infographic shows the top five social media sites:● Facebook is still the leader, with 901 million users● Twitter is second, with 555 million users● Google+ is third, with 170 million users--although mightfind that controversial● LinkedIn is fourth, with 150 million users.● Pinterest is fifth; however, it only launched in 2010 andalready has 11.7 million usersAs it turns out, however, I later found the original sourceand found that I had only seen the top portion of theinfographic.Source:
  6. 6. The Top Five Social Media Sites
  7. 7. More takeaways from Top 5infographicNotice the details on Monthly visits: LinkedIn is 4th down,with 85.7 million users a month.However, check out the time spent: Facebook andPinterest are tied, at 405 minutes, while Twitter has 89,LinkedIn just 21 and Google+ only 3 minutes.Gender breakdown is also interesting: women outnumbermen on three (Facebook--60% women to 40% men,Twitter--57% women to 43% men, & Pinterest--68.2%women to 31.8% men)In contrast, Google+ users are 63% men to 37% womenand LinkedIn users are 55% men to 45% women.If you are targeting females & are NOT on Pinterest, youremissing out!
  8. 8. Linked in -- the first Ten yearsThe next infographic reminds us that LinkedIn has beenaround for a decade, growing from 4,500 users in 2003 toover 225 million in 2013.Only one third of those users live in the U.S.Users can be described as affluent, educated, andinfluential.Half of Fortune 500 companies have a company page. Years of Linkedin
  9. 9. Profile of LinkedIn usersPinterest is a site not to be taken for granted! Highly visual,and easily searched, it has become a key resource formany of us. My Education students used it to find lessonplans, activities, and worksheets: it is a great place to findrecipes, decorating ideas, parenting tips, and much more! Ifound this infographic on Pinterest, profiling users ofLinkedIn. of LinkedIn users. Remember, in the terminology ofPinterest, a pin is like a tweet or post.
  10. 10. Key takeaways about users● Over 90% use the free version: only 8.4% pay● Only 50% of the profiles posted are complete● The majority of users belong to 10 groups ormore● Almost half spend 0-2 hours a week on the site:26% spend 3-4 hours, 12% spend 5-6 hours,3.7% spend 7-8 hours, and 10% spend 8 hoursa week● (Where do you fit?)
  11. 11. Reasons for using the site● 76% say it helped them research people & companies● 38% say it helped find jobs● 68% say it helped them reconnect with people fromprevious jobs● 44% say it helped increase networking● 27% say it generated business opportunities● 49% say it helped build relationships with people whomay influence customers● 37% say it increased branding or marketing presenceBased on a survey of LinkedIn users, 2012
  12. 12. Strange jobs posted on Linked in! of the ordinary--a look at some jobs posted on LinkedIn.The site points out that there are more than220,000 jobs posted on the site, as well as morethan 8,000 internships.Some of the jobs included one for a rather remote location inAntarctica.There was also an interesting tidbit about the word ninja poppingback up in job ads.
  13. 13. Job Recruiting and LinkedIn,2817,2418403,00.aspInfographic: LinkedIn Transforms Job RecruitingReminder:only half of users have a complete profileand most spent 0 to 2 hours a week on the site.● However, 77% of jobs are posted on the site and abouthalf of recruiters only post on LinkedIn and not anothersocial media site.● 73% of recruiters have filled a job using social media.● 89% have used LinkedIn to fill a job.● 97% of Human Resource professionals use it.
  14. 14. So why arent more of us usingLinkedIn--or hardly using it?Common ExcusesThe site seems complicated.It takes so much time to do theprofile.I cant keep up with all of theemail from the site.Im busy.Im already employed.I dont need all of this extra work--its like doing homework.I dont have a lot of experience.Whats your reason?
  15. 15. My ConfessionI was an early adopter--then my college changed our emailaddresses, and I could not access the first account!I set up a second account but found myself too busy withteaching and serving on committees to do too much with it.I called Tech Support to see if I could combine theaccounts, but that wasnt possible. I felt that all of myprevious work was wasted.I also felt a little overwhelmed by all of the email I startedgetting. It reminded me of when we all used to get a ton ofemail from Facebook, when anything happened.
  16. 16. What steps can we take to useLinkedIn more effectively? infographic is based on a blog posting, and does anice job of explaining how to create a more effectivepresence on LinkedIn.Several sources have reminded us that almost half of thoseon LinkedIn do not have a complete profile, which signals aless than engaged person. If someone is looking for aconsultant, trainer or writer for a special project, theycannot evaluate your skills if you havent taken the time tofinish your profile!
  17. 17. Takeaway--List of Steps to Startusing LinkedIn● Update your profile picture● Tell people who you are in a few words (for example:Im a teacher fascinated by using technology to teach,write, and communicate. Im a writer, blogger, and socialmedia enthusiast).● Fill out the work experience section, adding details● Join groups -- share your knowledge● Create a group● Send invites● Get and Give endorsements
  18. 18. The Ecosystem of LinkedIn infographic focuses on the ecosystem of LinkedIn, showing how thevarious features connect, and work together.● It reminds us that your profile is not a static document--unlike thetraditional resume. Use your profile to showcase your activities,interests and clubs.● Connections gives you more access to the profiles of others. You canjoin up to 50 groups● Companies can showcase what they have to offer customers--andprospective employees--on company pages. They can also add Careerpages to advertise job openings.● Recommendations carry more weight; they are comments you makeabout another person. Endorsements are done by clicking to agreethat a person has specific skills, so does not take much effort.
  19. 19. My corrective actionsI beefed up my profile!I added more jobs, and alsomore details to my currentjob.I added my first project(webmaster for the Suckowwebsite), including peoplewho helped me.I requested joining severalgroups.I updated my photo.Now--profile strength--allstar!
  20. 20. Notice the social media tie in--canpost on Twitter from LinkedIn
  21. 21. I added a quick description to mybackground
  22. 22. Be sure to add projects--andrecognize others
  23. 23. I added details from my Vita (copyand paste)
  24. 24. What is next?I am going to make an effort over the summerto spend more time on the site: I still have jobsto add, projects, and may upload a few files.In this way, LinkedIn becomes a virtualportfolio.What are you going to do with your LinkedInprofile, if you have one? If you dont, are youmore motivated to open an account.
  25. 25. For more informationCheck out this infographic can click on the list of resources listed at the end Center
  26. 26. Sources Media Explained by cute catsSource: Five Social Media Sites Years of Linkedin of LinkedIn users of the ordinary--a look at some jobs posted on LinkedIn.
  27. 27. Sources, cont.,2817,2418403,00.asp Infographic: LinkedInTransforms Job Recruiting How to use LinkedIn for business The ecosystem of LinkedIn.For More Information can click on the list of resources listed at the end to see each one. Center