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Olympics 2


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Published in: Education
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Olympics 2

  1. 1. 2014 Winter Olympics By: Naithen, Eman, Tommy, James
  2. 2. Olympic Ceremonies There are three kinds of ceremonies which are open to spectators. Three types are…. ~ The open ceremonies ~ The closing ceremonies ~ The victory ceremonies
  3. 3. Alpine Skiing • History: Alpine Skiing first came apart of the Olympic program in 1963. • Facts: Alpine Skiing is divided by gender. • There are different courses for different events of skiing
  4. 4. Biathlon • History: The sport Biathlon started in the 1960. • Facts: The Biathlon had five events. • The Biathlon is also split into gender
  5. 5. Bobsleigh • History: This sport started in 1924 • Facts: Bobsleigh involves high-speed mountain descent
  6. 6. Curling History: The game Curling was made up around the 1800’s Curling back then was played on frozen ponds and lochs
  7. 7. Ice hockey • History: the game was introduced by Icelandic immigrants around 1875 • Facts: The countries involved in ice hockey are Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, America , Austria, Canada, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Latvia, Sweden, and Switzerland.
  8. 8. Skating • History: skating originally skating Was made up in Europe. • Facts: Speed skating takes place on a 111.12metre oval track.
  9. 9. Luge History: Luge was made up in Switzerland in the late 1800’s Facts: the average Luge run has a vertical drop of 30 stories (300 feet)
  10. 10. Skeleton • History: some English soldiers built a sliding track between Davos and Klosters in Switzerland • Facts: Takes place in the same area as bobsleighing