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Post war Confidence and Anxiety Ch 19


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American History

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Post war Confidence and Anxiety Ch 19

  1. 1. POST WAR CONFIDENCE and anxiety 1945-1960
  2. 2. Focus Question: How did Social and economic changes after WWII affect Americans
  3. 3. Recovering from war • War end = Many Defense Workers out of a job • Industry had to meet Peace Time Standards • Demobilization – soldiers and sailors return home (July 1946 – 3,000,000 total in armed forces) • Soldiers return home = need many jobs • G.I Bill of Rights – Variety of Benefits: 1 year Unemployment pay, Financial Aid (College), Loans for homes/businesse • Home Construction BOOMS and 8 Million Vets go to college • BABY BOOM – 1957- 4.3 Million Babies Born (Greatest American Population Increase in History (27% Increase)
  4. 4. Peace Time Economy • Consumer Buying Increases = PRICES SKY ROCKET (by 18%) • “ “ = Inflation (too much money to spend on not enough goods) • US DOMINATES WORLD ECONOMY • America counted for 6% of World Population but accounted for 50% of all goods/trade (Highest standard of living in the world…..Versace!!!) • Technology = Productivity (computers) • Government Spending = Growth • Korean War = $ for Defense Department = Jobs • Marshall Plan = Increased foreign need for US products/goods •
  5. 5. Truman overcomes huge obstacles • Congress and Labor • Unions Demand increased wages = Employers Refuse = Millions Strike • Taft-Hartley Act – law that restricted the power of Unions resulting from Waves of Strikes (Congress overturned Truman’s initial Veto) • • Segregation • Truman establishes Civil Rights Committee (time for a change!) • Congress rejects proposals • Truman Desegregates the Military
  6. 6. Obstacles Continued • Truman upsets Dewey • Democrats upset at attempts at Civil Rights Reform/Republicans upset in General • Truman wins re-election bc of famous “whistle stop tour” • • Truman Proposes THE FAIR DEAL • Intended to strengthen NEW DEAL programs • Congress shot down most of the reforms • Truman’s Legislative woes + stalling action during THE KOREAN WAR = no re-election in 1952 (Eisenhower Won 52’ Election)
  7. 7. Eisenhower charts a middle path • 1952 Election – Dominating victory for Eisenhower (WWII Hero) • Wanted to balance between Liberal and Conservatives Parties • He believed the Fed. Govt. had become too powerful but did not repeal any of the NEW DEAL programs (FDR) such as Social Security and Minimum Wage • Began Federal Highway System (I-4) and federal spending on Education • Eisenhower’s Presidency = Economic Prosperity and Peace (very popular in History)