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SMS Open House 2013


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Published in: Education
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SMS Open House 2013

  1. 1. STEWARTSVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL Open House August 14th and 21st
  2. 2.  August 27th- First Student Day  Students may enter the building beginning at 7:50 each day  Homeroom begins at 8:00 (Students not in homeroom by 8:00 are considered tardy)
  3. 3. TRANSPORTATION  No changes for 2013-14 school year  Students who receive transportation will be dismissed from the busses at approximately 7:50 and enter through the main lobby doors. All students will be issued a bus pass, all students will need to present this pass to gain access to their assigned bus route.  Students who chose to walk/bike to school will enter the campus from the sidewalk from Main Street. Bikers will utilize the racks found in the grass under the oak tree. All students who walk/bike to school will enter through the media center doors beginning at 7:50 am.
  4. 4. TRANSPORTATION  Students who are transported by their parents will enter the building through the gym lobby entrance  Parents who arrive prior to 7:50 are asked to please park in the side lot and await faculty supervision at 7:50  Faculty supervisors will alert students in parked cars at 7:50 to begin to enter the building  Parents please have your child ready to enter the building by having their backpack/lunch with them  Parents who arrive after 7:50 will form a queue down the driveway  Faculty will be posted at the top of the hill to direct traffic. The queue will proceed to the gym lobby doors and student will be dismissed from vehicles four at a time by faculty members
  5. 5. MORNING ARRIVAL  Students are to go directly to their lockers upon AM arrival and gather materials for Cores 1, 2, & 3  Once organized students will proceed directly to HOMEROOM  Attendance and lunch count will be taken at 8:00. Student are tardy at 8:00 if they are not in their homeroom.  Tardies will accumulate beginning August 30th.
  6. 6. STINGER LEVELS  Positive reinforcement of expected behavior and choices  Weekly cycles of reinforcement/reward  Students who consistently make poor choices will be referred to the building intervention team  Electronic devices will no longer be used as an incentive  Student inclusion in field trips has been removed from the weekly Stinger System criteria  Students earn stingers for the following behavior in each core, encore and advisory period:  Classroom preparedness  Appropriate classroom behavior/increased time on task  Respect (peers, teachers, themselves, school building)
  7. 7. STINGER LEVELS  Levels are determined weekly based on a percentage of the Stingers earned- each Monday letters/phone calls will be made. Students will be given a Class Dojo account for parents to log in to check their child’s stinger level  Green- earned 94% of possible Stingers  Full lunch privilege (chosen weekly)  Full inclusion and participation in special events(field trips, assemblies)  Full inclusion in school sponsored events(dances, charity events)  Second Friday events  Red- Below 94% of possible Stingers  Separate lunch room  Ineligible for inclusion in special events, and after school activities taking place during the week a child has earned “red” level  Red Advisory
  8. 8. 6TH-8TH SCHEDULE  Four core classes (Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies/World Language)  Encores include: PE, Art, Music, Health  Advisory period(30 minutes daily)- targeted reinforcement/enrichment  30 minute lunch  Co-curricular clubs will be offered as a pay to play activity
  9. 9. 6TH GRADE INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF  ELA- Ms. Bonnie Boyer and Ms. Shannon Foschetti  Mathematics- Ms. Karen Corman  Science- Ms. Dale Dabour  Social Studies- Ms. Donna Bauer  World Language- Ms. Gretchen Capan  In Class Resource-  Ms. Linda Gengaro  Ms. Nicole Feenan  Para-professional: Ms. Lisa Postiglione
  10. 10. 7TH GRADE INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF:  Writing/Reading: Ms. Diane Evanowski  Mathematics: Ms. Maureen Barber  Social Studies: Ms. Kathy Fecanin  Science: Ms. Mary Cancelliere  World Language: Ms. Gretchen Capan  In Class Resource:  Ms. Tammi Giglio  Ms. Nicole Feenan  Paraprofessional: Ms. Heather Maso
  11. 11. 8TH GRADE INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF:  ELA: Ms. Lauren Mulrooney  Algebra: Ms. Shannon Rabar  Social Studies: Ms. Nicole Hummer  Science: Mr. James Weber  World Language: Ms. Gretchen Capan  In Class Resource:  Ms. Erica Koch  Ms. Tammi Giglio  Ms. Nicole Feenan  Paraprofessional: Ms. Sherri Creighton
  12. 12. ENCORE/ADVISORY INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF:  Physical Education:  Mr. Rick Bowman  Ms. Sue Kinsman  Mr. Scott Gately  Art: Ms. Kimberly Hardiman  Music:  Ms. Christina Russo  Mr. Adam Josephson  Reading Specialist: Ms. Shannon Foschetti  Media Specialist: Ms. Michelle Bond  Media Clerk: Ms. Marilynn Barone  Nurse/Health: Ms. Lynne Wilson  Guidance Counselor/HIB Specialist: Ms. Judy Hamilton  Administrative Assistant: Ms. Lisa Bergeron
  13. 13. GRADING/HONOR ROLL  Stewartsville Middle School National Junior Honor Society charter was established in 2011; students with a GPA of 3.8 will be invited each spring to apply  Honors courses will be weighted using a GPA (Please refer to the parent-student handbook posted on our web site)  Honor roll will be posted each marking period o A GPA of 3.67 in all core classes, including world language o An S+ or E in all encore classes  Teacher prepared Study Guides will be utilized by identified students only(IDEIA, ADA); Take home quizzes will be eliminated in all subject areas  Homework/participation/preparedness points will not be included in marking period averages
  14. 14. MISCELLANEOUS  All school/district information is accessible through the district website:   Genesis will be used for ALL school wide information- ie: backpacks will no longer be used  Link to district Google calendar to be alerted to district/school events  Homework for absenteeism can only be requested after three consecutive days absent  Be sure to read the student/parent handbook with your child. This communication contain answers for many common questions which arise  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me