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PowerPoint Intro

  1. 1. Mrs. Bond, GTSD Library Media SpecialistPowerPointCreating an Effective VisualAid for Your Presentation
  2. 2. Mrs. Bond, GTSD Library Media SpecialistPresentation Basics Know your content Know your audience Know your teacher’s expectations
  3. 3. Mrs. Bond, GTSD Library Media SpecialistA Good Visual Aid… enhances the presentation gives the audience a visual that is directly related to what you are saying presents the biggest and most important ideas, the things the audience should remember shows images, video, audio that helps the audience better understand the content
  4. 4. Mrs. Bond, GTSD Library Media SpecialistBegin with the title Keep it short Accurately introduce the presentation
  5. 5. Mrs. Bond, GTSD Library Media SpecialistAdd a slide Click “New Slide” Choose the appropriate slide template Type only the essential information
  6. 6. Mrs. Bond, GTSD Library Media SpecialistKeep It Simple Silly The templates will help your slides have the right amount of content. Don’t overfill the slide – your audience will be lost in reading the slide and will not focus on you. YOU are the most important part of the presentation. The worst thing is when a presenter reads their slides. Do you like it when someone reads to you in a monotone voice? If the PowerPoint or other visual aid were the most important thing, you could just post it to a website and be done. Can you even read this? Do you really want to read this? Does this help you understand what I’m saying? Really, I could type in a whole bunch of nonsense talk but it would look like I had many, many important things to say. But you wouldn’t see them because there’s too much here. And you wouldn’t hear me because you would be trying to read this. My favorite animals are cows and monkeys. The Devils are the best hockey team ever. This amount of information really should be on at least 6 slides. If you’re reading this, you probably weren’t listening to the super important details I was sharing. And really, everything I say is very important, so this slide is completely irrelevant.
  7. 7. Mrs. Bond, GTSD Library Media SpecialistKeep formatting simple Too many typfaces, colors, and GRAPHICS distract the audience from your PRESENTATION.
  8. 8. Mrs. Bond, GTSD Library Media SpecialistStyle with PurposeA cohesive format presents a cohesive idea A change in style or formatting indicates that something is different, or more important What do you want your audience to see? What do you want them to think about while you are talking?
  9. 9. Mrs. Bond, GTSD Library Media SpecialistSlides vs. Notes Essential content and big ideas go on the slide The information you want your audience to remember goes on the slide Everything else goes in the notes.
  10. 10. Mrs. Bond, GTSD Library Media SpecialistAdd notes Type your notes in the space below the slide editor This is where you can type the script, citations, and anything relevant to that slide.
  11. 11. Mrs. Bond, GTSD Library Media SpecialistReview Know your content. Know your audience. Keep It Simple Silly. Style with purpose. Use the notes field. Proofread each slide. Do it again.