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LMC Buzz November 2011


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LMC Buzz November 2011

  1. 1. LMC Buzz Nov. 2011 News from the Greenwich Township Schools Library Media Centers Greenwich School Stewartsville Middle Become a Google Master Have you ever popped on to Google (or Bing, or Yahoo!) to grab a quick piece of information, only to look at the clock andTumble Book realize an hour has passed by? Sometimes this happens “accidently on purpose,” weof the Month aren’t in a rush so we meander through the rabbit trails of the World Wide Web. Other times we are frustrated, wondering if the answer to our question really exists. Research in search behavior finds that many of us:  begin all searches at a general search college campuses across the country: engine (like Google or Bing) professors find that incoming freshman do  type the search question into the not have the basic research skills required to search box, question mark and all fully participate in course activities.  believe the results are ranked in “Remedial Research” is quickly becoming a relation to the information needDuck! Rabbit by Amy required course.  consider only the results above theKrouse Rosenthal scroll In the Media Literacy Advisory classes at“Is it a duck or a rabbit?  don’t alter the search terms when the Stewartsville Middle students learn how toDepends on how you look results are unsatisfactory develop and implement effective and efficientat it! Readers will find  trust information because it looks right information searches using a variety of digitalmore than just Amy Krouse  believe that if Google indexes it, it must tools, including Google. Some of the skills our be trustworthy. students practice:Rosenthals signature  develop search questionhumor here—theres also a And it is no wonder we behave this way —  decide what the answer should look likesubtle lesson for kids who search engines have become so good at giving (text, image, chart, etc.)dont know when to let go us what we want some of the time, we have  determine when a general searchof an argument. A smart, grown to trust that they are the first and only engine is not the best research toolsimple story that will make place to go all of the time. An unfortunate  formulate search terms carefullyreaders of all ages eager to result of this complacency can be found at  make use of search modifiers andtake a side, Duck! Rabbit! Boolean logic where appropriatemakes it easy to agree on  modify the search strategy to broaden,one thing—reading it Top checkouts narrow, or redirect the searchagain! “ at Greenwich School  evaluate information and resources for 1. Football. Ray McClellan relevancy, appropriateness, detail,Visit the GS Wiki to 2. Sharks. Colleen Sexton currency, authority and bias.access Tumble Books and 3. US Navy. Jennifer Reed.find activities related to Outside of Advisory, students have many 4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Jeff Kinney.this month’s Tumble opportunities to put these skills into practice at Stewartsville Middle as they engage in big and small researchBook pick! No login 1. After ever after. Jordan Sonnenblick. activities in their core subject classes.required when visiting 2. Red Pyramid. Rick Riordan.Tumble Books through the Practice your search skills and gain some 3. Lost Hero. Rick Riordan.links on the wiki. interesting trivia knowledge at Google’s daily 4. Catching Fire. Suzanne Collins. search challenge: Mrs. Bond, Library Media Specialist. Greenwich Township School District.