LMC Buzz January 2012


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LMC Buzz January 2012

  1. 1. LMC Buzz Jan. 2012 News from the Greenwich Township Schools Library Media Centers Greenwich School www.geslmc.wikispaces.com Stewartsville Middle www.smlmc.wikispaces.com Learning with the Wii Really. That “toy” that provides hours of entertainment, distraction fromTumble Book homework and chores can be used to help your child practice their math skills! Andof the Month don’t limit yourself to the Wii… Xbox, PlayStation, board games, athletic games, any game really, can be used as a learning SMS students during Stinger lunch. tool. Here are some ways you can infuse math practice into family game night! Strategy and Planning Try 1 race with and 1 without, comparing Score Analysis times and scores to see if there is a  Who had the higher score? By what difference: percentage?  How will your score be effected, if at  How many more points will you need to all, by hitting the flags during a ski run? reach “pro” status or the next level?50 Below Zero  Do alternate routes in racing games  What is your family’s average score?Robert Munsch improve your time? How do the adult’s combined scores"Late one night, Jason gets  Do special movements reduce or compare to the children’s combinedwoken up and discovers improve racing time? scores? What about boys versus girls?that his house is going  Chart your scores to see improvement Time ManagementCRRAAAZY! Jasons dad or to compare.  Track and chart how you spend yourwalks in his sleep, and Jason  Keep score in bowling by hand, no time. How much time is spent playingfinds him in the most calculators! games? doing homework? chores?unlikely places! What do  At the end of each turn, record downed sleeping?you do when you find your pins using fractions.father sleeping on top of Have fun learning!the refrigerator? Orsleeping in the bathtub? Garden State Children’sRead on, and find out whatJason does! 50 Below Zero that have the kids talking! Book Awardsis a classic Robert Munsch We recently installed StarWalk The votes are in! Greenwich Schoolstory, and a favorite with on the district iPads. Not only students have chosen their favorites.children everywhere!“ This does this app provide a fairly Easy Readers (tie) accurate map of the universe S Little Mouse Gets Ready by Jeff SmithTumbleBook has the added (including stars, planets, moons, S Storms! by Miriam Goinbonus of being read by theauthor himself! galaxies, satellites), it is location Easy Reader Series specific. Meaning, when you hold S Young Cam Jansen and the 100th Day of SchoolVisit the GS Wiki to access the device in front of you, that is Mystery by David A. AdlerTumble Books and find what the sky looks like directlyactivities related to this Fiction behind the device. Touch the S Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days by Jeff Kinneymonth’s Tumble Book pick! object to see the name,No login required when description and location. Move the Nonfictionvisiting Tumble Books iPad slightly and so does your view S Winter’s Tail: How One Little Dolphin Learned tothrough the links on the wiki. of the universe! Swim Again by Juliana, Isabella and Craig Hatkoff Mrs. Bond, Library Media Specialist. Greenwich Township School District. bondm@gtsd.net