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LMC Buzz December 2011


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Published in: Education, Technology
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LMC Buzz December 2011

  1. 1. LMC Buzz Dec. 2011 News from the Greenwich Township Schools Library Media Centers Greenwich School Stewartsville Middle Garden State Book Awards The Garden State Childrens Book Awards were established in 1977 to honor books for younger readers. The Childrens ServicesTumble Book Section of the New Jersey Libraryof the Month Association felt that books for the early and middle grades seldom received proper recognition. Yet it is at this age, more than any other, that the potential reader needs to be encouraged, stimulated and captivated by the printed work and good represents libraries from illustration. throughout the state, and selected nominees are Nominees are chosen by a committee of the based on teen appeal and Childrens Services Section of the New Jersey quality of writing from Library Association on the basis of literary the previous year’s “Best Books”. Ballots merit and popularity with readers. The are composed of 20 nominations in threeMartin MacGregors awards are given to both author and categories: fiction for grades 6-8, fiction forSnowman illustrator in four categories: "Easy to Read" grades 9-12, and nonfiction for grades 6- as specifically designated by the publisher, 12. The section seeks to expose teens toLisa Broadie Cook "Easy to Read Series", Fiction and Non-fiction books that are appealing and well written,"How can a snowman fanatic for younger children in grades 2-5. To help and which accurately display the diversitybuild a snowman if theres ensure that children have had an found in the state of New Jersey.NO snow? Martin MacGregor opportunity to read and enjoy the books, thelives for building snowmen. committee works with titles published three Stewartsville Middle students are invited toAll year long he sits and he years before the award. cast their votes through the online ballot.waits and he dreams of deepsnowdrifts and blinding Greenwich Elementary students are invited The New Jersey Library Association willblizzards. So whats poor to vote for their favorites on the GS Wiki. announce the winners in February. Look forMartin to do when winter an update in LMC Buzz!comes and theres no snow? The Garden State Teen Book Award is aMartin finds it hard to be project of the Young Adult Section of the Award history and descriptions from the Newpatient, but he develops all New Jersey Library Association. The section Jersey Librarian Association website and wiki.sorts of alternate plans forbuilding his snowmen.Unfortunately, his creative Have you seen... Subscription Databasesgenius backfires every time, At the GS Wiki Students have access to newspapers,and he may still be grounded  Third Grade Class Page magazines, encyclopedias, ebooks, andby the time next winter  Fourth Grade Class Page other digital resources through thecomes around!" various databases to which the districtVisit the GS Wiki to access At the SM Wiki subscribes. No login or password isTumble Books and find  6th Science digital flipbooks required when clicking through the linksactivities related to this  6th Language Arts Hatchet news report on the wikis:month’s Tumble Book pick!  6th Math WebsitesNo login required when  8th Language Arts wiki  Greenwich School Wiki: Find Factsvisiting Tumble Books through  Media Literacy Class  Stewartsville Wiki: Find Informationthe links on the wiki. Mrs. Bond, Library Media Specialist. Greenwich Township School District.