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  1. 1. GreeceSofia D, Aidan S, Jada M, Jackson B
  2. 2. Extra Facts• Free public school• Six to fifteen years old to go to school• Kids walk or ride a bus• Play sports• Soccer, basketball, and volleyball• Swim at young age
  3. 3. Our Goverment• President is Karolos Popoulias• Karolos Popoulias doesn’t rule the country• 2/3 of the people must elect• Stopped having kings at 1974
  4. 4. History• One city named Sparta• Small harps as musical instruments alsosounds like a guitar• Theater is a gathering place
  5. 5. Holidays and traditions• Cut up a loaf of bread on new years day!• A nickel in the bread and gets good luck forthe year• Lots of food and family traditions• Salad with every meal• Bread and wine are the main food they eat• People start to fast for 40 days when theChristmas season begins
  6. 6. The Land• Divided into three regions• The Main land, The Island, Peloponnese• Lots of mountains• Fishing is popular• Many wild animals• Large herd of sheep and goats•