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  1. 1. Sinking SunflowerConducted by Trent and Brian Bangle
  2. 2. Which water, hot or cold, will cause a Sunflower Hot or to wilt first? it be? Cold, which will
  3. 3. HypothesisThe Sunflowers In The Hot Water Will Wilt First.
  4. 4. MaterialsTap waterWater faucetTen sunflowersTen vasesClothsTableScissorsMeasuring cup
  5. 5. Firs t day sunflowers
  6. 6. ResultsMore flowers wilted in the cold water than the hot water .
  7. 7. For more infoHow_do_you_get_sunflower_seeds_out_of_sunflowers_Do_you_have_to_kill _the_sunflower#page2