How To Make Pine Tree Table Decorations


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This presentation demonstrates how to make a pine tree for a table decoration. Make your Christmas table sparkle with a little pine forest.

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How To Make Pine Tree Table Decorations

  1. 1. How to makePine tree tabledecorations for Christmas!
  2. 2. Just follow these easy instructions and you’ll have a forest in no time!
  3. 3. Materials: Water color paper, water, large paintbrush, and acrylic paints: blue, green and brown
  4. 4. Brush water over your water color paper. Add watered downacrylic paint and let the colors fuse and swirl on your paper.
  5. 5. After your paper is dry you can splatter metallic paints, glitter paint or other colors over the surface of your paper.
  6. 6. Make a pattern, to trace around, of half a pine tree.
  7. 7. Cut your paper down to the size of your pattern.
  8. 8. Fold your paper and place your pattern along the folded edge. Trace around the pattern.
  9. 9. Cut out 2 trees to make 1 finished tree sculpture.
  10. 10. Glue the trees together to make one tree.
  11. 11. You can set them on each plate or arrange them in a group for a centerpiece.