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Serendip Walk


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Serendip walk with Ranger Lauren

Published in: Education, Technology
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Serendip Walk

  1. 1. SERENDIP WAlk
  2. 2. Ducks use their beak to eat bugs and other things. Even young ducks can dive for along time DUCKS
  3. 3. KANGAROOS AND EMUS Kangaroos go in mobs and they can hear all around them. Emus can run very fast but can’t fly.
  4. 4. BROLGAS Male Brolgas do mating calls to attract female Brolgas. Brolgas also do not like to have other Brolgas near themselves.
  5. 5. BEAKS Beaks help birds and ducks grab food. Beaks help them survive by pecking enemies. There are many types of beaks.
  6. 6. JUMPING ANIMALS The Pademelon can jump 0.8metres, a Wallaby can jump 1.5metres and a Kangaroo can jump 2.0metres.
  7. 7. AVIARY BIRDS The Tawny Frogmouth is nocturnal and it camouflages in the tree.