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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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  1. 1. Nick M, Jess C, Christina S, Chelsea B
  2. 2. Brahma and Shiva  Brahma- the Creator  Created 11 fathers of the human race (Prajapatis), and great sages to help him create the universe  One of major Hindi gods, spoken of in Puranas- important religious texts  Shiva (Siva)- the Destroyer  Easily recognizable- matted hair, trident, animal skin cloak, third eye  Has 2 sons, also rides massive bull named Nandi  One of major gods in Hinduism, thousands of temples dedicated to Shiva
  3. 3. Vishnu and Krishna  Vishnu- the Supreme God and Supreme Soul  Dark blue, and has 4 arms holding lotus, mace, conch, and a wheel called a chakra  Mentioned 93 times in the Rigvedas, often associated with light and sun, strode over the universe in 3 steps  Krishna-  Discribed as young boy playing flute, or prince giving guidance and direction  Godchild, prankster, a model lover, a divine hero  Found in the Mahabarata, also, his life is detailed in the Purnas
  4. 4. Ratri and Lakshmi  Ratri- often referred to as Ratrivedi  Goddess of night and love, guardian of law in universe  Superhuman strength, longivety, immunity to injury  Found in the Vedas, also in other Indian and Hindi mythology  Lakshmi- aka Shri, wife of Vishnu  Goddess of wealth, prosperity, purity, and generousity  Embodiment of grace, beauty, and charm  Found in Jain and Buddhist monuments
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