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  1. 1. How to create a Bibliography:using the APA Referencing Style
  2. 2. What is a Bibliography? ? !   A Bibliography is a list of all material used in the preparation of your assignment. It is usually in alphabetical order of authors surname. If a resource has no author, list it in alphabetical order by the first 3 letters of the title, ignoring the words A, and The at the beginning of a title.  
  3. 3. Hints!   Remember to write down the : bibliographic details of a resource as you use it. Dont wait until the end of the assignment, when you have returned some of the resources, and think which book did I use? Where is it? 
  4. 4. What bibliographic details do I need to reference different types of resources?
  5. 5. Book!   Authors surname, authors initial.!   Publication date (in brackets).!   Title – italics.!   Place of publication: Publisher.•  Kourik, R. (2010). The lavender garden. San Francisco: Chronicle Books• 
  6. 6. Book chapter!   Authors surname, authors initial – of chapter!   Publication date (in brackets).!   Title of chapter!   Authors surname, authors initial – of book!   Title of book – italics.!   Pages of chapter!   Place of publication: Publisher.•  Prinze, T.P. (2001). Colours of the rainbow. In F.M. Hood & T.S. Center (Eds.). Colour spectrums. (pp. 74-85). New York, NY: Scott Press.•   
  7. 7. Journal article•  Author surname, Initial•   Publication date - in brackets •   Title of article, •   Title of periodical - italics, •   Volume, •   Number in brackets •   Page number•  Smith, M., & Brown, L. (2010). A look at gaming in education. Schools and Education, 12(6), 123-134.
  8. 8. Electronic journal articlefrom online database•  Author surname, Initial•   Publication date - in brackets •   Title of article, •   Title of periodical - italics, •   Volume, •   Number in brackets •   Page number•  Retrieved from – URL of online database .•  Baker, V., Smiths, K., & Dodd, Y. (2010). Changing careers in mid stream. Australian Journal of Careers, 23(4), 19–25. Retrieved from http:// www.jstor.org/
  9. 9. Newspaper article!   Author surname, Initial.!   Publication date - in brackets !   Title of article, !   Title of newspaper - italics, !   Page number. !   Shaw, P. (2011, May 12). Mining shares drop, The Australian, p.12. 
  10. 10. Encyclopedia article !   Authors surname, authors initial – of article !   Publication date (in brackets). !   Title of article. !   Volume number and pages of encyclopedia !   Place of publication: Publisher•  Barker, D. (2007). Tiger cubs. In International encyclopedia of animals. (Vol. 3, pp. 22-27). New York: N.Y.: Notable Press.
  11. 11. Audio Visual Material•  Surname and initials of producer. Surname and initials of writer/director•  Production date (in brackets)•  Title in italics•  Media type in square brackets•  Place of production•  Studio nameMovie: Scorsese, M. (Producer), & Lonergan, K. (Writer/Director).(2000). You can count on me [Motion picture]. United States:Paramount Pictures.DVD: same as above but [DVD] in square bracketsTV program: Crystal, L. (Executive Producer). (1993, October 11). TheMacNeil/Lehrer news hour [Television broadcast]. New York andWashington, DC: Public Broadcasting Service.
  12. 12. Webpage with an author . Author surname and initials•   Date webpage created – in brackets . Hint: you will find this at the bottom of the page•   Title of web page in italics •   Retrieved and date retrieved•   from full URL  •  Luikkonen ,P. (2008). Roald Dahl (1916-1990). Retrieved October 2, 2011, from http://kirjasto.sci.fi/rdahl.htm• • 
  13. 13. Webpage with no author   . Title of webpage in italics •   Date webpage created (in brackets) Hint: you will find this at the bottom of the page •   Retrieved and date retrieved •   from full URL  •  Roald Dahl. (2011)  Retrieved October 2, 2011, from http:// www.roalddahl.com/. •  • 
  14. 14. Personal communication !   Forms of personal communication include letters, telephone conversations, personal interviews and e-mail messages. !   These are not included in your bibliography as they cannot be traced by the reader. !   You should refer to your source in the text of your assignment (in- text referencing). •  Examples:  •  D. Scott reported that 111 mm of rain fell in Turramurra yesterday. (personal communication, October 10, 2010) . …races. (S.Smith, personal communication, May 24, 2011)...