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Causes of failure in Pakistan and its Solutions


  1. 1. E-COMMERCE Causes of Failure and its Future in Pakistan
  2. 2. Presented by: M. Rizwan Qamar
  3. 3. COMMERCE BusinessIndustry Commerce Trade Aid to Trade
  4. 4. E-COMMERCE Theuse of electronic techniques and devices (computers, internet etc) in all the areas of commerce like in selling, purchasing, ordering and delivering of goods and services is called E-COMMERCE
  5. 5. CAUSES OF FAILURE IN PAKISTAN No awareness among the people Poor Technology Low level of Education Little Capital Old Traditional Systems
  6. 6. CAUSES OF FAILURE IN PAKISTAN(Continued) Chaudry ism and Saithism Low level of Understanding Limited Infrastructure Lack of Cyber Laws Limited Access to Internet
  7. 7. CAUSES OF FAILURE IN PAKISTAN(Continued) Frequent Failure of Power Security Issues Political Instability Limited Govt. Efforts Limited internet Market
  8. 8. FUTURE IN PAKISTAN Lot of Scope of E-Commerce in Pakistan Growing Fastly Becoming Popular mode of Transactions No. of Companies Designing their Websites Govt. is Taking more actions Bright Future in the Long Run
  9. 9. STEPS TAKEN BY THE GOVT. Introducing More Internet Provider Companies Giving incentives and benefits to IT Institutes Increasing the IT Institutes Providing more Infrastructure and Facilities Merchandise ID Account by SBP Computer and Internet in Public Institutes
  10. 10. SUGGESTIONS FOR MOREIMPROVEMENT Improving the Technology Changing the old Structure and Traditions Providing more Infrastructure Introducing Cyber Laws Expending the Internet Connections More Educating the Peoples Developing a High Level of Understanding
  11. 11. THANKS