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Mark scheme

  1. 1. GCE Physics B (Advancing Physics) OCR Advanced Subsidiary GCE H559 Unit G496(b) Physics in Use Coursework Assessment FormExamination session June Year 2 0Centre nameCentre numberCandidate name Candidate numberA copy of this sheet must be attached to each candidate’s work as a record of the assessment.The full criteria on which the assessment should be based can be found in the Teacher Support:Coursework Guidance. GCW254 Devised April 2008 CAF/G496 Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations
  2. 2. 5 3 1 A Independence There is a clear focus on a The topic has interest and Although a definite topic Quality of the particular topic of interest, potential some of which is was chosen considerable Research Briefing chosen independently, developed, making some guidance was needed at which is challenging and demands on the student. every stage. Advice about makes appropriate Some independent finding sources was demands on the student. decisions have been frequently needed. The Sources were found and made; some advice was topic chosen makes few chosen independently. acted upon. demands on the student. Personal responsibility was taken for decisions. Use of sources The student has used an Several relevant sources At least one source has appropriate range and of information were used, been identified and may variety of sources, perhaps without cross- be used extensively. The including seeking to cross- checking. The sources are briefing may simply report check information between identified in a List of the content of one or two different sources. There is Sources. There is some sources. If a range of a complete List of Sources but not always complete sources is used, it is not consulted, annotated to information about where clear what they were, make clear their origin. It is these sources were found, where they were found, or made clear how the or how they contribute. how they contribute. Any various sources contribute List of Sources is to the Briefing, either in the inadequately documented. briefing or in annotation of the List of Sources. Quality of writing The briefing well-written in The briefing is neatly The briefing is too long or good English, and is clear produced and within the too short. The English may and succinct (1000-2000 required limits of length. It be poor. It lacks structure, words). It has a clear and has some flaws of logical and its logic is hard to logical structure, structure or written follow, with key points identifying key points and English. The importance of omitted or hard to identify. their importance. It is well- key points may not be very The relevance of parts of it presented, with clear. Quotations are may be doubtful. appropriate and well- identified and are relevant, Quotations from sources chosen supporting graphs, but are just inserted, not are not identified. diagrams or tables. It is discussed. Relevant Diagrams graphs or tables wholly in the student’s own graphs, tables or diagrams (if included) are irrelevant words, except for clearly are used but are not or not linked to the main identified short and always linked clearly to the argument. relevant quotations, which arguments presented. are integrated into the argument. /5 B Use and Scope of physics included Understanding of The chosen topic requires The chosen topic requires Knowledge of physics is Physics substantial knowledge of some knowledge of A-level required for the topic to be A-level physics to be physics to be understood. understood, but the ideas understood, and involves Some ideas new to the are simple, needing little ideas or applications new student have been tackled, use of A-level physics. to the student that go but not necessarily Many aspects of the beyond or lie outside A- completely. The physics understanding required level physics. The student included might not all be of are ignored or missed. has identified the key A-level standard. ideas, and no important aspects of the understanding required are ignored or missed. Selection, summarising and explanation There has been some The briefing is unselective, Essential ideas have been selection of essential from using material thoughtfully selected from inessential ideas, but the indiscriminately. The work the source material, focus on essentials is is largely a collection of avoiding inessential unclear or incomplete. An material, not significantly details. The ideas have attempt to and re-work re-worked into a summary. been re-worked into a material into a summary Key points or terms are coherent summary of the has been made, but not often left unexplained, orGCW254 Devised April 2008 CAF/G496Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations
  3. 3. topic. Key points of always convincingly. accounts of them are physics, especially terms Explanations of key points simply taken directly from that are outside A-level or terms are offered, but sources. physics, are all clearly may not all be clear or explained, at a level coherent. They may be understandable to a good close to those found in A-level student, re-working sources. explanations and accounts found in sources for this purpose. Understanding and critical thinking Under questioning, the Questions asked are Questioning reveals that student demonstrates a mainly dealt with many of the physics ideas good understanding of the competently. Questioning involved are not well physics ideas included, shows that the physics understood. Questions without need for further ideas included are mostly have to be reworded, prompting. Technical understood although there leading the student to an language is used fluently. may be some answer. Little technical The student can give a misunderstandings language is used correctly. critical overview of the revealed, or some ideas The student largely takes significance of the results, not well explained. There the significance of the ideas, methods and is some but limited work for granted. evidence involved. The evidence of critical thinking student can respond about the significance of appropriately to issues that the work. might not have been covered completely in the briefing. /5 RATING TOTAL /10 Assessor’s Signature: Date:Additional CommentsINSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETION OF THESE FORMS1 Each of these forms should be completed for each candidate for each of parts (a) and (b) of this unit.2 Please ensure that the appropriate boxes at the top of the forms are completed.3 Enter the mark awarded for each coursework task in the appropriate box.4 Add the marks for all the coursework tasks together to give a total out of 20.5 Sign and date the forms.GCW254 Devised April 2008 CAF/G496Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations