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7 l target sheet


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Published in: Technology
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7 l target sheet

  1. 1. Lesson Learning Objective Before After State how long a day, a month and a year is Describe the motion of the Sun across the sky 7L.1 Describe how the Earth moves around the sun Explain why we get day and night, and years and leap years Make predictions about time of day Describe how the temperature changes with the season Describe how the number of hours of daylight changes with the season Describe how the Earth is tilted on its axis 7L.2 Explain how the tilt of the Earths axis causes the seasons Describe the apparent motion of the Sun across the sky in different seasons Explain why the days in the summer have more hours of daylight Use the idea of concentration of the Suns rays to explain the seasonal variation Describe the difference between a star and a planet Describe how we see planets and classify objects as luminous or not 7L.3 Explain why stars appear to move across the night sky Explain why we see phases of the Moon Use the phases of the Moon to explain how long it takes for the Moon to orbit the Earth Describe how the size of the Moon compares with the size of the Sun Sequence pictures and descriptions of a solar eclipse Explain how the position of the Moon causes eclipses 7L.4 Explain why we dont see solar eclipses more frequently Explain why the Moon is still visible during a total lunar eclipse Use primary sources to describe how a total solar eclipse appears from Earth Compare the sizes of different objects in space Name the planets in the Solar System 7L.5 Determine whether an object is a star or a planet by its motion Use data about the planets to describe patterns and to compare them with each other Describe the role of scientists in developing our changing view of the Universe Describe some uses for satellites 7L.HSW Explain why a space telescope is better than one on Earth Discuss ethical questions around the use of satellites Describe why the observations of Galileo got him into trouble with the church