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1.5 plate tectonics theory


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volcano, earthquake, tsunami

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1.5 plate tectonics theory

  1. 1. 1.5 Plate tectonics theory 29 January 2015 What is an earthquake and what causes them?
  2. 2. Aims • Explain that tectonic plates are identified by the Earth processes that occur at their margins
  3. 3. Romania: The world rests on the divine pillars of Faith, Hope, and Charity. When the deeds of human beings make one of the pillars weak, the Earth is shaken. Japan: A great catfish lies curled up under the sea, with the islands of Japan resting on his back. A demigod holds a heavy stone over his head to keep him from moving. But once in a while, the demigod is distracted. The catfish moves, and the Earth trembles. Greece: Strong, wild winds are trapped and held in underground caves. They struggle to escape. Earthquakes are the result of this struggle. Belgium: When people on Earth are very, very sinful, God sends an angry angel to strike the air that surrounds our planet. That produces a vibration that is felt on Earth as a series of shocks. West Africa: The Earth is a fat disk, held up on one side by an enormous mountain and on the other by a giant. The giant’s wife holds up the sky. The Earth trembles whenever he stops to hug her. Central America: The square Earth is held up at its four corners by four gods, the Vishakmen. When they decide that the Earth is becoming overpopulated, they tip it to get rid of the extra people. For each legend, decide whether the cause of earthquakes was: • nothing to do with humans • a punishment for human behaviour
  4. 4. Read chapter P1 D • Answer questions in book