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FIMITIC: Presentation Vrablova


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Monika Vrablova, President, Slovak Union of physically disabled people SZTP

Published in: Health & Medicine, Travel, Career
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FIMITIC: Presentation Vrablova

  1. 1. “Examples of good praxis and innovative measures to maintain employment of disabled workers in the present economic crisis” Presentation prepared by Monika Vrablova – chairwoman of Slovak Union of Physically Disabled people for the ZDIS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2009 at Spa Topolšica, Slovenia, 18.9.2009 Who is Slovak Union of Physically Disabled People : • we are a civic Slovak wide association • We have associated people with physical and severe physical disability • Parents of physically disabled children • Members of family of disabled citizens • Favourers of disabled citizens Our objectives are: • providing of social counselling • programmes of social rehabilitation • removal of architectonic barriers • help on labour market with employment • publication activities • educational activities • assistive devices • care for children and youth • cultural – society activities We devote to educational activities (e.g. training in IC Technologies, information seminars on valid legislation, special seminars, workshops.) and leisure – free time activities ( e.g. we organise beneficiary concerts, exhibitions of handicrafts, - exhibitions of works in visual art, contest in singing, reciting of poetry and prose in Slovak, Hungarian, Ukraine, Ruthenian and Polish languages. Our activities are also in the field of support of employability of disabled people. I would like to inform you about one of such a activity in which Slovak Union of Physically Disabled people has been involved since January 2008. The title of project is „The programme for disabled people – Sheltered workshop „AV Mobility, Ltd.“ Agreement No.8/§56/2009/NP II-2. This project contents : building of complex services for motorists, call centre – on the whole territory of Slovakia, facultative compensation) The mission of this project is comfort integration of people with disabilities into society through the complex programme of sheltered workshop AV Mobility. This programme contents care for disabled and physically disabled citizens (motorist and non – motorists), improvement of their time and mobile conditions via building of agreement centres providing services in the field of interpose and service of motor vehicles and counselling for disabled and physically disabled citizens. Sheltered workshop AV Mobility, Ltd., which was opened on September 16th .2009 as the 1st is aimed at providing comprehensive motorist services for handicapped citizens within
  2. 2. whole territory of Slovakia. Sale and show room AV Mobility provides for the visitors comprehensive sale and consumer service, sale of adapted vehicles, first aid on the roads, legislative counselling and permanent exposition. Purpose of this project is not only improving services for disabled motorists, but also creates new job opportunities for people with disabilities. Because of this project significantly support also interests and needs of people with disabilities and I have to emphasize that up till now such projects have been singular – rare, we decide that our organisation will involve in it as a partner. Spreading of examples of good praxis in the field of creating and maintain of job posts suitable also for people with disabilities is one of ways how to improve employability of persons with disabilities and provide them job opportunity on the more sophisticated and better paid job vacant positions. We are interests in this project especially for their integration aspect, which respect disabled people´ s needs in the field of transport – motoring, as well as in the field of employment, leisure activities, rehabilitation and education. It is integration of disabled people into society in many fields of social life. I would like to inform you in the other part of my presentation briefly in points about key facts connected with this project. The purpose and objective of this project are:  the complex service project – better integration of disabled people into society,  care on disabled and physically disabled citizens/motorists in Slovakia, support of their independence,  improvement of time, mobility and price conditions for those, who are carers, eventually assistants of disabled and physically disabled people • creation of network of contracting centres providing services in the field of sale and services of motor vehicles and counselling for disabled and physically disabled citizens, connected with call centre with lucrative price benefits (AV Mobility + import; service network ), • free of charge non-stop call centre – centralization of call non stop help (mobile phone service, breakdown service, insured events ), realization, counselling – contact person, direct communication with a person with severe disability/ feedback), • agency for sale of new motor vehicles with price advantages, • service of the motor vehicles, • assembly – adaptation of motor vehicles with warranty from the producer , • Co-operation with the other sheltered workshops – providing of services, facultative compensation for companies, according the Act No. 5/2004 collection of law on services of employment, • organization and realization of social events for disabled citizens • adapted motor vehicles for the driving school and transport of the persons with severe disability • training programme for the persons with severe disability, business „incubation“, support for disabled people in business, • organizing of social meetings and events for the disabled people • space for opportunity of mutual acquaintance (acquaintance portal „coo“ – a part of web site), • complex of sheltered accommodation units, • tailored curative stays,
  3. 3. • rehabilitation centres. The purpose of this project is not only building of comprehensive services for disabled motorists but also create several job opportunities for people with disabilities. Facultative compensation of AV Mobility – sheltered workshop Agreement No. 8§56/2009/NP II-2 1) web – site AV Mobility (web – site under reconstruction), 2) e-shop, 3) permanent presentation in the motorcar salon and in premises of seat of sheltered workshop AV Mobility /papers, printed matters, video-shots, .../, 4) permanent exposition (up- date) of the products of sheltered workshops, 2) Exhibitions of commerce and state characters (fair - NON HANDICAP 24.-26.9.2009, exhibition grounds Incheba, Bratislava), 5) Practise a service of monitoring of client satisfaction – via phone , 6) Opportunity of using services of sheltered workshop – facultative compensation. The project partners are: THE GENERAL PARTNER • Kia Motors Sales Slovakia, which provided a adapted car, a simulator and reduction of prices for disabled people - mediatisation of the call centre THE PARTNERS • T-COM: free of charge green line 0800 102 103, internet and technology, • Allianz – Slovak insurance company: technical background and the programme for disabled people • Auto Valušek: motor car salon, personnel equipment • VB Leasing SK: support for creation of programme and web-site • VOLKSBANK Slovakia: equipment for clients • Travel agency Satur Slovakia: tailored curative stays • developer • restaurant ORIM, where meetings will take place • rehabilitation a curative centres according to interest THE MEDIAL PARTNERS: • Slovenka – Slovak wide magazine, • Metropola – local newspaper, Bratislava, • New Motor car magazine – Slovak wide magazine, • Media of partner unions and organizations. Partners unions and organizations / institutions of this project are: • Slovak Union of Physically Disabled People • Slovak Union of Physically Disabled Sportsmen,
  4. 4. • Association of Physically Disabled Motorists, • Association of Organisations of Disabled People, • Slovak National Council, • Labour Office, • Regional office – Bratislava Lamač – Mgr. Oľga Keltošová, • State bodies, regional offices, foundations, • Sheltered workshops and their products in permanent exposition / showroom AV Mobility, Ltd. CONTACTS – AV MOBILITY, Ltd. 0800 102 103 – free of charge phone line ; classic phone line – during this week; In 2nd stage of building of the centre we will participate according to preparatory negotiations to the mega- project , building in Regional district Bratislava - Lamač (hospital, flats, shops, entertainment centres, the centre for disabled people). The ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is soon expected, approved by United nations organisation on December 13th 2006 Thank you for your interest.