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PA SS Jenna


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Published in: Travel, Sports, Business
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PA SS Jenna

  2. 2. PA Foods Some foods PA had then and now include: Pretzel Production, Root Beer, Lager Beer, Potato Chip Production , Mushroom Production,  the Big Mac, and Mustard.
  3. 3. Firsts from PA PA had a lot of the first things, here are some of them: the first mint of U.S.A., the first druggist, the first encyclopedia, the first radio, the first electric watch, and the first magazine/newspaper.
  4. 4. PA Tools We have a lot of tools that were made in PA, such as:  the Lighting Rod,  pencils with attached eraser,  zinc,  folding beds,  Ferris Wheel, and  cable cars.
  5. 5. Firsts of Many Places PA had many places that others states didn’t here are some of them: the first library, the first circus, the first nursing school, the first bird sanctuary, and the first commercial high school.
  6. 6. Pennsylvania is Special Pennsylvania is special to me because it is the state I live in and I wouldn’t want to live in any other state! Pennsylvania is also special because it has a lot of cool things like Pittsburg, the home of the Steelers and the Steelers are my family’s favorite football team! The Steelers also were the first professional football team to win four Super Bowls!