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Quizlet - Using Gifs to Teach Verbs


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This how to worksheet guides teachers through the process of using GIFs to create Quizlet study sets to help students learn English verbs.

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Quizlet - Using Gifs to Teach Verbs

  1. 1. John Allan 2017 (@mrpottz) 1 Quizlet – teaching actions Teaching verbs is sometimes difficult. Quizlet might be useful for this if animated GIFs are added study sets. A Quizlet study set featuring verbs from the 1st grade Dolch list. ANIMATED GIFS Animated Gifs are images on a Web page that move. They take far less memory than a digital movie clips as they are often only 3 to 6 frames of looped animation. Animated Gifs do not normally work in static word processor documents. They do run in web documents such as Quizlet.  Be aware that longer GIFs do not always display as long as they may on the Giphy website. Testing your gifs with the Quizlet Flashcard must be done before sharing the study set with your teaching peers or students. 1 LOCATING ANIMATED GIFS 1. In a browser, open the site 2. Click in the Search all the GIFs box 3. Type a key verb – for example running 4. Click on the Search icon 5. A visual wall of animated gifs that match your search appear.
  2. 2. John Allan 2017 (@mrpottz) 2 6. Scroll down the page. If they are not really what you require, refine your search. (eg: running dog) 7. Click on the Search icon 8. Once you have a suitable Gif, click on it. 9. To the right of the GIF, click on the link Download. 10. Choose the option Small 11. Save this file to your computer. (record the file’s location) 2 INSERTING AN ANIMATED GIF INTO QUIZLET 1. Open your Quizlet Study set as an instructor 2. Click on the Import button 3. Choose the Edit icon near the top of the screen. 4. The Study set editing screen appears 5. At the bottom, click on the link + Add Card 6. In the Term field, type a word 7. In the Definition field, type a definition
  3. 3. John Allan 2017 (@mrpottz) 3 8. In the Definition field, choose the image icon 9. Images appear below the term, choose Or upload your own image 10. Locate the downloaded file, click on it. 11. Click on the Open button 12. After you have added your new terms, click on the Done button 13. Scroll down the screen to check the new entries for spelling. 14. The Study Set has been updated