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Quizlet Live Teacher Instructions


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If you are an instructor and you want to use Quizlet Live just follow the instructions on this sheet.

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Quizlet Live Teacher Instructions

  1. 1. Quizlet Live – Quick Start John Allan 2016 1. The instructor logs in to her/his Quizlet account 2. The instructor opens a Study Set 3. The instructor clicks on the Live button 4. The Quizlet Live page opens, the instructor clicks on the button 5. A game code is generated and displayed 6. In a web browser, (mobile device/workstation) the students go to the address: 7. Students key in the displayed code (example: 862 588) 8. Students click the Join the Game button 9. Students enter their name 10. Students click the Next button 11. Student names appear on the right side of the screen 12. When 6 students are sign in a yellow button appears 13. Click on the button Create a game with …. Students
  2. 2. Quizlet Live – Quick Start John Allan 2016 14. The pop up “Ready to get started?” appears, 15. Click Assign Random teams or 16. Click Create your own teams 17. The students now move into the assigned teams 18. The instructor clicks on the Start Game button 19. Questions appear on student screens 20. Each student receives a different set of answers (only one is correct in each team) 21. Students must negotiate to determine which answer they will submit as a team 22. After each question a score tally appears on the front screen 23. teammates work together to match correct answers faster than the other teams 24. A winner appears - the game is over 25. To replay click the Play again button