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How to Make and Embed a Quizlet Study Set


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This is a step-by-step activity sheet that guides participants through the process of creating a Quizlet Study Set. This results in six engaging activities. As well, the activity sheet show participants how to embed the Study set into a learning management system or a class web page.

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How to Make and Embed a Quizlet Study Set

  1. 1. JohnAllan 2015 (@mrpottz) 1 Creating a Quizlet Study Set 1 FORMATYOUR WORDLIST 1. In MicrosoftWord,openyour wordlist (see:Appendix1) 2. Checkfor accuracy 3. Note the kindof keywordtodefinitionseparation. (tab, commaorcustom __________) 4. Note the separationbetweenrows.(New line,semicolon,custom_____________) 2 CREATEQUIZLET CONTENT FOR YOUR STUDENTS 1. Start a browser(Chrome if youhave it) 2. Signinto your Quizletaccount 3. Clickon the Create a Setlink 4. Input(type) aStudy Set Title. (Use the title in Appendix1) 5. SelectEnglishunderTermsand Definitions. 6. Clickon the Import button
  2. 2. JohnAllan 2015 (@mrpottz) 2 7. The Import your data screenappears 8. Returnto Appendix 1 (inthisdocument) 9. Selectall of the data fromthe first keywordtothe lastdefinition 10. Copythistext [CTRL]+[C] 11. Returnto the Quizletscreenonthe browser 12. Rightclickon the large,empty textbox 13. Choose Paste as plain text 14. Ensure that the setting BetweenTermand Definition iscorrect (Tab) 15. Ensure that the settingBetweenRowsis correct (Newline) 16. Scroll downto screentoinspect the Previewarea (below) 17. Whenthe Previewisacceptable,clickonthe ImportTerms button 18. The itemshave beenplacedinthe StudySet 19. Clickon the button Visible toeveryone 20. The Permissionspop-upappears. 21. In the column Whocan view?,selectone of the options 22. In the column Whocan edit?,selectone of the options 23. Clickon the Save button 24. On the Create a newstudy set page,selectthe Addimage iconbeside the termconnect 25. Quizletoffersoptions(youmustupgrade touploadimages)
  3. 3. JohnAllan 2015 (@mrpottz) 3 26. Choose animage,choose imagesforthe list 27. Selectthe Addvoice recordingiconbeside the termconnect 28. To previewthe audio,clickonthe link, ListentoQuizletaudio 29. (youmustupgrade to have recordingability) 30. Selectthe Auto-define iconbesidethe termcontribute 31. Scroll downthe offereddefinitions 32. Choose anotherdefinitionif itsuitsyourpurpose 33. Clickon the Create button 34. The Study Sethas beencreated 3 TRY THESTUDYSET 1. Clickon the Flashcards button 2. A flashcard appears,several editingoptions appear. 3. These include Editingthe text, Motion,Audio, Start,Shuffle options 4. Clickon the Learn link(atthe top of the screen) 5. Optionsare See term first andSpeak text – try these 6. Clickon the Spellerlink(atthe topof the screen) 7. There are several Speakoptions(dropdownmenu) -- trythese 8. Clickon the Test link(atthe top of the screen) 9. The test optionsappearonthe right 10. Make an adjustmenttothe testoption 11. Clickon the Create new testbutton 12. Note that the testhas changed
  4. 4. JohnAllan 2015 (@mrpottz) 4 13. Clickon the Scatter link(atthe topof the screen) 14. Try the game 15. Clickon the Race link(atthe top of the screen) 16. Readthe instructions,click StartPlaying 17. Playthe game 18. Clickon the back link at the top left 4 SHARETHESTUDY SET 1. Clickon the Share icon 2. Choose a methodof sharing a. Inputan email addressandclick SendEmail b. Copythe Short URL and use thislinkina course webpage c. Be aware of the Social Media options 3. Clickon the Close icon
  5. 5. JohnAllan 2015 (@mrpottz) 5 5 EMBED THE STUDY SET INTO AN LMSOR CLASS WEBPAGE 1. On the StudySetpage,rollover the More icon 2. Choose the <Embed>option 3. The Embed study modespop upappears. 4. Selectandcopy one of the activities 5. Launch the webresource (LMS or webpage)
  6. 6. JohnAllan 2015 (@mrpottz) 6 6. Locate yourcourse 7. Selectthe CONTENToptionfromthe menubar 8. Selectthe module inwhichthe Quizletcontentwill appear 9. Clickon the Newbutton 10. Choose Create a File 11. Clickon the textbox Enter a Title 12. InputQuizletactivity 13. Clickon HTML Source Editor icon 14. The HTML Source Editor appears 15. Clickinthe space betweenthe <body>tags 16. Paste the link 17. Clickon the Save button 18. The Quizletactivityappearsinthe editingwindow 19. Clickon the Publishbutton 20. The Quizletactivityappears 21. Note studentscanuse all of the StudySetby selectingthe Choose aStudy Mode button
  7. 7. JohnAllan 2015 (@mrpottz) 7 5.1 APPENDIX 1 ------------------------------------------------------------ 1060 Word List Module 01 Item Definition clear(adj.) easyto see,hearor understand connect(v.) to joinor linktosomethingorsomeone contribute (v.) to give or be a part of somethingwithotherpeople express(v.) to say or showhowyou thinkorfeel findout(phr.v.) to getor discoverinformationaboutsomething influence(v.) to have an effectonsomeone orsomething psychologist(n.) someone whohasstudiedthe humanmindandfeelings purchase (n.) somethingthatyoubuy recommend(v.) to advise someone thatsomethingshouldbe done researcher(n.) someone whostudiessomething ---------------------------------------------------------------