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How to Crop YouTube videos with Vibby


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This is a basic help document for those who wish to use Vibby.

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How to Crop YouTube videos with Vibby

  1. 1. John Allan 2018 1 Why Vibby? It is a free, web-based resource allows you to select sections of online videos to create shorter and focused viewing events • setting the starting point of a video. • setting the ending point of a video. • selecting specific sections of a video for inclusion in the final presentation. • sharing the cropped video with a URL link, an embed code or via social media. Let’s start Sign up with an email, Facebook or Google account. 1. Locate a suitable YouTube video. ( 2. Surf to 3. Click on the Create vib button 4. Paste the URL into the Paste a YouTube …. Text box 5. Click on the Start button 6. The Vibby editing screen appears 7. Play the video or move the playback head into an “in point” position 8. Ensure the video is stopped 9. Click on the + icon 10. The video plays 11. When the “end point” is reached click on the checkmark icon 12. Repeat this until all of the relevant sections are selected 13. Rollover a selected section, options Delete or Adjust appear 14. Click Adjust to stretch or shrink a section 15. Click Delete to remove a section 16. To add comments to selected sections, select a section 17. In the upper right portion of the screen, type a comment in the Start a conversation… text box 18. Press the Enter key 19. Click on the Save vib> button to save the project. 20. Choose a category, add a description 21. Click on the Save vib button 22. Choose sharing options that suit your purposes