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Google Expeditions - First Exploration


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This is a worksheet that students can follow to familiarize themselves with the app google Expeditions. The worksheet provides learners guidance on how the App can be used as well as give them some responsibility to complete a basic task.

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Google Expeditions - First Exploration

  1. 1. John Allan 2019 Explore Google Expeditions – Solo Expedition Google Expeditions is a free app used to lead guided, virtual field trips to over 1000 locations or explore AR models. Downloading the App 1) Install the app on their mobile device 2) Go to either Google Play or the App Store Get the app on Android 1. On your device, tap Play Store . 2. Search for Google Expeditions. 3. Tap Expeditions 4. Tap Install. Get the app on iOS 1. On your device, tap App Store. 2. Tap Search and enter Google Expeditions. Expeditions3. Tap 4. Tap Get 5. Tap Install.
  2. 2. John Allan 2019 Start Exploring 1) Connect your mobile device to the college Wi-Fi network. 2) Tap on the Google Expeditions app. Note: The first time the app is launched; users read and accept the conditions. Tap I ACCEPT. 3) At the bottom of the screen there are four options, ensure that Discover is selected
  3. 3. John Allan 2019 AR Model Tours 1) Across the centre of the screen are rounded rectangular topics 2) Click on the AR option 3) A series of Augment Reality models become available in a scrolling column on your device 4) Scroll downwards to reveal additional AR models 5) Tap on the option Cell Organelles 6) Note the information provided: 6 scenes within this model, 3 dimensional modelling, other options Circled Check mark icon indicates loading of the model 7) Once the circled checkmark icon becomes completely outlined in white, tap on the screen 8) The AR tour starts at the first scene Note: Once you download a tour, you do not require a WIFI connection as the tour is stored on your device
  4. 4. John Allan 2019 9) The first scene is The Cell A 3D image appears on the screen. At the bottom is a tab with the first scene’s title. 10) Gently drag your finger around to reveal more of the model. 11) Tap on the title tab to reveal more information about the scene 12) To move to the next scene swipe the text tab to the left
  5. 5. John Allan 2019 13) The next scene is called the Nucleus 14) Continue through the next five scenes. 15) To end the tour, after your learn about Ribosomes, tap on the X icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen. 16) To remove the stored tour from your device’s memory, tap on the stack icon. 17) Tap on the Remove download notification. 18) Tap on Remove. 19) At the top of the screen, click on <- AR 20) Choose the Arts & Culture option
  6. 6. John Allan 2019 21) Scroll downwards to locate a tour that interests you. 22) Download it and experience this AR tour. Complete the form below. Your name: AR Tour name: __________________________________ Number of Scenes: _______________________________ Scene Names: Scene 1: _______________________________ Scene 2: _______________________________ Scene 3: _______________________________ Scene 4: _______________________________ Scene 5: _______________________________ Scene 6: _______________________________ Why I chose this tour: ____________________________________________________________________________ What I found most interesting about this tour: ____________________________________________________________________________