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Feb001 Brocktask


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Feb001 Brocktask

  1. 1. Your task:<br />In pairs or a group look over the options within the course:<br />Choose one or two and complete them. Save the results to a memory stick or a site and be prepared to present them to the class. <br />You will report on:<br /><ul><li>Name of the resource
  2. 2. Its primary function (intended function/audience)
  3. 3. Ease of use
  4. 4. An instance where it would be useful in education.
  5. 5. Final product
  6. 6. Possible formats of display
  7. 7. Would you use it in your teaching?</li></ul>The choices<br /><ul><li>Image editing task Picnik
  8. 8. Font task Dafont
  9. 9. Project Gutenburg Task Task Project Gutenburg
  10. 10. Concordancer and Data Driven Learning Task Lexical Tutor
  11. 11. Lorem Ipsum task Dummy text
  12. 12. Translator task Google Translate
  13. 13. MS Office Online Task Microsoft Online
  14. 14. Copyright-Free Images Task PDPhoto
  15. 15. Generating Vocabulary Lists Amazon
  16. 16. Create Arcade Learning Games ClassTools
  17. 17. SortMyList List Sorting
  18. 18. SpellingCity Spelling activities and worksheets
  19. 19. Generating Definitions for Worksheets Mini-dictionary
  20. 20. Voki Audio Task Voki
  21. 21. Screen capturing task ScreenToaster
  22. 22. Video conversion task#1 Zamzar
  23. 23. Create a poem with Myna task Video